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Thank you for visiting MatchMakerExpress, our online dating service. You have reached the finest friendship and dating site available, where the service is free. This is Matchmaking made simple.

MatchMakerExpress differs from online Internet dating services like Yahoo Personals and American Singles in that we believe online dating should not cost twenty dollars per month. Your initial enrollment is “Free Dating”. Compare that to Yahoo Personals, American Singles, and, which are over nineteen dollars per month. We believe that nearly $20 is a lot to spend for a dating service. When we do begin to charge your cost for our online dating will be less than half what most online dating services charge and single women will be free.

Additionally, we don’t require you to complete a ridiculously long set of narratives or a personality questionnaire before you can experience our MatchMaker. We all know that no quiz or set of narratives is really matchmaking. Eventually the only way to establish if there is real chemistry between two people is to talk and then meet if the talking goes well. A face-to-face meeting provides immediate results one way or the other.

So if you are a single woman or single man this is the place to be. MatchMaker Express is the ultimate MatchMaker, Online Dating, and Matchmaking headquarters. We are a new service so give us a few months to get up to speed. It will help a lot if you will tell your friends about our service.

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