The Soul Mate Test


This is Your Soul Mate Test.

Complete the following form with your first name and email address, along with your answers. Please make a copy of the questions and how you answered them and then press the SUBMIT button You will be taken to a page where you can determine your score and some suggestions on how to improve your relationships and find out a lot more about them. .

Please realize that while you may know what the real answer should be logically, it is only valid if you answer what you actually do. This is where the truth lies in regard to how you participate in relationships. You will have access to a list of the correct answers.

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  1. You like being in control of the relationship.

  2. Yes No

  3. You tend to idealize a relationship even when the facts don’t fit reality.

  4. Yes No

  5. You are willing to walk away when someone mistreats you.

  6. Yes No

  7. You resent it when the man takes the lead.

  8. Yes No

  9. You believe that women are superior to men.

  10. Yes No

  11. You feel uncomfortable making the first move in starting a relationship.

  12. Yes No

  13. It is hard to say “no” even when you know it is not good for you.

  14. Yes No

  15. Do you tend to run away when a man gets too close to you.

  16. Yes No

  17. You are willing to be vulnerable sometimes even though you do not feel safe in doing so.

  18. Yes No

  19. You prefer to have only one man in your life.

  20. Yes No

  21. You are afraid to tell a man you love him when you are not sure he loves you.

  22. Yes No

  23. You tend to sacrifice your needs for the benefit of other people.

  24. Yes No

  25. Do you like being committed to one person?

  26. Yes No

  27. You have a strong need to be needed.

  28. Yes No

  29. Do you like being the aggressor in the relationship?

  30. Yes No

  31. If you gave your heart away once and lost, would you do it again?

  32. Yes No

  33. Do you feel you should always test your lover to see if he loves you?

  34. Yes No

  35. Do you feel uncomfortable when someone is generous to you?

  36. Yes No

  37. You usually wait for the other person to tell you that they love you before you tell them that you love them.

  38. Yes No

  39. Do you believe you have to have self-love before you can love another person?

  40. Yes No

  41. Do you think you will be able to surrender your heart to the man you love?

  42. Yes No