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Two Year vs. Four Year Help

Do you want to go to a four-year college, which typically offers a Bachelor’s Degree, or a two-year college, which typically offers an Associate Degree?

Public vs. Private Help

Public schools are usually bigger and less expensive (especially if you live in-state) than private schools. Private schools tend to be more selective and offer more individualized attention. Do you have a preference?


If you chose a private school, do you want one that’s affiliated with a specific religion? Keep in mind that it may have more to do with the school history than the faith of your fellow students.

Single-Sex vs. Coed Help

Most schools are coed, but you’ll still find schools that are predominantly women or men. Do you have a preference?

Historically Black Colleges & Universities Help

There are about 90 schools whose educational mission has historically been the education of African Americans.

Hispanic-Serving Institutes Help

There are about 180 institutions designated by the federal government as “Hispanic serving.”