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Prince Gives
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Black Single
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Mate Wk
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King Weds




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Sexiest Geek
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Truman Weds



Lucky June Weddings!

June has long been a propitious month for weddings! Named for the Roman goddess Juno, the patroness of marriages and families, June was considered the lucky month for Roman weddings, especially during the full or new moon. June also contains the longest day of the year, which augers for a long and happy life together!

June has been one of the most popular months for weddings ever since! According to an old rhyme, “Married in month of roses June, Life will be one long honeymoon!”   (top)

National Rose Month

The rose has long been a favorite symbol of love and affection (see our ” Language of Love” pages for more!). Share a rose with someone special this month! Sponsored by Roses Inc..    (top)

1. Marilyn Monroe’s Birthday

Born this day in 1926 as Norma Jean Baker, Marilyn shot to stardom in the 1950’s as the sexy blonde bombshell that few men could resist in movies that included: “Some Like it Hot,” “The Seven Year Itch,” “Bus Stop,” and “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”. She’s also remembered for singing a sexy “Happy Birthday” for then President John F. Kennedy. Marilyn died from an overdose in 1962, shocking and saddening fans around the world.   (top)

2. Donut Day

Recalling the donuts served to doughboys during World War I, the Salvation Army founded “Donut Day” in 1938 to help raise money during the Great Depression. Contributors were given symbolic paper “donuts” for their donations. Annually, the first Friday and Saturday in June. You can help by making a “donut-ation”! Sponsored by The Salvation Army, Chicago, IL.   (top)

2. National Family Day

Celebrate your family! This holiday highlights the importance of families and the role they play in raising healthy and happy kids. Annually, the first Saturday in June, sponsored by KidsPeace, a non-profit that has provided assistance to kids in crisis since 1882. Sponsored by KidsPeace, www.kidspeace.org.    (top)

2. Couple Appreciation Day

Couples are encourage to show their appreciation of each other by doing something special on the first Saturday of June.    (top)

3. Prince Gives Up the Crown for Love

Truly, love conquers all! The Duke of Windsor, in a famous romantic sacrifice, stepped down from the British throne in 1936 to marry a divorced “commoner,” Mrs. Wallis Simpson of Baltimore, MD. In his abdication speech, the Duke stated that “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as king as I would wish without the help and support of the woman I love.”   (top)

3. National Hug Week (June 3-9)

Hugs are healthy — give someone you love a hug! Sponsored by the Hugs for Health Foundation, which provides hug therapy to supplement the health care provided to the terminally ill and others. Sponsored by Hugs for Health Foundation, www.hugs4health.org.

You can also participate online! Here are some of our favorite “hug” sites:


4. Black Single Parent’s Week (June 4-10)

Do you know a black single parent? This week honors the work they do in successfully raising their sons and daughters. Sponsored by the Black Single Parent’s Network.  (top)

5. Full Moon

According to an old superstition, it is best to marry under a full moon, so you will always have enough of everything! Crossing the sky lower than any other full moon, this full moon appears larger and more colorful as a result. Perhaps because of its honey color, it is also known as the Honey Moon.   (top)

7. Sao Gonalo Festival (Portugal)

Sao Gonalo is the patron saint of married couples and lovers. In Amarante, Portugal the festival is celebrated with the baking of special phallic cakes!    (top)

11. Meet a Mate Week (June 11-17)

If you’re single, take advantage of the nice weather to meet a future mate! It’s not difficult… you can volunteer your time to local groups, participate in warm weather sports (biking, swimming, golf, etc.), travel, and more! For information, email Robin Gorman Newman; [email protected].    (top)

11. National Email Week (June 11-17)

Send a special email this week, National Email Week! Blue Mountain makes it easy with this free National Email Week greeting you can personalize before sending.    (top)

12. Loving v. Virginia

A landmark day for equal opportunity romance! On this day in 1967, a Supreme Court ruling in “Loving v Virginia” struck down the laws in 16 states that prohibited inter-racial marriages.    (top)

13. St. Anthony the Matchmaker

St. Anthony of Padua was born in Lisbon, Portugal and is the patron saint of Portugal. Because he’s considered a matchmaker, young people write to him on St. Anthony’s Eve, asking for help in finding a spouse. Young men will present a pot of basil concealing a love letter or poem to the young lady they hope to marry on this day as well.    (top)

15. Smile Power Day

Greet your sweetheart with a big smile today, Smile Power Day! In fact, spread it around…it’s amazing how infectious a smile can be! How ’bout your email pals? Send them a big smile as well! For a big list of Smilies (emoticons), visit Smilies, Smilies, Smilies.    (top)

16. Sneak a Kiss Day

Go ahead…you know you want to do it! Lay one on your favorite kissee! Or, if by some sad misfortune they aren’t close at hand, visit 1001 Postcards to send your honey a Sneak a Kiss! postcard (it’s free).   (top)

16. Savitri Vows (Savitri-Vrata)

Hindu women honor the princess Savitri on this day. According to legend, Savitri loved her husband so much that she wouldn’t leave him when he died, forcing Yama, King of Death, to give him back. In addition to prayers and fasting, married Hindu women shower their husbands with gifts of food and flowers. Widows, on the other hand, pray to be delivered from the agony of widowhood in their next life.   (top)

17. Father’s Day

Children everywhere honor their fathers by preparing breakfast, mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, grilling a steak, taking them to a ball game…Father’s Day should come more than once a year! Ask any father!    (top)

18. Forgiveness Week

Life is too short to hold a grudge! Let them know you’re willing to forgive and forget. Visit Blue Mountain for Forgiveness cards that will make it a little bit easier (we especially like the Kiss and Make Up! card).   (top)

18. M.L. King Wedding (1953)

Martin and Coretta met in 1952, while he was doing graduate work at Boston University and she was studying voice at the New England Conservatory of Music. They were married in the Scott’s garden on this date in 1953, and a few months later he became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.    (top)

19. Juneteenth (Texas)

Also known as Emancipation Day, Juneteenth is an annual outdoor celebration in Texas commemorating the freeing of the slaves in Texas on this day in 1865. Participants celebrate with parades, picnics, and music.   (top)

20. First Balloon Honeymoon

You may be floating on air after the wedding, but many newly married couples literally take to the air — in hot air balloons! The first couple to honeymoon in a balloon did so on this date in 1909 on the balloon “Pittsfield.”    (top)

21. Sexiest Geek Alive

Who is the Sexiest Geek Alive? Today the Sexiest Geek Alive will be crowned in San Jose, California, after a rigourous qualifying process that includes (1) answering 40 questions that tests contestants’ knowledge of technology and geek culture; (2) interviews nad (3) regional qualifying contests.

To learn more — or to sign up! — visit SexiestGeekAlive.com!    (top)

21. Midsummer Celebrations

Like May Day, Midsummer is a time for lovers. Celebrated in many European countries with maypoles, dancing, and bonfires. Supernatural beings (ghosts, witches and fairies) roam the land, and charms and spells prepared tonight are believed to be especially powerful during Midsummer, making it an ideal time for divining:

  • Plant orpine (Sedum telephium) in pairs representing the two lovers; if they flourish and lean towards one another, the two lovers are certain to marry (Germany, Switzerland and England).

  • If a young woman fasts on Midsummer Eve, then sets the table with a feast at midnight, her future husband will arrive to help her eat the feast (England).

  • Pick different wildflowers from many different meadows and place them under the pillow to dream of your future spouse (Sweden).

  • On Midsummer’s Eve, tear a fig leaf. If the break heals before morning, you will find your true love (Spain).

21. Cancer, Sign of the Crab

Nothing makes you happier than building a protective nest around those you love. Your nurturing and sympathetic nature make you a wonderfully caring partner and no one will ever doubt your commitment to hearth and home. Investing so much of yourself in others comes with a price…you’re easily wounded by real or imagined slights and often respond by withdrawing into a moody world of your own. Try to take a little bit more and give a tiny bit less; you may find that with more balance, the inevitable bumps in the road will remain just bumps.    (top)

21. New Moon

To divine their future husbands, young maidens would look over their shoulder at the new moon and repeat:

New moon, true moon,
Dressed in blue,
If I should marry a man
Or he should marry me,
What in the name of love
Will his name be?


22. Ladouvane — Singing to the Rings

In Bulgaria, midsummer is celebrated with a fertility ritual where young girls drop rings — along with oats and barley — into a cauldron of water. The rings are tied with red thread to perennial plants like ivy or basil, and left overnight. Dances are then performed around the cauldron, and the girls’ fortunes are told!    (top)

23. Wianki Festival of Wreaths

In Poland, young women head to the nearest stream on St. John’s Eve. There, they will set afloat a wreath, made of wild flowers, with a candle in the center. According to legend, if the wreath comes back to shore, the girl will never marry. But if her wreath floats downstream, she will find a husband.

Meanwhile, potential suitors hide in boats downstream to attempt to catch their girlfriends’ wreaths, since it’s believed that the boy who finds a wreath is destined to marry the girl who made it!    (top)

24. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is usually found around this time (which is also Feast Day for St. John the Baptist), and was believed to possess many magical properties. If a young lady plucked a spring on Midsummer Eve and kept it her handkerchief until Christmas, the man who would be faithful to her all his life would see it and take it from her!

Another charm that may be performed on St. John’s Day — at dawn, break an egg into a glass half-filled with water, and leave it there until sundown. At sundown, the unmarried girl will be able to see a likeness or representation of her future lover!    (top)

25. Dragon Boat Festival (China)

Dragon boat races are held to commemorate the ancient Chinese poet and hero, Qu Yuan, who threw himself into a river to protest injustice and corruption. In the United States, competitions are held in several cities, and the fastest boat in the national competition wins the right to represent the United States in the Dragon Boat races in Hong Kong.   (top)

27. Decide to be Married Day

A day to celebrate that decision to get married! Based on the poem, “Decide to Get Married:”

It’s in the deciding to be united in love,
to express your joyful oneness to every person you meet,
and in very action you take
and together a perfect marriage you’ll make.

Sponsored by Barbara Gaughen-Muller of Gaughen Global PR, Santa Barbara, CA; [email protected]   (top)

28. Truman Weds (1919)

After years of courting his beloved “Bess” Wallace, and despite the disapproval of her mother, Harry and Elizabeth were finally wed on this date in 1910. They were both thirty five years old, and Bess’s mother worried that Harry wasn’t good enough for her daughter. Harry, of course, went on to become President of the United States, and while in Washington he wrote letters daily and traveled back to Independence, Missouri as often as possible to visit Bess.    (top)

To suggest events for the Romance Calendar, send the details to [email protected]

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