The following translators may also fit your chinese to english translations needs

Jerry H
…in a variety of translations, expecially scientific ones including Chemistry, Math, Physics, Aviation, Military, Chemical Engineering, Communication, etc. (Sceintific translation). …Acrobat Professional Adobe Photoshop Corel Draw Trados Macromedia Flash Macromedia Dreamweaver Microsoft Office Microsoft Works Chinese – Simplified english french german Japanese (Click here to see this translator’s profile)

Lighthouse translations
Puerto Rico …Puerto Rico. …this message. The advantage of having all of these translations handled by the same agency is that consistency is… …Lighthouse translations today, and let us light your path towards effective global communications. Visit us at… Visit us today at …French german Italian Russian spanish Chinese – Traditional (Click here to see this translator’s profile)

Nancy Cortell
…translation of articles related to agriculture and cattle for Forrajes Magazine translation of Technical translations of Ecological Procedures translation and interpretation for Communication Companies for Marketing and… IT Expertise Platform Skills Rating Office 2003 8 Windows XP 7 Internet 8 English and spanish as a First language, portuguese as a Second Language …Works English (American) english portuguese spanish Chinese – Traditional English (British) portuguese (Brazilian) (Click here to see this translator’s profile)