What distinguishes Matchmakers for Singles from other dating services?

First, Matchmakers is not a dating club. We do not charge our clients by the number of introductions. We do not sign up everyone who walks in the door, nor do we take all of our fees upfront and simply forget about our clients.

We are a “Relationship Headhunter” agency and are more exclusive when determining who our clients will be. We are personally involved and by getting to know the personalities of each client, we reduce the amount of unproductive time spent searching for a mate.

Other dating clubs rely on the law of probability…
With phone and online dating, you can never be sure that a member is actually single or is who he or she claims to be.

The Matchmaker personally evaluates each client, creating a profile of likes and dislikes, background and future relationship goals. We do a surface background check to determine that our clients are truly single and are who they claim to be. Then the Matchmaker matches each client’s profile with complementary profiles. We reduce the randomness of meeting singles by putting the right people in the right place at the right time.

Isn’t it better to be guaranteed a certain number of introductions?

  • No. Realize that by joining a dating club with a set number of introductions, it is possible that you will experience “filler” dates. Filler dates are dates that do not match your interests or likes, but are used to satisfy your date quota.

How long has Matchmakers for Singles been in business?

  • The Matchmaker’s professional training began over 10 years ago. Matchmakers has been in operation for eight (8) years with the same owners and the same management.

Can Matchmakers for Singles provide references?

  • Matchmakers can provide references from different age groups to speak with you – just ask!

Has Matchmakers for Singles introduced clients who are now married?

  • Yes! Many clients have been successfully matched resulting in marriage (and children!), long-term relationships, and great friendships.

What is Matchmakers for Singles motivation for finding each client the perfect match?

  • We accept clients based on contracts with some money due up front and the remaining money due upon the successful match of two clients. Our motivation is driven by our desire to find the perfect, long-term match for you. Since our fees are split, there is significant motivation to keep working with each client to reach the goal of a successful match.

What is Matchmakers for Singles privacy policy?

  • The Matchmaker will speak with each client before arranging an introduction. During this phase, no numbers or names are provided, only descriptions of the individuals. If both parties are interested in meeting one another, the Matchmaker will provide names and phone numbers.

What if a client acts inappropriately on a date?

  • The Matchmaker coaches clients on appropriate ways to act while on dates and provides literature with specific guidelines and recommendations for a successful dating experience. We ask for immediate notification of any problems between clients. If it is found that a client is unsuitable for our service, we will discontinue the client.

How do I become a client of Matchmakers for Singles?

  • First, evaluate yourself based on the Do I Qualify? section. If you meet the criteria, the next step is to contact us or call the office at 918-747-5503. Set an appointment to meet the Matchmaker in person and you will be well on the way to meeting your perfect match!

    *For more information about our plans, please contact us today!