I’m Gianna Cicinelli and I’ve been a professional matchmaker in Los Angeles for ten years.

About Gianna Cicinelli

Gianna has been a professional matchmaker for the past ten years. She started her own company, Gianna Professional Matchmaking, in 1997. Her matchmaking approach was very hands on, specifically searching for each client, and tailoring her search for their specific needs. Based in Los Angeles, her searching ground was Los Angeles county! What makes Gianna unique is her excellent people skills combined with the individual care she gives to her clients.

In 2005 Gianna decided to put her knowledge and wisdom into helping people with finding their mate on-line. With the current trend of on-line dating gaining popularity, she created her  business, Personal Connections, to best use her skills in making on-line dating as efficient and stress free as possible. Gianna met many people who expressed their desire to be on-line but were intimidated by the process. Some were already on-line but not having a good experience. Gianna gives the client the time and ease of meeting their possible mate on-line. With her many years of matchmaking experience, she is also an excellent consultant in helping people with their dating issues.

On a personal note, Gianna met her husband who came to see her as a possible client a few years ago. Instead of joining her service, they were married on a Greek island a year and one-half later!

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-Gianna Cicinelli