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January 10th St. Louis

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All the WWF Superstars came out & The Rock tells HHH that he is the spokesperson for all of them. Mankind is reinstated. The Rock also says that there will be no more matches like the pink slip on a pole match, or “unfair/outrageous” matches, and that no one will ever be fired unless there is just due. Then Mankind comes out, saying he wants to fight Triple H in the Royal Rumble for the WWF Champion title. The Rock then says that he is going to face 29 other “jabronis” in the 30 man matchup, or something like that.

Road Dogg vs Mr. Ass Despite the fact that they are like brothers, and tag-team partners, they have to fight each other or all of the superstars will walk out. Mr. Ass loses, and they don’t get along for the rest of the night very well.

During all of the matches, Mankind gets the FAKE Mankind and ties him up and tortures him.

Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman vs. The Hardy Boyz. Matt finally comes back to wrestling after his injury, and they kicked their asses. At the end, Steve Blackman got his stick and was about to hit Matt Hardy with it, but Jeff came from the top rope and hit him with his feet. The Hardy Boyz won.

Val Venis vs. Edge. Edge loses, and after the match, he tells Val that he will not be the best man at Edge’s wedding with Val’s sister. Christian will be, and Val Venis understands it.

Y2J & Chyna vs. The Hollys. Y2J turns his back on Chyna, like she did to him. The Holly win, but it was a non-title match.

X-Pac vs. Triple H. X-pac was about to win, but when he was on the turn-buckle, Stephanie pulled on his leg, and Triple H got him, and won the match.

The Head Bangers & Al Snow vs. Too Cool & Rikishi. Too Cool & Rikishi win, and then do their dance. Rikishi has really good rhythm and dance movement considering….

D’ Lo & The Godfather vs. The Dudleys. The Dudleys Lose… Good, because I don’t like them!

Mankind hits on Tori during the break, and Tori tells Kane, and he beats up the FAKE Mankind. I thought that was a good plan of Mankind’s. But what is up with Tori? Ever since she was with X-pac….

Test & The Big Show vs. The Big Boss Man & Prince Albert. The BBM & PA lose, and a good victory for Test & The Big Show!!

DX vs. The Acolytes & The Rock and Sock Connection. DX didn’t get along, and when Triple H tried to tag one of the DX members, they left him. I wonder if they’ll stick together? Does Triple H really care about them? or does he just want the goods?

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