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“This is like a fun game of ‘who knows who.’  In the Mormon world, its more like two degrees of separation everywhere you goeveryone is connected in some way or another. Its cool to find out how all of my friends are linked together..”

— Amanda

“It will be great to have all of my mission buddies in one place.  LDS LinkUp makes it easy to keep in touch.”

— Lance

“I’ve always wished there was an easy way to find new people with similar interests without necessarily dating them. This site solves that puzzle.”

— Stan

“I have so many friends from all of the wards Ive been in over the years – I love the idea of building up a network where I can keep track of everyone, and LDS LinkUp is the best way to do this.”

— Heather

“I have always wanted a way to play matchmaker with friends from my ward and friends that I meet through work. This makes introductions easy, and now they can do it themselves if they are interested.”

— Kaari

“LDS LinkUp is a great way to find people you haven’t talked to in years! Its fun to connect with old friends and see what they are up to now.”

— Eriika



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