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…the best place to find quality reviews of the top online dating sites on the Internet. We rate local and international online singles sites and list our top picks based on each site’s available features, people, price, and overall experience. If you’re looking for the best personal sites online, you’ve come to the right place!
Years in business: 10 has over a decade of success in the personals site making the online dating experience the best overall pick! They prove that online and personals sites can really lead to long-lasting sincere relationships. Join to meet real singles like you today!

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Years in business: 1

Chemistry is designed especially for people seeking long-term, meaningful relationships. With its advanced matching system and unique guided communications process, Chemistry offers you a way to find compatible matches and then, to meet those matches to find out if there’s any in-person chemistry.

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With its informal logo and user interface, udate is a great way to find either friends or dates. Meeting and socializing with people is the goal here. Best of all, udate lets you see who’s read your emails, how often others log in, and who’s viewed your profile. Seeing other user’s activity on udate helps you judge how interested others are in you!

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Years in business: 10 is a fun and engaging site where it’s encouraged to “greet” newbies on the site, so hurry and post a profile immediately to start getting responses!

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How do we rate dating websites?

Features: For each site we reviewed, we chose the standout features and described what makes each site both valuable in its own right and what distinguishes it from other sites.

People: Whether its the size of its membership or the types of singles listed, we show what we think are the outstanding points about the people on each site.

Price: We list the monthly subscription price for each site, and whether or not a discount is available for different subscription terms.

Overall: We give you a brief, overall summary of what to expect when visiting each dating and personals site we’ve reviewed so you can get the “flavor” of its main benefits in just a few sentences.

Terms and Definitions

Online Dating — Posting a profile stating your dating goals and priorities and searching for someone who matches your criteria.

Profile Photo — A photo of you, typically of your face, that can be seen in search results and within your profile.

Profile — Similar to a resume, this is a brief form or essay where you state your background, physical characteristics, social habits and who you’re looking for in a date or a friend.

Multi-month package — Significantly discounted subscription that can be purchased in 3-month, 6-month or yearly increments.

Instant messaging — Several sites use a “chat feature” that allows you to send instant messages to a member who’s online now.

Thumbnail profile — A mini-profile you can view while chatting online.

Wink — Instant way to flirt and show interest for free. It includes a link back to your profile.

Blocking members — If you are not interested in another member, you can block them from contacting you by email, chat, or Winks depending on the site.

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