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Asian Matchmaking Marriage Service

Single adults who want to be married can meet and get to know each other in a friendly, safe online environment. Using sophisticated, PhD-designed personality testing and scientifically proven compatibility filters, our members are matched based on complimentary goals, desires, strengths and challenges, spiritual or religious affiliations, personal habits, dreams, sexual personalities, emotional needs, professional aspirations and many other factors which contribute to a successful, long term relationship.

The first step is to complete your free Personality Portrait. This PhD developed assessment is a revolutionary new way of bringing people together based on the most important aspects of life. It’s a $60 value – yours free.

With thousands of members joining each week, the number of highly compatible single adults keeps increasing, and the opportunity to meet your true love gets better every day.

How It Works

Join Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking and take the FREE Personality Portrait. It is a self evaluation which helps identify over 35 critical factors which influence successful relationships. You will also complete a profile, which identifies personal characteristics including your profession, hobbies, sports and activities, and choices like drinking and smoking. You will also complete match settings, which identify the characteristics you are seeking in a mate, including geographic proximity, preference for children and religion.

You do not have to search for a match. Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking uses the power of personality testing and compatibility filters, plus your own match settings, to introduce you to only the most highly compatible singles. You will then enjoy getting to know your matches through the Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking step by step communications process. Your identity remains anonymous until you decide to reveal it. Start by asking and answering some multiple choice questions, then questions you answer in your own words. Finally, you can communicate openly, yet still anonymously, through the Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking private email.

You decide what to reveal and when to do so. You can close communication at any time, and even block a member of you choose. And when you find someone special, it’s entirely up to you if and when you meet in person.

Getting started is quick and easy, and you can join for free. There is no credit card needed to create your profile and post your photo. You can upload your photo from your phone or webcam. Start now. With Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking, you don’t have to lucky in love. You can be smart.

Join Happy Marriage Asian Matchmaking today!