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William Edward ROSE – Emily Elizabeth PRATT

Emily Elizabeth ROSE n
Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT (Children Unknown)

William Edward ROSE (1875 – 1914)
Emily Elizabeth PRATT (1875 – c 1950)
Emily Alice Lilian ROSE (1901 – 1988)
William Henry ROSE (1903 – ?)
George Frederick ROSE (1905 – 1996)
Ada Elizabeth Jane ROSE (1909 – 2002)
Emily Alice Lilian ROSE William Henry ROSE Emily Elizabeth ROSE n
Emily Alice Lilian ROSE – William Henry ROSE – Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT – Ada Elizabeth Jane ROSE Age 11

William Edward ROSE, was born at home, 24 Avenue Road, Bow, London, Sunday 27th June 1875, his father, George Charles ROSE, (Wood Carver), born, Shoreditch, London, c 1839. William’s mother, Catherine ROSE ne PETERS, (Box Maker (Wood)), born in Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex, c 1839, was the informant, and registered the birth of William Edward ROSE, 6th August 1875, in the Registration District, Poplar, Sub-district, Bow, in the County of Middlesex, London. (Entry No. 399). Registrar, J.W. Dunstan. At the time of registration, (6th August 1875), column 7 of the registration document, (Signature, description and residence of informant), would have been signed by, Catherine ROSE ne PETERS, but Catherine only made her mark. In all probability Catherine ROSE ne PETERS, was illiterate. William Edward ROSE, had eight known brothers and sisters, living with him at 24 Autumn Street, Bow, London, Middlesex, at the time of the 1881 Census, (3rd/4th April). The eldest, Catherine, (Box Maker (Wood)), born c 1863, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex. Fanny, (Box Maker (Wood)), born c 1865, Hackney, London, Middlesex. Harriet, born c 1867, Hackney, London, Middlesex. Mary Ann, born c 1869, Bow, London, Middlesex. Thomas, born c 1871, Bow, London, Middlesex. Philip, born c 1874, Bow, London, Middlesex. Emma, born c 1878, Bow, London, Middlesex. Ada, the youngest known child, born c 1880, Bow, London, Middlesex.

Emily Elizabeth PRATT, was born in Leighton Buzzard, Wednesday 10th March 1875, she was Christened, Sunday 26th September 1875, at Saint Andrew, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. Her father, William PRATT, (Railway Labourer), was born in Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, c 1836, her mother, Jane PRATT ne HALL, born c 1842, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. William PRATT, married twice. He married his first wife Mary Jane/Martha, c 1857. William PRATT, and Mary Jane/Martha, had one know child, Mary Jane, born St Albans, Hertford, c 1859. Mary Jane, was christened, Sunday 25th December 1859, at All Saints, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. William PRATT, married his second wife, Jane HALL, 25th December 1873, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. William PRATT, and Jane PRATT ne HALL, had three known children, Emily Elizabeth, Alice M.L., and Florence. Florence PRATT, married William ADAMS, Florence ADAMS ne PRATT, and William ADAMS, had four children, Eleanor Florence, Frederick, Lilian May, and William. The 1881 Census, (3rd/4th April), lists three daughters living at 72 Wendon Street, Bow, London, Middlesex, with William PRATT, and his second wife Jane PRATT ne HALL. Mary J. PRATT, (Match Maker), aged 22, born St Albans, Hertford, c 1859, was a daughter from William’s first marriage, Emily Elizabeth PRATT, aged 6, born Leighton Buzzard, Tuesday 10th March 1857, and Alice M.L. PRATT, aged 1, born Bow, Middlesex, c 1880. Alice M.L. PRATT, married Harold THOMPSON. Alice M.L. THOMPSON ne PRATT, and her husband Harold THOMPSON, (Chief Petty Officer), emigrated to Canada, c 1919, where he worked at a Navel Cadet College.

William Edward ROSE, (French Polisher), married Emily Elizabeth PRATT, c 1900. William Edward ROSE, and Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT, had four children, Emily Alice Lilian (Judy), William Henry (Billy), George Frederick, and Ada Elizabeth Jane (Kit).

Emily Alice Lilian ROSE, was the first child born to William Edward ROSE, and Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT. Emily Alice Lilian ROSE, (Judy), was born in Bow, Middlesex, Wednesday 17th April 1901. During the early part of her life, and her teenage years, Emily Alice Lilian, lived with her Aunt Alice, (Alice M.L. THOMPSON ne PRATT), in Leighton Buzzard, Bedford. When her Aunt Alice and her Uncle Harold THOMPSON, emigrated to Canada, Emily Alice Lilian ROSE, moved from Leighton Buzzard, to live with her mother, Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT, at 93 Marlborough Road, Romford, Essex. Emily Alice Lilian ROSE, married William Charles AXTELL, (Motor Accessories Dealer), 12th April 1928. Emily Alice Lilian AXTELL ne ROSE, died 1st May 1988.

William Edward ROSE, and Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT’S, oldest son, William Henry ROSE, (Billy), (Confectioner), was born in Bow, Middlesex, Monday 5th January 1903. William Henry, a Professional Confectioner, worked for a number of years on Orient Liners. William Henry, married Bertha MOTT, Bertha’s father, was a (Police Officer), Romford area.

George Frederick ROSE, was the youngest son born to William Edward ROSE, and Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT. George Frederick, was born Sunday 6th August 1905, at 120 St Stephens Road, Bow, London. George Frederick ROSE, (Window Cleaner), married Ellen Lilian CHADWICK, c 1934. Ellen Lilian CHADWICK, (Nellie), (Dressmaker), was born in East Street, Southwark, London, Wednesday 3rd July 1912. Her mother, Ada Charlotte CHADWICK ne EVELING, was the informant, and registered the birth 21st August 1912, in the Registration District of Southwark, Sub-district of Newington North, County of London. (Entry No. 240). Ellen Lilian CHADWICK’S father, Thomas CHADWICK, (Restaurant Chef). George Frederick ROSE, aged 90, died 12th February 1996, Kensington House, Kirkley Park Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk. Ellen Lilian ROSE ne CHADWICK, died aged 83, at 390 Chester Road, Woodford, Greater Manchester, 16th February 1996, George Frederick ROSE, and Ellen Lilian ROSE ne CHADWICK, had two children.

Ada Elizabeth Jane ROSE, (Kit), was the last child born to William Edward ROSE, and Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT. Ada Elizabeth Jane, was born Tuesday 29th June 1909, Bow, London. The birth was registered 7th August 1909, District Poplar, Sub-district Bow. (Registration Book 85).The Registrar, M. Edwards (Deputy) Registrar of Births and Deaths. Ada Elizabeth Jane ROSE, married Alexander Edgar MacLAURIN, 18th July 1936, in the Registration District Romford. Alexander Edgar MacLAURIN, was born Friday 1st March 1907, Hackney, London. His birth was registered on the 12th April 1907, District Hackney, Sub-district South East Hackney. (Book No. 35 Entry No. 455). The marriage was solemnized at The Register Office, District of Romford, County of Essex, witnesses, Sidney A. Law, and William Charles AXTELL. (Entry No. 242). Alexander Edgar MacLAURIN, (Gardener) (Domestic), aged 29, was living at, St Leonard’s, Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, Essex, his father Harold MacLAURIN, (Boys Attendant). Ada Elizabeth Jane ROSE, (Milliner), aged 27, was living at 93 Marlborough Road, Romford, Essex, her father, William Edward ROSE, (French Polisher), (deceased). Ada Elizabeth Jane MacLAURIN ne ROSE, and Alexander Edgar MacLAURIN, had no children. Alexander Edgar MacLAURIN, died, aged 80, on the 5th May 1987, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. Ada Elizabeth Jane MacLAURIN ne ROSE, (Kit), aged 92, lives in Stockport, Cheshire.

William Edward ROSE, joined Kitchener’s Army, October 1914. He enlisted at Stratford, Essex, and was posted to The 10th Battalion Norfolk Regiment. The 10th Battalion (Service) Norfolk Regiment, was formed on October 21st 1914, in March, 1915, it was turned into a reserve battalion. It later became a training battalion and remained so until the end of the war. William Edward ROSE, (16683 Private), died at the Cliff Military Hospital, Felixstowe, Suffolk, 9th December 1914, aged 39. The death was registered in the Registration District Woodbridge, Sub-district of Felixstowe, in the County of East Suffolk. (Entry No. 37). The informant, W.A. Wilson Smith, was present at the death. Cause of death, (1) Sub-acute Nephritis, (2) Oedema of Lung 1 day. Certified by W.A. Wilson Smith MD. Registrar, Harry F. Dawson. William Edward ROSE, was interred at Felixstowe (Walton) Cemetery, Suffolk, (St Mary The Virgin Walton, Village Church, Walton, Felixstowe), 11th December 1914. (Grave Space No. C 2). A Memorial Garden, maintained by the Suffolk Coastal District Council, is situated at the rear of Walton Village Church. A number of War Graves, including, 16683 Private William Edward ROSE, are to be found within the Gardens. Felixstowe & Walton Urban District Council, “Burial Board Register Of Burials In Walton Cemetery”, (Entry No. 231), details the following information. William. E. ROSE, 39, Private in 10th Norfolk Regiment, date of death 8th December 1914, Cliff Military Hospital, Grave No. C 2, burial 11th December 1914. The date of death recorded in the Register, (8th December 1914), is one day earlier than the date of death recorded on the Death Certificate for William Edward ROSE. Soldiers Died In The Great War, 1914-19, Part 14, The Norfolk Regiment, Published by: J.B. Hayard & Son, lists, ROSE, William, born: Old Ford, Middlesex, enlisted: Stratford, Essex, 16683 Private, died: Home 9th December 1914. A Memorial to, 16683 Private William Edward ROSE, can be seen on The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web Site, (© CWGC) ( His name is also recorded on the War Memorial in the town centre at Romford.

War Memorial Plaque - William Edward ROSE War Grave - William Edward ROSE
War Memorial Plaque (William Edward ROSE) – War Grave (William Edward ROSE)

Emily Elizabeth ROSE ne PRATT, died in St George’s Hospital, Hornchurch, Essex, June c 1950. Emily Elizabeth, was interred at Romford, Cemetery, Essex.

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