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Valenti International: matchmaking in the European tradition: today's eligible, single, successful men and women turn to America's top matchmaking specialist for the most important decision of their lives

Those who seek to achieve results in today's rapidly accelerating society understand the need to take appropriate measures to get what they want out of life.

Never before has there been more emphasis on healthy relationships, family togetherness, and emotional well-being as the necessary foundation leading to a road of life-long success. Yet with time as Our most precious and limited resource, it has become increasingly difficult for high achievers to balance their life's work, cultural and academic activities, and the time available to invest with loved ones.

With this in mind, it is easy to see and understand why today's most intelligent and successful individuals in search of their life partner are taking more care and precaution when it comes to choosing their mate.

For years we have seen the appearance of practically every fathomable method of pairing individuals and individuals pairing themselves; from well meaning friends and family, to single parties and the internet superhighway. Undoubtedly however, if you are an attractive, successful, relatively private and selective individual, you have found that the more you have to offer the more difficult it seems to find the person who is right for you.


Discerning people today want more out of their lives and their relationships. There is clearly a special focus when it comes to the selection process for finding a potential romantic companion. Most people recognize the value of engaging an expert to assist them in their personal search. The question is, "How do you find an expert you can trust?"

Valenti International of Rancho Santa Fe, California is the only company of its kind to consistently attract and produce results for a select worldwide clientele of quality individuals in their quest for a suitable and compatible life partner. Irene Valenti, President and founder, is actively involved in every aspect of the business.

"We truly understand what today's most exceptional individuals must endure in order to find a compatible life partner. With a staff of Ph.D. Psychologists and an experienced team of professionals, we are able to meet with and get to know our clients personally. This enables us to create a solid foundation for providing the best recommendations to our clients." The only risk with regard to retaining our services is the risk of drastically increasing your options and actually meeting the right person" Valenti states.

Valenti International takes into consideration social and economic backgrounds, family values and interests, as well as personalities and other individual considerations necessary for a successful match. The term, "Matchmaking in the European Tradition" represents an established professional process carefully structured to promote the best results for each client of Valenti International. There are no impersonal methods or computers used for making or selecting introductions. "Each personal introduction or recommendation is made on a comfortable and selective, one-to-one basis. Our clients achieve success without feeling that their time is taken for granted," says Irene Valenti.

What started as one woman's quest to make a difference in people's lives has grown into a world-renowned company, a family legacy, and a powerful model for building successful relationships through effective introductions. "I am always impressed with the quality of people my service attracts," says Valenti--who continues to position her reputable company through service excellence and quality advertising. "There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see my clients achieve the happiness they deserve."

Valenti International is the only business of its kind to consistently attract and produce results for a select worldwide clientele. These clients range from the comfortable to the extremely wealthy, embracing all ages and a variety of backgrounds and cultures. If you or someone you know would like to find that special someone, contact Valenti International at (800) 200-8253. You can also visit their website at: A confidential consultation will be arranged with no obligation. 16909 Via De Santa Fe, Suite 202, P.O. Box 2534, Rancho Santa Fe, California, 92067 USA.

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