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Marriage to a Russian?

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January 23, 2007

Our Married Russian Women Speak

When men find our website, A Russian Romance, they must decide to trust their hearts and feelings to Natalia, Inna and our professional staff. If they can do that, then they begin a journey that will be successful for almost all of them. They do fall in love and find their perfect match.

The man’s process – their vision – is different than ours. They are focused on the moment when they are not alone any more, that moment when their hearts are full and their lives have meaning again.

Men, you are naturally and rightly focused on finding your future wife and sweetheart. However, as a professional matchmaking agency we have no such luxury. We must look further. We have to see past the falling-in-love and the engagement, to immigration, transition stress, marriage, and citizenship.

So we have gone to the source and asked our married women clients to relate their individual experiences of this new world as they have time. This is a start – this is their page, their stories. We have placed one story per page so be sure to click on NEXT at the end of the first story to see the next story.

Natalia Walton and Inna McNeill, the owner of A Russian Romance, in the Sochi office, May, 2004

Natalia and William Walton’s wedding, October, 2001

Natalia and William, March, 2001, Sochi

My name is Natalia Walton. That’s me above seated next to Inna. I met my husband William through “A Russian Romance” match-making agency. It was three years ago. I remember our first meeting very well as if it had been yesterday.

We met in the agency office, I entered the office and saw William. He was sitting on the sofa and when our eyes met I felt a special connection to him.

I joined the agency trying to use my chance to create my family. I had heard about this agency from my friends. I have two lovely daughters, but a woman’s life is not complete without a man there with her. To be honest, I did not have high hopes on meeting the right man, but still it was a chance and I decided why not? I had had correspondence with a few guys, they were OK, but I did not feel any connection to them. It was very important for me to know that I would be loved and love my soul-mate, too.

When I saw William, I had special feelings, he had such bright and loving eyes, such a warm smile that I realized that he was the man I want to spend all my life with. he invited me for dinner, a translator from the agency helped us. When we began to talk I thought we had known each other for ages. A few days later I was proposed! I said “yes, yes, yes”! I was so happy! I introduced William to my family: my mother and two daughters. When he saw my daughters he fell in love with them! He has become a real father for my girls and I cannot wish a better father for them.

Now I have been happily married for three years. My husband and I love each other dearly, my husband’s family accepted me and my daughters as their closest people. I was 35 years old when I came to America. In Sochi I had run my own business and made good money, but my life was busy and I had no time for myself and I did not feel happy. My meeting with William changed my life completely, actually I had to start a completely new life from the very beginning! I cannot say it was easy: my English was quite poor, I did not know anybody except my husband, besides I had my daughter who was going to start her school in America and it was quite a complicated time, but I was surrounded by love and care from my husband and his family. It really helped me to overcome the problems of adjustment, the language barrier.

The first year was devoted to the adjustment period, I got used to the American life style, met people and devoted myself to my husband and daughter. On the second year I began to study English thoroughly. Here I should say that I am not the one who likes home life I am an active person by nature and it is important for me to feel life round me and have activities. My husband supported me in it completely. I saw many interesting places and met lots of wonderful people. Even being very happy with my husband and daughters I realized that I wanted to have a new profession. You may think that it was too late, but I was determined and on the third year I took courses of orthodontic assistant at New Hampshire Technological College and later became a hygienist. My husband’s family supported me completely, I am so thankful to them.
Now I am working in a dentist’s clinic. It is so exciting!

Now I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not come to “A Russian Romance”. Inna McNeill and her Sochi office staff changed my life completely. These people give you a professional service and with love and care will guide your life in the right way and help you to change your life for the best, find your true soul-mate. Thanks to “A Russian Romance” I was able to start a new and happy life full of love, hopes, exciting activities. I met my beloved one, started a new profession, met new people. I have become not only a beloved wife but also a happy mother. I feel secured for my children’s future. We raise the children in the atmosphere of love and understanding. What else could a woman wish?

With love and appreciation, Natalia Walton

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