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Internet personal ads, church activities and single bars may work for some singles.  For singles with marriage in mind, your own personal matchmaker may provide a better alternative. Selective, busy and successful singles who are seeking marriage commonly use matchmakers. There is a difference between dating services and real matchmaking   When you meet a person on the internet, at a bar, dance or party all you know is what you see.  It takes time before you know who that person is. You may become emotionally involved with someone you are not compatible with. How many people ask a person on the first date if their long term goal is marriage?  I have met a large number of people who have told me that they have invested between 6 months and 5 years, sometimes more in dead-end relationships with people who were not the marrying kind.  You may be dating a person for months, only to find out that dating is all that they are interested in.

Here at Marriage Path, Heart-Hunters we sit down with you and work with you to make the right connection.   The proper analysis by a capable matchmaker will match you with a person with the qualities and specifications that you desire in a possible permanent partner.  A matchmaker is a great time saver and an intelligent decision. If your time is valuable, and you do not wish to waste it, start dating other singles who do not want to stay single. Yes dating is always the first step, but the dating process should move into the relationship stage. 

Marriage Path works with you one on one fine tuning your expectations and requirements.  After you have had your first introduction we talk with you, we find out how things went.  We make sure you are on the right  path.  If that match is not right for you, you move on to your next match.

What if I am not marriage minded, but am interested in a committed relationship?  Marriage Path has a new group for singles 55 and up called, HEART HUNTERS FRIENDS.  Singles 55 and up may also belong to Marriage Path if they wish.

If you are looking for a quality singles, and not just a dating service you have come to the right place. Marriage Path Heart-Hunters is where Northwest Arkansas singles come for real matchmaking.





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