Robert Laird’s Testimonial

I joined the service in early May and I planned to come for the Memorial Day tour but then because of my work schedule I had to delay to the next month. I wanted to come down as soon as I can because I don’t want to waste my time communicating through emails. I don’t need a penpal through the emails. I want to bring home a wife whom I can share my life with. Being down here is totally different as you can meet so many women and there are just endless of things to do here. The cost is so minimal comparing to the experience you are going to have. The events are very nice. They had breakfast meetings for us everyday during the tour as well as evening events. They had many women come to the events. The staff did an excellent job of making sure that all the men got the chance to talk to all the women and all the women got the chance to talk to all the men that they want to converse with. There was a lot of interaction and they made sure that the men came to the events. They didn’t want us to get stuck just on one person and they kept looking to make sure that we have the chance to meet some other people. I have tried some different agencies in USA and other countries and you find out later that the people aren’t real and they try to scam you for your money. Here, no one asked me for money and the staff is honest to tell me who the ladies are and the staff really knows the ladies. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some real people who would like to put people together and it is surprising that the women here are not in hurry to get out of Bogota unlike some Russians. These women are not necessarily looking to go to USA. They are willing to go anywhere. The point is they are just opening their horizons to find the men they could love rather than being limited by the boundaries of their own country. The women are a lot more beautiful than on the website. They are serious about putting people together to find soul mates and they are going to facilitate the process of bringing my fiancée home.

I would definitely recommend this agency to my friends back in WA state and I am sure as soon as they see the pictures of my young lady or meet her in person, they will want to know how soon they can get hold of LAI and how soon they can get on the plane.

Guys, if you have any questions, Christina will be happy to contact me with your information and I could be happy to get back to you and answer any questions you have. Just what are you waiting for? You just need to get down here, experience is unbelievable, trip of a lifetime and it’s less safe walking across the streets at home than just coming down here. I would like to give my special thanks to Ximena, Christina, Humberto, Nelson, Charlie, Nelly and the rest of the staff. It is unbelievable the service they provide for you, the number of hours they put in, dedication and devotion the constant help of translation and arranging the meetings for you. Lucy put together a lovely barbeque for us. She oversees whether or not you made the right decision. If you get passed Lucy and the lady’s parents, you are probably going to be okay.
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