PCI – HIPPI Destination

PMC – HIPPI Destination


The PCI and PMC versions use exactly the same circuit on a different format printed ircuit board and as such have the same electrical only the physical dimensions are different


The PCI – HIPPI Destination is made to the specifications from the NA 48 physics experiment at CERN. The hardware is developed, under supervision from CERN, by the Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy ( INRNE ) in Sofia.

Bandwidth Measurements:

The bandwidth of the interfaces depends for a large part on the PCI implementation of the host machine. Most of the measurements so far have been done on Digital Equipment Alpha machines. The figures given are sustained speed but measured without software. Including the software driver will give figures that should be about 5 % lower. Data generator is the Avaika HIPPI Tester

The interface itself should be able to follow the HIPPI speed of 100 Mbytes/s for block sizes as large as target memory available.

HIPPI Destination into Alpha 400 (Avanti) Average 72 Mbytes/s
Minimum 65 Mbytes/s
HIPPI Destination into Alpha 600 (Alcor) Average 91 Mbytes/s
Minimum 83 Mbytes/s
HIPPI Destination into Digital AXBVME 160 Aver.= Min 65 Mbytes/s

Project Status

A number of working PCI prototypes are available since February 1996 and are used for software development. It is hoped to have the interface commecially available during summer 1996. The PMC unit will follow December 1996

PCI-HIPPI Destination Component List

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