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Truck Insurance, Incneeds CSR‘s and licensed P&C Insurance agents to make and answer telephone calls, handle walk in traffic of potential clients, tell them about our business, take an insurance application, call, fax, email insurance companies with the information, process the quote, explain and sell the policy, collect the money, process the paperwork, and handle the financing paperwork with premium finance companies. This CSR / Insurance Agent would also handle routine insurance certificates, claims, add on’s and deletions and normal insurance customer service. Go to and see what Truck Insurance has to offer the customer

Truck Insurance, Inc., is a local full-scale insurance agency that offers both personal and commercial lines of insurance. We are looking for a part time/full time insurance agents.  We are looking for  career minded, self-motivated individuals who are looking to grow professionally and financially.  Insurance and Sales background are preferred.  A Property and Casualty Insurance License is needed.  We will consider training otherwise qualified candidates,  if not licensed, but good customer service skills are a requirement.  The candidate must be able to work in a competitive, fast paced environment.  Multi-tasking and organization skills are a must. 

We are a part of Sun Belt Line, Inc., ( a holding company that owns, manages, and controls our other sister companies, Logistec / TTS Resident Agent Service, Incis a process service and a transportation consultation company, The Match Maker, Inc., (www.MatchMaker-SC.comis a transportation broker and  a conference center, Match Factors, Inc., (www.MatchFactors.comis a freight bill receivable factoring company, and Truck Insurance, Inc., (www.InsForLess.comis a full service insurance agency. All companies revolve around trucking. We start out as a transportation consulting company.  Logistec / TTS Resident Agent Service, Inc. handles all the legal requirements and consulting work necessary for a trucker to get licensed.

All truckers that apply for operating authority with the FMCSA are sent a daily flyer outlining the services all of these companies.. There are about 100 truckers per day applying for authority. We have access to databases that tell us who is applying for authority and what status they are in the process. We also have databases that tell us who is in the business, what insurance they presently have on file, and expiration dates of their insurance policies. Truckers also find us from recommendations from our present clients, from the internet, flyers, advertisements and from the good reputation we have acquired since 1981.

Trucking clients need Truck Insurance, Inc. in order to meet federal and state insurance requirements, The Match Maker for truck loads, and Match Factors for money. There are about 100 new truck lines born daily that we solicit for business. There are about 300,000 trucking lines presently in business in the USA. We have a database of all these companies on our computer and web site. Our rich databases give us all the information we need to qualify, sell and process business.

You might also be interested to know that The Match Maker has a conference building, fish ponds, park, and a golf course located on the same property. We host weddings, receptions, rehearsal parties, family reunions, birthday parties, civic club functions, classroom instructions, cook outs, and many other functions at this facility. Go to , click on Conference Building, or this link to find out more information about this facility. One can see pictures, schedule and calendar of events, pricing, location map, and availability at this site.

If you know of someone planning a wedding or party, please refer them to this facility for their event.

For more information on our sister companies and other jobs and how we relate to Truck Insurance, please check us out at  Click on Job Opportunities

Other part time jobs available are in desktop publishing, web page design and maintenance, computer networking and repairs, telemarketing, and lawn maintenance. Match Factors needs clerical help in billing and accounts receivable.

Full Time jobs: The Match Maker needs experienced transportation brokers to operate out of the Florence office or from their homes as agents located from virtually anywhere in the world.  We will consider training qualified candidates 

Truck Insurance and other companies are all housed in The Match Maker office building at 2736 TV Road, Florence, SC 29501.



Please give me a call at 843-665-4968 between 11AM to 1PM or 3 to 6PM or cell  843-229-3125;  or email me at [email protected], if interested in our posted job for an insurance agent or CSR for Truck Insurance, Inc. I usually see people between 3 to 6 PM daily.


Thanks, Bert Belk





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