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Free Dating for singles via personal ads (overview)?
Online dating is completely free here – so put your wallet away. Singles contact each other by creating online personal ads which are searchable by country, age and so on.

I started this free online dating site (in 2001) as I wanted create a singles site with personal ads which were more varied and more interesting than you find on the typical dating site. Although it is totally free I did not want the site to be overrun by bogus or sleazy personals personal ads (which happens all too often to free dating services) so all profiles are checked by both software and me.

Please enjoy the site and make the best of it as it is completely free you have nothing to lose – and, you might even find the love of your life.

heart singleWhat is this dating site? is a completely and absolutely free dating site for singles who want to meet others via a friendly and non-sleazy dating service. The service offers personal ads with photos (optional) for men and women looking for free matchmaking, love, friendship and romance. The site offers 100% free personals to males and females of all ages. Most ‘free’ personals site are not free at all. They are only free until you try and contact other members! Or they are free for a very limited period. MeetYourGreens is a totally free personals site.

  • All personal ads are checked to help avoid offensive ads or scams.
  • I won’t give (or sell, or rent) your email address to anyone.
  • You only need to reveal what you want to about yourself.
  • For your safety there is ‘bad word’ filtering (to block offensive messages), spam filtering, and so on. (You can always switch off ‘bad word’ filtering in your incoming messages – via Preferences).
  • There’s a neat Flirt-for-Fun option which is a great way to contact people if you are a wee bit shy.

heart personal datingHow does the site work?
You find other singles by searching their personal ads. Your personal ad and is how other members can find out about you. (Remember: you only reveal as little, or as much, about yourself as you want). You can easily change your personal ad if you later decide you are not happy with it. You also have the option of uploading photos as part of your personal ad.

heart dating singleHow does free membership work?
Unlike most dating sites, our 100% totally free personals allow you to contact other members. (It is not designed to coax you into paying any kind of subscription). You can leave again at any time by deleting your membership via the Delete Membership option on the Menu Bar when you log in. Join now!

‘It is better to be free than cheap!’ — SwamiWebananda

heart dating singleWhat’s the catch? It can’t really be a free dating site?
The site is free as I earn my living from my day job.

You get complete access to a fast, secure and reliable dating service and you have the option of a free occassional newsletter *chock full of good stuff about singles Dating & Relating tips and advice. Not a bad deal!

(*Well at least it will be ‘chock full’ when I get better at doing newsletters!)

heart matchmaking personalsWhy call an online dating site MeetYourGreens?
Yes, it is indeed an odd choice of name for a free singles site. It is a play on the phrase ‘Eat your greens’ that mothers in some parts of the world use to entice their kids to eat what is good for them. The word ‘greens’ is also used to mean ‘ecological’ or (amongst my brain cells anyway) to mean ‘holistic’. To me ‘MeetYourGreens’ means a mixture of ‘meet someone good for you’, and ‘meet someone who cares’ (about other people, the planet, nature). It can also be seen as metaphor for getting away from unhealthy, junk-food relationships to good healthy loving relationships. However, whatever it means to you is – well – whatever it means to you!

The name is also an invitation to not take this whole singles, dating and matchmaking thing too seriously. Finding a love partner is much too important to be taken seriously.

heart personals photosWhat type men and women are on this site?
We have people with a wide range of interests from astrology to zen. And, of course a lot of people interested in love! Most members are single men looking for women or single women looking for men. However, we also have people who are gay or lesbian.

heart personals photosWhat can I do to support this site?
The best way to support it is by placing a good and thoughtful personal ad. (After all that is why I set it up a this dating service in the first place). Also, telling your friends about it is much appreciated. After all it would be nice to get a little something back for offering you 100% free dating for nothing. (Oh, you could also send me a postcard from your part of the world – I love to get cards – address below).

heart personals photosAny Russian Women or potential Russian Brides?
Russian women are fairly well represented so if you are looking for a Russian bride you will find some great prospects here. Russian ladies (or Russian girls if you are looking for young women) have a good reputation as wives for western men.

heart personals photosAny American women or American men, Canadian women, UK women…?
Most of our members are American. However, membership is very international. There are men and women from the major English speaking countries, America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and so on. We also have members from just about all the Western European countries. We have men and women from Asia and the Middle East. Is is well worth searching for partners living ‘Anywhere’ as the man or woman of your dreams may already be living in your ideal fantasy location.

Although most of our members are american singles, the rest of the world seems to be catching up as the interest on finding love online takes off all over.

mature older womenWhat about mature women or older women
We have a very wide age range and certainly mature women and men are very welcome. In fact it might interest mature ladies to know that ‘mature women’ and ‘older women’ are fairly commonly used search terms so who know what you might be missing if you don’t sign up!

heart personals photosIs it safe?
Use your common sense and err on the side of caution when using any dating service. There are some good people on the site, but there are bound to be some scammers too. Protect yourself, always meet your date in a public place and don’t assume that anything a person says about themselves is true till they have proven themselves. The mature man or older woman may turn out to be a bit more mature than you expected. The beautiful women may not be your type. You don’t need to be paranoid. Just be cautious and don’t let anyone – especially someone you hardly know – get their hands on your hard earned cash.

heart personals photosWill I really find a wife or a husband using online dating?
Well you won’t know unless you try. Many people have found online dating to be the best way to find their love match. Many a marriage started as an online romance. It is especially useful if you are looking for a Russian bride or are searching for asian women. Though you may well find your perfect partner nearby! There are hot women and hot men all over the world. Of course, what you consider hot is really a matter of personal taste.

heart matchmaking personalsYou said earlier this a totally free personals site, right?
Yes, Full Membership is 100% completely and absolutely free. Whether you are looking for a friends, mail order brides, a loving wife, a hot husband or a beautiful lover. Whether you want friendship, a life partner or marriage this is a totally free personals site. Or, even if you are just looking for help or advice about relationship or dating issues. Just use this totally free personals small form on the right side of the screen above. You just might meet the man or woman who will be the love of your life – and all for free.

Good luck on your seach!

God bless you…

Email: william

I am available for stalking at:
William Martin
176 Findhorn
IV36 3YN
United Kingdom