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The traditional ways of meeting single people are gone. Today, quality people prefer to meet through introductions. My clients are Professional / Business people. I share an empathy with you, my client regarding background, values and expectations. I understand and comprehend the restrictive limitations placed on your time. Hence I provide a professional service aimed at eliminating the often arduous and frequently daunting proposition of “Where” to meet suitable people, with a view to locating “That Special Someone” with whom to form a romantic association

“You”, will be meeting extremely attractive, intelligent, educated and accomplished people, wishing to share their happiness and success “With You.”

If ‘You” are successful , sincere, emotionally mature and ready for a relationship, please consult with me. In a most confidential, professional and personal way I will introduce you to that “Special Someone” you have been searching for.

I Listen, I advise … There is Often Compromise … I Succeed … I Care … I Provide.

Allow me to arrange for “You”, meaningful introductions, which can lead to long-lasting relationships.

In a most genteel and dignified manner, allow me to introduce you to one another

“You”, Will be Matched With People of
Similar Backgrounds
Similar Interests
Similar Values
And Similar Expectations

Helping All People Equally … Providing a Single Standard of Excellence

Please contact me for a confidential discussion about “Your” requirements.

Being both owner and manager of Carolyne Hardwick & Assoc., I am committed to providing the very best professional service and advice. My ability, experience and sensitivity ensure that I am very aware of my clients needs and requirements. My hands on approach enables me to offer greater flexibility and more personal service than my competitors. My organization has been operating since 1982 and has always enjoyed an excellent reputation and unrivalled success …The Difference is … I … Care

I invest a large amount of my time, physical and emotional energies into running a professional service and therefore it is necessary that I charge a fee. My fee includes time spent in consultation with you in order for me to develop a rapport with you, an understanding of you as an individual, your requirements and initiation of you as a client. Also included is the time and effort involved in arranging introductions for you throughout your period of membership which includes consultation with you in feedback discussion regarding your introductions and the associated costs of placing advertising in order to continually attract new clients to replace matched couples.

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A driving enthusiasm for enjoying life to its fullest is the key ingredient that motivates Carolyne Hardwick. The factor that distinguishes her from other energetic people is her dedication to helping others acquire the same fulfillment from their lives.

Carolyne is a popular professional relationship consultant / speaker with a wide circle of satisfied clients. She is an outgoing and dynamic presenter with a wide range of anecdotes and sound advice.. These guide and assist males and females alike in establishing enhancing caring, valuable relationships with others.

As well as being a successful independent business person, Carolyne finds time for other interests which include a passion for classic sports cars, antiques , art, writing poetry with raw feeling and a love of the beautiful things which make life worthwhile, this includes a passion for gardening, flowers and trees.

As the principal of Carolyne Hardwick & Assoc., Carolyne is able to use all her skills and talents in a unique service which helps like-minded people make contact and enjoy the heightened emotions that can only exist when special moments and events are shared.

In recent times, we have witnessed a rise in proactive dating as a way to achieve attachment now that traditional social structures are disintegrating. Dating / Matchmaking organizations are being embraced by a generation of men and women raised in a service culture. If you’re looking for employment you go to an agency; if it’s a holiday you wish you call a travel agent; if you wish for a partner, why not a Matchmaker? People do not want to waste time, time is precious, so why not go fishing where the fish are.. Turning to an agency is not a departure from more formalized Matchmaking …but rather a return to it.

In the past before modern transport, technology, distance, travel and relocation due to occupation and career path, it was far easier to be introduced to suitable people, it just happened naturally. Often the greater part of our lives was lived out in the one location or close proximity, where we had a network of family and friends who would diligently produce likely matches in the hope that we would find suitable partners. Coupled with this then was the village matchmaker who arranged suitable introductions which often included a chaperone, heaven forbid!

In today’s society we are working long, hard hours we have our circle of friends with whom we socially interact, but when it comes to expanding opportunities to meet new people, outside of our own circle of work mates and friends, we perhaps begin to sense a difficulty or reticence in pursuing many of our interests alone, even a movie is never the same without someone beside us to share it’s effects, would we bother to have coffee alone, or do we instead decide, to go home.

Hence we have today a situation where many young people, after pursuing their studies and careers, find themselves faced with the ticking of the biological clock. Others have pursued their careers with little time for social interaction outside that necessary for careen advancement. And then we have those who have been in relationships for many years and suddenly find themselves single again. These days it is becoming increasingly popular for many self-employed people to work form home, hence a further lessening of the opportunities for meeting suitable people.

I recognize the difficulties which busy, single professionals encounter in seeking out potential partners. Our avenues for meeting suitable people have diminished, we are not impressed by the singles scene, our feelings of insecurity have increased, people feel unsafe to go out alone.

Today, at the beginning of the new century we are all busy people, there is less family involvement, there are limited social contact opportunities. The big cities are such lonely places as can be the remoteness caused by long distances. Peoples stress levels are increasing, we therefore need an easier way of meeting single people. Today there is an even greater need for a relationship consultant …a “Matchmaker”… It is becoming increasingly important to provide a safe and effective avenue, which one can utilize in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for, the purpose of having

“meeting Single people made easier”

I realize I am assuming a critically important role in guiding and encouraging those who come to me. I believe I have been blessed with a special strength, a unique power for relating to the needs of others during important periods of adjustment in their lives. I am very fortunate to have been able to be of assistance to countless couples whom I have brought together in the achievement of their objectives.

My aim is to be the very best “Matchmaker” in the world with a reputation for Honesty, Integrity, Service and Success … no mean feat you might say, well if one does not aim high one will never achieve.

As the matchmaker of olde, it is extremely important that I have an understanding of and develop a rapport with every client. Each client is an individual and therefore different. In order to facilitate these objectives it is essential that I give whatever time is necessary to achieve this aim. I provide a fully personal service , all the consultations and the matching are conducted by myself. All information and discussions are kept in the strictest of confidence.

I compile a profile with my client, this is where I give the time to listen to my client, to establish a rapport, to interact, to discuss in free flowing conversation any perceptions that the client may have about how they view themselves and about the person they wish to meet. I prepare a contract for both our signatures, which details our agreement and conditions, this is for the protection of both parties, the client retains one copy and I retain the other. I look forward to a happy and successful association with each client.

“You”, will be matched with people of similar backgrounds, similar interests, similar values, and similar expectations.

As with the Matchmakers of Olde … I have the same Successes.


A gentleman from Japan , who was in Sydney contacted me early last November. A widowed medical specialist and a grandfather, he had come to visit with a purpose. He wished to meet a young Australian lady for the purpose of marriage. This was Tuesday morning at 8.15, he was leaving to return home to Nagoya on Saturday morning. Only 4 days… I explained it could be difficult, however by 11am I had three ladies for him to meet. On the 31st May this year, he and one of those ladies were married in Melbourne. The following morning they left Australia to live in Nagoya. He is 71 the lady is 35 and he is 3 inches shorter than she. He has said, perhaps a baby, if she wishes. They plan to travel the world … Matchmaker, Matchmaker … make me a match

A 42 year old lady who had never married and had no children , married last year , a gentleman five years her junior. They now have a lovely baby boy. The lady will be 43 shortly. They are both over the moon.

A gentleman who was 81 when he came to me four years ago, is still with a lovely lady that I introduced him to. They travel the world together, attend concerts , theatre etc and thoroughly enjoy each others company.

If you would like to read some further comments from my clients, please click here.

I have many, many stories to tell … perhaps one day a book. Who knows? I have many stories, yet to live and tell …

My clients ages range from the late 20s through to the 70s+.



Your Invitation to Find a Partner…… If you are interested in obtaining my assistance in the search for your ‘Special Someone”, please consult with me via email or telephone, or you may wish to complete the questionnaire, any information which is submitted by you will be kept in the strictest of confidence and is to be viewed by myself alone. I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps I may already know someone who is looking to meet someone just like you!

If you would like further information about any aspect of my service, I would be happy to hear from you by phone or by email.

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You may wish to provide me with some details about yourself and about the person you would like to meet. Perhaps I may already know someone who is looking to meet someone just like you.

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Any information which you supply will be held in the strictest of confidence and is to be viewed by myself alone.

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