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Can you explain your guarantee?
We update our web site every week removing those lady members that have recently engaged, married or who have requested to be removed.  Should you notify us that you have received returned regular mail we will give you a free replacement or refund your money, upon verification. Should one of our lady members notify you that she is no longer available, we will give you a free replacement or refund your money, upon verification. We do not guarantee e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. We do not and cannot guarantee responses to your e-mail, telephone, or written correspondence.
How do you obtain the ladies that are listed on your web site?
We have associations with different marriage agencies throughout Latin America. In addition, we advertise in major Latin American newspapers and also through the internet.
What if the lady or ladies I am interested in corresponding with only speak Spanish?
Write to the lady or ladies anyway. Translation services are available in their countries or family members and friends can assist in translation. You can also purchase translation software to translate their letters.
Why are these women looking for men outside their county and culture?
Many Latin women believe foreign men of other countries and cultures are more sincere, faithful, and caring than men of their countries. They also believe that foreign men treat their women very well. A secondary reason is that there is a high ratio of single women to men in many Latin American countries, such as Colombia.
Are these women looking to escape economic conditions in their countries?
No. Many of these ladies are very well educated, have good jobs or careers and some even own their own businesses. They also have extremely close family ties, which is a strong part of the Latin culture.
Is the age factor very important?
Not as important as it is in some countries such as America. In Latin culture older more mature men are looked up to. Many ladies' applications to us specifically state that they are looking for someone substantially older than themselves. It is not uncommon to see a 20 year age difference.
What if I am just an average looking man?
In Latin culture, looks are not important as being a caring, loving, faithful and sincere person. What is inside is more important than the outside.
What about economic status?
It is not necessary to be a wealthy or to have many possessions. Many of the ladies have indicated they desire to work and contribute to the family.
Where can I find additional information?
Be sure to check the many links on our Home Page... Click Here!
What if I have more questions?
E-mail or call us... 606-683-2145 orContact Us By Email

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