Match Maker 2002!


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Welcome to Match Maker 2002, this is where you play match maker for Torrie Wilson! Now sure in real life she is engaged to Billy Kidman, and on TV she’s dating Tajiri, but this is No Barbie! And none of that matters! lol. Fill in the form below and tell us who Torrie would match with perfectly!

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Who would be the perfect love match for Torrie?

…::::Love Matches:::…

Suggested By: Bianca
Love Connection: Christian
Why?: Okay I know that he’s dorky but seriously… If he didn’t throw tempertantrums.. How CUTE would they be together!! 🙂
Suggested By: Tessa
Love Connection: Stone Cold
Why?: Together, they could rule the Federation!
Suggested By: Kandy
Love Connection: Shane McMahon
Why?: I think that they would look really cute with each other. And it would be pretty interesting.

Suggested By: Jamie
Love Connection: RVD
Why?: “Because.. they would just look great together.  And I know she really wants to learn how to wrestle and really become a part of the wrestling.  Who better than RVD?”

Suggested By: Katie
Love Connection: Edge!! or even Test!!
Why?: “because lots of blondes match!!! and edge and test r sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Suggested By: Lindsay
Love Connection: Edge or Jeff Hardy
Why?: “I just think that she would look SO cute with one of them! Expecially Edge. They would look perfect together!”
Suggested By: Miss Popularity
Love Connection: Edge
Why?: “They would look great together”
Suggested By: Krystal
Love Connection: Torrie & Stone Cold
Why? “He is a hotty and they make a perfect couple”