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   December 22, 2003

Happy first day of winter to everyone out there!  If you’re having some cold weather feel free to warm up to some of our reviews, as Gamespy announced Railroad Tycoon 3 as 2003 GAME OF THE YEAR for PC empire builder.  We’re of course proud of the recognition the game has been receiving, but don’t take our word for it and check out the full Game Of The Year article here.  RT3 was also listed in the 2003 Game of the Year Top 10 for PC.  That article can be found by clicking here.  Since I’m sure you’d like to know what they said about the game, here is a little snippet:

“Pop Top [has] truly outdone itself with Railroad Tycoon 3. RRT3 is one of those strategy games you can pick up, learn quickly, and just have a good time with while playing with trains.  The more you play, though, the more impressed you get with the sheer depth of the game’s strategic model…  RRT3 is an endlessly enjoyable (and replayable) game that both casual gamers and hardcore strategy nuts will love. All Aboard!”

As the year awards roll in there will probably be more mention of RT3, so you can check back in to see all the news over the next few holiday weeks.  In the mean time, there’s still some time to pick up a good stocking stuffer or two and RT3 is on sale again this week at Best Buy, so get one while you can!

   December 19, 2003

The week is winding down, but news about RT3 sure isn’t!   As we’re sure you know, we just released the v1.03 patch for the game, and today we have another ALL NEW MAP  for you to grab and play for the holidays!  There’s even a new review to mention, so let’s cut to the chase.

For starters, the Eastern China map was just released for you to download.  The new map covers the previously untouched lands of China, stretching from Beijing to Shanghai.  It’s only a 4MB download, and you can get the new map by going to either 3D Gamers or Gamer’s Hell.

We also have a new review that just came in from Reviewgamer.  They break down the game into the usual aspects and have some general impressions as well.  You can check out the full review here, or just take our word for it that they thoroughly enjoyed our product:

“RT3 is an awesome game, no doubt about it…An excellent little package from Pop Top!”

Well that’s all for now.  We wish everyone a great holiday season and hope that you keep checking back for the latest on RT3!

   December 17, 2003

BIG NEWS TODAY!  The newest patch for RT3 has been released!  This patch, which you can download by going to either Take Two’s Support Page or the Tiscali Games site, will bring your version of RT3 up to v1.03.  This patch addresses some bugs and contains some balance tweaks as well.  It also adds the ability to bulldoze in multiplayer games, and implements vastly improved AI.  For a full list of all the changes in the v1.03 patch please click here.  Of course we recommend that everyone upgrade to this version of the game as soon as they can.  That’s it for today; be sure to GET THE NEW RT3 v1.03 PATCH to make your holiday playing as enjoyable as it can be!

   December 11, 2003

Just a quick little shout out today to let everyone know that an ALL NEW MAP is available for download! This is the first completely unreleased map that we’ve made available since the game was shipped, so of course everyone should go get it while it’s hot!  The new map is called the Spanish Mainline, and as you might guess takes place in Spain, an area mostly untouched by any previous official maps.  You can find a downloadable copy of the map at either one of two mirrors; 3D Gamers or GameCenter.  The map is only a 3.6MB download, so it should be accessible to everyone.  That’s all the news for today, we hope you all enjoy the new content!

   December 10, 2003

This week we don’t have much news yet, but we do have some good deals kicking in just in time for the holiday season.  Our game landed in the Value of the Week section over at the Gone Gold website.  We’re happy to say that we’ve made pretty good fans of the people over at Gone Gold, and while mentioning our game in their article here, they had the following to say:

“I pity the gamer that must wait to open this one or for that matter, doesn’t have it yet…”

Things are all quiet on the review front as of now, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as they continue to trickle in.  In the meantime, we are still working on RT3, and are actually hard at work on some things that you should be able to get your hands on soon.  Until then, stay warm and remember that RT3 makes for some great company on those snow days!

   December 03, 2003

It’s our first update in December, and we’ve got some nice new content for RT3 showing up around the web.  We’ve got an all new interview, two reviews, and some fan site update news as well.  With so much to cover it’s best to just dive right in, so here we go.

GamerDad is back this month with a special treat, an exclusive interview with RT3 designer and Poptop president Phil Steinmeyer.   As you could probably guess from the name of the website, the interview does discuss family issues in relation to gaming, but it also contains a lot of information on RT3’s development and support.  You can read the full article here; and below is a small excerpt from the interview.

GamerDad: Included on the game disc is a little game called Loco-Commotion. Where did you find this little game and why was it included?

Phil Steinmeyer: This was released by our publisher a couple years ago, with little fanfare, and basically nobody noticed (or bought it). It’s a fun game, but not really sexy enough to be a full stand-alone product. But I thought it would be a great accompaniment to RT3, and because it was released by our publisher, it was easy to secure the rights to do this. It shows a different approach to a railroad game – simple and puzzle oriented.

Our first of two reviews comes our way by the people at Fragland.net.  While one might not expect it, given the name, they actually warmed up to RT3 very well.  It received a score of 87.9% and many compliments as well.  You can browse over the entire review here.  When not getting caught up in mimicking train sounds, the author had the following to say:

“Railroad Tycoon 3 is a great game with lots of possibilities and extreme graphic power. The music makes you urge to build and let trains ride. The whole game shines class… If you will excuse me now, my train is waiting”

The second review for today was done by UK TrainSim.  The review goes into some good detail on changes and improvements in RT3 over RT2, and has tons of really nice screenshots showing off the game in all its different flavors.  The review also has a small extra section talking about Loco Commotion, the free game that comes with RT3. We recommend you check out the full length review here, as it’s time well spent if you don’t already have the game.  The website was of course happy with the game, and they had the following praise to give:

“…I personally found [RT3] to be immensely enjoyable…I’ve enjoyed testing this for the review very much indeed, more so than I did playing Railroad Tycoon 2. They have not over complicated things, if you know the series then you can easily move in to this one and if you don’t then it’s not going to be a huge mountain to climb to figure it out at all….I’ve been playing Railroad Tycoon 3 so much that I’ve got the tunes stuck in my head now, argh!”

Even though it comes at the end of today’s update, the Fan Site info is definitely not the least.  The fans of RT3 have always been a great addition to the Railroad Tycoon family, and we’re glad to see their support for our newest addition in the series.  If you own the game and you haven’t visited any of the Fan Sites, we strongly encourage you to do so as they are great resources for information and even new user created content, such as maps.  Two particular sites get a mention today.  The first is the newly revamped version of U. K. Rail Express, now under the name U. K. Simulation.  They had a large following and collection of maps for RT2, and will surely continue that tradition for RT3.  We have another new site that was created recently, Resonus RT3.  The site has a nice design and looks like it could certainly have a promising future.  Thanks again to all our fans out there, we really appreciate your work!
   November 26, 2003

Well it’s the day before Thanksgiving, and before the holiday season kicks into full gear we’ve got three reviews up for your enjoyment.  On the RT3 front we’re still hard at work supporting the game, and you should be able to see some results soon.  We’re sure everyone has a busy weekend planned, so let’s dive into the reviews.

The first review today was done by the people over at Warcry.  The full review, that you can read here, is very positive and we can happily say they were extremely pleased with the game.  It scored a 90%, and they had the following praises for our newest installment in the Railroad Tycoon series:

“I consider Railroad Tycoon 3 to be the crowning achievement of the series, and potentially a contender for the crown of the tycoon genre…[it’s] one of those games I intend to keep on my desktop for many years to come.” 

The second review comes to us from a web site called Frictionless Insight.  Their review, which you can read in full here, is actually of good length, and offers a little more insight (no pun intended) on how the game feels versus the technical low down.  They though the game felt pretty good obviously, because it received a ranking of 4.5 stars and garnered the following praise:

Railroad Tycoon 3 absolutely overwhelms with its raw charm.  Clever scenarios keep gameplay interesting, deep and varied.  Most important, Railroad Tycoon 3 keeps you busy without swamping you with keystrokes, delivering those just five more minutes moments that leave you rubbing your eyes three hours later, cooing contentedly over quality time with your little engines that can.”

Last but, as always, not least, Dailygame rounds out our update with their review that you can read in full here.  It’s a short but sweet little review that does a good job in summarizing the game.  They enjoyed their time with the game, and had this to say:

“In sum, Railroad Tycoon 3 is a very enjoyable game that I had a lot of fun playing…a great addition to any sim fans collection.”

Well that’s it for now, we hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and remember RT3 during those all important day-after sales for the railroad fans in your family!
   November 24, 2003

We’d like to start out this week by wishing a happy Thanksgiving week to everyone out there.  We’d also like to apologize for a little web site outage we had over the weekend.  It appears that RT3 was a bit too popular, and we were able to exceed our allotted bandwidth for the month.  So I guess a thank you is in order to all of you as well!  As far as updates are concerned we’ve got a new downloadable scenario for everyone, and two new reviews as well.

Our new scenario up for grabs is called Pacific Coastal.  This map covers the western coast of the United States stretching all the way from San Diego to Seattle.  Now you can undertake the challenge of building a railroad that never was, one that unites the entire West Coast!  You can find places to download this new map, as well as instructions for installing it, here.  If you know what to do and just want the map files you can also get it from 2 mirrors; 3D Gamers and GameCenter.

The first review up for this week comes from GameChronicles.  In their review, that you can read in full by clicking here, the game is broken down into several aspects that they cover, the most space by far going to gameplay.  They were pleased with what they saw there, as well as with many other areas of the game, and RT3 was ranked an excellent title.  They had the following comments about the game:

“Challenging missions, additive gameplay, flashy graphics, and a deep, engrossing economic system make Railroad Tycoon 3 a first-rate addition to a classic series. Fans of either of RRT3 predecessors will no doubt be very pleased…Railroad Tycoon 3 is an outstanding game that promises absorbing gameplay and a nice break from other strategy games.”

Our other review of the week rolls in from GamingNexus.  They’ve put together a nice three page review of the game that you can read here.  They touch on all the major aspects of the game, and do a good job of letting people know that Tycoon is in the title for a reason!  If you don’t feel like glancing through the whole review, we can tell you that they were quite pleased with the game, enough so to say this:

“Railroad Tycoon 3 is, without a doubt, an impressive title. The campaigns and scenarios drive together a cohesive theme, and the quintessential old geezer narrator polishes off the package with some superb voice-acting.”

   November 19, 2003

Things seem to be returning to a little bit more of a normal pace here as the reviews trickle in from various places around the web.  We have two new reviews today for you to look at.

The first review is done by the folks over at Worthplaying.   Their review does a nice job at hitting on the major aspects of the game, while at the same time giving lots of new and nicely done screenshots.  You can check out the full review of the game by clicking here.  They of course liked the game, as it received a 9/10 as well as the WP Editor’s Choice award.  They had the following to say about the game:

“It was when I had gone to bed, found myself mulling a scenario over and then got up to replay the scenario, I realized this was a…great game. Even now I loaded the game to get the last few screenshots I needed and ended up spending an hour playing the game. I’m a big believer in the theory a great game always has that “just one more game” feeling, and Railroad Tycoon 3 delivers that in spades.”

Our other review comes to us from the GamerDad website.  Their review offers some insights as to what you can expect kids to like about the game, as well as some comments on appropriateness. They scored the game at 4.5 stars and RT3 received their stamp of approval as well.  You can read the full review here or just check out the snippet below:

“All kids will…enjoy sitting in your lap, or standing nearby, and watching the pretty trains go about their business and younger kids will really love the over-the-shoulder cam that that lets them travel cross country.”

Well that’s all for today, just remember to keep checking back in as the week rolls along and the reviews continue to do the same!

   November 14, 2003

This Friday we’ve got some great news and good reviews to send everyone home for the weekend with.  The big news, which some of you may have already heard, the RT3 v1.02 Patch is out!  The patch contains lots of bug fixes and tweaks, and we strongly urge everyone with the game to download it as soon as they can to improve their gameplay experience.  This patch is only for the full version of the game, and is not to be used with the demo. You can get the patch by clicking here.

We have two new reviews for today, the first one comes from Gamezilla.   Their review of the game, that you can read by clicking here, is short but sweet.  They don’t rank games witch straight scores, but RT3 did receive a “Recommended Buy” – the site’s highest rating – along with some accolade:

Railroad Tycoon 3 is a rich, immersive strategy title…Highly Recommended to all…”

The second review was done by Gamers with Jobs.  Although they don’t score games either, they had plenty of good things to say about RT3 that you can read in the full review if you click here.  As with many other sites, they were glad to point out that RT3 is not just an improved RT2:

“[Railroad Tycoon 3] is more than a copy of Railroad Tycoon 2, despite the sharp surface similarities, and adds where it really counts. With a fully fleshed economy and intuitive interface, Railroad Tycoon 3 is not simply a game for train enthusiasts…”

   November 11, 2003

Not a bunch of news to report today, but we do have one new review that’s fresh on the scene.  The review was done by the FiringSquad website, and has lots of good things to say about the game.  The article is a nicely detailed 5 page review that is full of fresh and very nice screen shots as well.  You can read the full review here if you want.  We’re glad to say they were plenty happy with the game:

“Railroad Tycoon 3 succeeds in refreshing the franchise with new concepts, without ruining the original formula. Players will immediately feel comfortable, but find plenty new to discover. The game is much more accessible and deeper at the same time, but doesnt force too much simplicity or complexity on anyone…its perfect.”

   November 07, 2003

Looks like our busy news week here is drawing to a close.  We’ve got another new review today, and I’m sure some of you noticed but we’ve been doing some site changes here as well to accommodate the launch and success of RT3.

Our RT3 page here was updated with the latest information on reviews, previews, downloads, and support for the game.  To make things a little quicker for everyone we’ve also added some RT3 Quicklinks on our menu bar that you can make use of that give you instant access to where you want to go.

Today’s review was done by IGN.  They give a very in-depth 4 page review that digs down deep into the new gameplay aspects and tweaks implemented in RT3.  The reviewer was impressed with the game, and it received an 8.8 score and captured IGN’s Editor’s Choice award.  You can check out the full review here.  As for some of the reviewer’s thoughts on the game:

“…the graphics are fun…and the new economic system is a gem…implementation in general is exceptional throughout Railroad Tycoon 3…Kudos to PopTop Software for doing more than just giving us a pretty facelift.”

That’s it for this week, check back in soon because next week will have more reviews and some extra good news as well! 

   November 06, 2003

We’ve got some big news today that many of you were probably waiting to hear.  The official RT3 DEMO is OUT!  The demo features 2 scenarios for you to try your business sense at, and should give you an idea of what RT3 is really about.  Once the demo wets your appetite you’ll probably want to pick the game up, which you can conveniently pick up here or at a local software retailer.  The demo does weigh in at 128 megs, so modem users are in for a long haul.  You can download the US demo directly by clicking here, or you can get it from GameZone or IGN.  There’s also a UK and German version.

There was also a new review that came out today from the Philadelphia Inquirer.  They didn’t give a score to the game, but they were impressed enough to give it an awesome review.  Click here to read the entire article; as usual an excerpt below lets you know just how happy they were, and that our game is more than just a pretty engine:

“…with Railroad Tycoon 3…the series has never looked – or played – better.”

That’s it for now.  We hope you all enjoy the demo, and if you’re going to keep checking in this is sure the month to do it! 

   November 04, 2003

In our kick-off post for this month we’ve got a lot of new RT3 reviews to throw your way.  Needless to say the game has a lot of sites talking, and as we expected the reviews are very positive.  We’ve got four reviews to highlight today, and you can expect some more rolling in as the week continues.

Our first review was done by the people at Games Domain.  They awarded RT3 the “Top Game” award, a 4.5/5 ranking, and have a nice review that hits on the main aspects of the game.  You can glance over the full review here; or just check out this little snippet:

“…those that give [RT3] a chance will find it to be a muscular iron horse indeed. Can’t you hear the whistle blowing?”

Next up we have a glowing review in from Gamespot to report as well.  The review goes into some excellent details about the game, and does a nice job of digging into features and trying to capture the essence of RT3.  You should read the entire review here, and check out their nice screen shots whenever you have the time.  The game received an 8.7, and they had the following praise for the game:

“Never has there been a tycoon game this visually attractive or effectively designed to minimize micromanagement. Railroad Tycoon III is surprisingly easy to learn for a game of its scope, and it has something for…just about everyone.”

The third review comes in from a place not really known for their PC Software reviews, Popular Mechanics.  Railroad Tycoon 3 was able to get them to make an exception though, and landed on their Tech Tuesday for this week.  You can check out the full article here, and although there wasn’t a score given to the game, you can tell that they’re having a great time with it:

“We lost two evenings this week to Railroad Tycoon 3–and we got off lucky. If we weren’t on deadline, we’d be playing this game still, forgetting to eat, sleep or anything else…We highly recommend Railroad Tycoon 3 and urge you to get aboard before the train leaves the station.”

Last, but as always, not least we have the new review from GameZone Online.  The full review, that you can get to by clicking here, does a nice job of breaking down the game in a clear and concise way.  They had a lot of good things to say about the game, like:

“…Railroad Tycoon 3 offers an entertaining package. The excellent controls, detailed graphics and engaging scenarios should please almost anyone that loves a good game…Railroad Tycoon 3 is a great addition to anyones library and should please railroad and non-railroad fans alike.”

That about sums up all the current news floating around for RT3 and Poptop alike.  Keep your eyes open for more news as praise for RT3 continues to arrive.  If you don’t have the game yet, be sure to pick it up and find out what all the reviewers are talking about first hand!

   October 30, 2003

The first review for RT3 has shown up on-line!  Looks like the folks over at Gamespy were on the ball with this one.  Their site features a well written review that talks about the many aspects this game truly has to offer.  You can read over the full review here.  RT3 received an Editor’s Choice award, and scored 4 stars.  As you can see below, it’s safe to say they enjoyed their time with the game:

“…Railroad Tycoon 3 is a challenge like no other. It’s a solid game playable on many levels, online or off. We’re all aboard this one.”

Well that’s al the news for now, be sure to check back in as the reviews continue to come in!

   October 27, 2003

In case you haven’t already heard, we’re got some BIG news finally rolling in.  Railroad Tycoon 3 has officially shipped to stores across the US!  Many foreign markets should see the game appearing on their shelves soon as well.  The official press release, that you can read here if you like, talks about the release as well as features of the game like the inclusion of over 50 trains!  We managed to make the execs at our parent company pretty happy with the game, as you can see with this snippet from Graeme Struthers:

PopTop has taken this…franchise to the next level with a new 3D engine that brings the world of Railroad Tycoon to life like never before. Railroad Tycoon 3 builds upon the great and addictive game play of previous Railroad Tycoon games, and will deliver one of the best Tycoon experiences in the market.”

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and pick up your copy!

   October 23, 2003

There’s not a long update for today (so far at least) but we do want everyone to know that a brand NEW Railroad Tycoon 3 website has gone live.  The new site has lots of nice new screenshots, as well as many other goodies.  Be sure to check it out!

   October 17, 2003

With a more regular schedule settling in here at the office, more regular updates are sure to follow.  As the release date for RT3 continues to edge closer, you can expect to see a lot more posts here to cover all the new buzz that’s flying around about the game.  This week we’ve got two nice previews for you to carouse.

Once again, our first article is done by the folks over at IGN.  They’ve posted a new preview for the game that includes some hands on impressions, as well as some answers to some specific gameplay questions.  You can read the article in full here.  After being able to play the game, the reviewer had some good things to say:

“PopTop has certainly put a lot of effort into this game…Hopefully Railroad Tycoon III will turn out as good as the impression it gave me in my brief time with the game.”

The second article covers and interview that Gamespot put together with Phil Steinmeyer.  They talk in detail about the development of the game, as well as particular features in RT3, both old and new.  The entire article, which you can read here, is well worth a read if you have been wondering about the direction or development of RT3.  Phil’s closing comments in the piece will hopefully be ones that many of you can agree with when the game hits the shelves:

“I think the game really shines, and I think it will set a new standard for the tycoon/sim strategy market, just as Railroad Tycoon II did five years ago.”

Lastly, we have a new little page that went up with some new screenshots from RT3.  There isn’t an article related to the page, but you can check out the screenshot page done by ToTheGame.com by clicking here.

That’s it for now, be sure to stop back in as the previews and reviews for the game start to roll out!

   October 05, 2003

Well, it would seem that as this update goes up, a month got lost in the shuffle somehow.  Intuition says that you all will soon find out what could cause a month lapse in the site, and we think you will be pleased.  That out of the way, we have some really nice previews and interviews to catch up on for RT3; so let’s get to it!

First up, is IGN.  There are actually two designer diary articles up for RT3 there now, one from late September and the other early October.  The first article, that you can read in full by clicking here, talks about the triumphant return of tunnels and bridges to the game.  They are indeed back, and this time better than ever; as IGN puts it:

“The bridge and tunnel crowd can finally be happy again with the awesome return of engineering to the Railroad Tycoon series.”

The second, and newer article, is a nice two page long discussion on the brand new Poptop developed engine that the game utilizes.  It goes into details about some of the special features, like scale and lighting, and even gives some insights into some personalities around the office.  You can check out the full version of it here, and one snippet we are rather proud of follows:

“After years of frustration and beaming moments, we’ve pretty much got the engine to work as we first envisioned it.”

Next, we have a new interview with Phil Steinmeyer himself that appears on HomeLan Fed.  The interview is packed full of great questions about gameplay elements, areas of concentration, and of course locomotives.  The full article can be view by clicking here.  Below is a small snippet to give you a feel for the piece:

HomeLAN – What other unique gameplay elements will Railroad Tycoon 3 have?

Phil Steinmeyer – RT3 also has a great sandbox mode. If you dont want to play the economic game, but rather just want to build pretty train layouts, the sandbox mode is great for this.

Theres also solid multi-player, 12 stand-alone maps, more options to buy and build industries, and a whole lot of other stuff. Its a very big (and very fun) game.”

Last, and most assuredly not least, there is a brand new preview article up over at Gamespot.  The article, which was written after a demo of the nearly finished product, goes into some good details on subjects like cargo, single-player/campaign missions, and track laying.  The full preview can be viewed here.  Gamespot seemed fairly impressed with the demo, and finished things off with this to say:

“Railroad Tycoon 3 looks like it could be a very worthwhile addition to the series. While the game has made the jump from 2D graphics to 3D graphics, just about all of Railroad Tycoon II’s functionality seems to be intact in the new game–plus, the game’s powerful 3D camera can be quickly rotated and zoomed without any kind of lag or graphical slowdown on a midrange machine.”

   August 16, 2003

While we may not have a lot of news for this update, the news we have is pretty big.  We would like to announce that the official web site for Railroad Tycoon 3 is finally up and running!  You can check out the new site by clicking here.  The official site has lots of information on the game, as well as some nice background history.  They, of course, have lots of new screenshots for the game up as well.  So hurry on over and go check it out!

Now that the official site is up, we also have a new banner for anyone that would like to download it, or copy some code and put a link for the game up on their webpage!  There’s an example of the banner below, which you can add to your site just by copying the following HTML code that’s below the picture:

<a href=”http://www.railroadtycoon3.com”><img src=”http://www.poptop.com/RT3/Banner.jpg” border=”0″></a>

Well that’s all our news for now, be sure to check back for more updates as we get ever closer to the release date for RT3!

   August 04, 2003

Hello and good August to everyone.  Needless to say it’s been very busy here at PopTop as we get into full-tilt mode polishing up RT3.  We have some things in the works right now we think everyone will really like, and if all goes well you should get to see something this month that’s pretty darn cool.

We’ve put up a few new things from the game on our RT3 page.  You can find them in the Media section. (Which replaced screenshots since we don’t have any there still.)  There’s 2 new shots of some trains, and a very, very small snippet from the game’s extensive industry web.

We’ve also got a brand new fan site that has gone up.  This one is done by a chap by the name of Friday Fun, and you can find his new site right here.  The page looks pretty clean and professional, so it’s certainly worth a gander.  Be sure to keep checking out the fan sites as we’ll be giving them some more game tidbits as the time goes on!

Last, but not least, we have a new preview that’s gone up for RT3.  The preview is done by the people over at GamersMark.  The preview is a bit on the brief side, but it also include some nice screenshots.  You can read the entire preview here, and, as always, we have an excerpt:

“Welcome to the Golden Era of Railroading…This is a game for future railroad conductors or for people who love to play with trains.”

Well, that’s all for now, but be sure to keep checking in this month; it should be a fun ride!
   July 18, 2003

It’s been a busy month here so far at PopTop, so we’ve got a little catching up to do.  To start things off, the download I mentioned at the beginning of the month was indeed a Fan Site kit.  The kit contains a lot of exclusive information, screenshots, and more.  Some people have already made good use of the kit, and one in particular stands out that hasn’t been mentioned before.  

H&P Railroad is finally on board for RT3, and we’d just like to say welcome back.  For anyone who doesn’t know, H&P was one of the first RT2 web sites created almost 5 years ago, but it doesn’t show its age; so go check it out!  

We’re offering a little bonus download for the month that should your PC some needed RT3 flair.  There’s an exclusive background available from our RT3 screenshot section.  It shows off the steam engines that are in RT3, so if you had any questions about what some of the engines are you’ve seen in screenshots, now is your chance to find out!

You can now officially pre-order RT3 from the Take 2 Store as well as some other places on-line.  And if you were wondering, yes the new graphic is a picture of the game’s box art.  You can check out a full size picture of the box cover here.  More importantly, Pre-Order RT3!RT3_BoxArt

Next up, a new RT3 preview was released recently, done by the people over at Gamers.com.  The preview does a very nice job of talking about each of the different aspects that is present in RT3, and paints an excellent big picture of the game.  You can read the entire preview here, and of course we have a snippet:

“At its heart, it’s a big model train set, letting you lay track and shape the landscape across massive 3D worlds. But there’s other layers of well-oiled machinery there in addition to the trains themselves, with a complex economic system to simulate the company that runs the trains and the world that uses them to connect its many pieces together. “

Last but not least, there’s another new preview up for RT3 over at Gamespot.
They cover a lot of the new and great features that the game will offer over its previous rendition, and is another good read overall.  You can check out the entire preview article here, and there’s a little excerpt from it below:

“Railroad Tycoon 3 will clearly have a lot to offer fans of management strategy games–as well as anyone who’s ever wanted to do something more with a model train set than just sit there and let it run…”

   July 3, 2003

Happy 4th of July to everyone out there.  This is just a quick update to wish everyone a happy holiday, and let you know that there’s a new extra special goodie for you all in the links section of our RT3 page.  I’m not going to say what it is, you’ll just have to take a look!

As you can see we also did a little revamping of our site graphics since RT3 is just around the bend, we hope you enjoy them!

   June 20, 2003

A week has past since our last update, so of course we have some news to catch up on.  As usual, we have a new review for Tropico 2: Pirate Cove, but  don’t worry, we have some links for Railroad Tycoon 3 as well.

The new Tropico 2: Pirate Cove review was done by the folks at GameOver, who had a positive review of the game.  You can read the full review of the game by going here, and there is a short snippet from the review below:

“[Tropico 2:Pirate Cove] looks good and sounds good and is fun and breezy to play…”

Since the Railroad Tycoon 3 previews started to surface from E3, there has been some buzz going around.  While we work on some updates, here are three popular sites for you to check out for some of the latest info and speculation on RT3.  You can always find links to all of the fan and official sites from our RT3 page of course, but here are some of the popular places to be:

Official Gathering RT3 Forum – The gathering run and moderated Railroad Tycoon 3 forum.  Feel free to stop by, ask questions, and share some ideas and recommendations for the game.

Express World – A very well done UK website dedicated to both the Railroad Tycoon and Tropico series.  It is one of the most venerable sites still active, and made its claim to fame with the long running RT3 wish list.  Recently the site was even given some exclusive RT3 media, so check it out!

Cyberail – The newly resurrected site of some RT2 fame, Cyberail is now back up and operational to help spread the word of RT3.  The site is fresh off the presses at the moment, but with its sleek design and some time it will turn into a place you want to check out often for RT3 news.

   June 13, 2003

Happy Friday the 13th everyone, we hope you all are having better luck than the date would suggest.  Some things are brewing in the web pot here at PopTop, so keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see some changes in the future.  

We don’t have a lot of game news for you today, but Tropico 2: Pirate Cove did manage to plunder another good review.  This one comes from the New Zealand website Gameplanet.  They enjoyed the game and gave it a solid 4/5 (Great) rating.  You can find the full review to read here, and below is an excerpt to give you an idea of what they had to say:

“Tropico 2 has much to offer for both novice and experienced strategic simulation players, and provided you dont ponder too deeply over the morals of piracy, kidnapping, and fear-driven forced labour youll have a whale of a time. Arrye wont be disappointed, mates!”

   June 5, 2003

Wargamer has put up a post-E3 preview for RT3 with some impressions and info on what all they saw there.  You can find the full length article here.  Being a preview there is no ranking of course, but they awarded RT3 with a Best of Show Award for E3! (You can find the award page here.)  Here’s a little clip from the preview:

“…another winner in this successful series…I am very much looking forward to this holiday season and the opportunity to spend quality time with Railroad Tycoon 3.

   June 4, 2003

Today we just have a little shout out there to all the Tropico 2: Pirate Cove players.  There is a new patch for the game that you should get here.  This will patch your version to 1.2.  Well, don’t waste your time, patch it up! (Word of warning to modem users, the patch is right around 8.7 MB in size.)

   May 30, 2003

It’s the end of the work week here, and we have some hot RT3 news for all the fans out there.  There are 2 new previews out for the game showing some post E3 impressions.

The first preview is from IGN, and they weren’t shy to rave about some of the game’s new features.  The full preview is here, and the snippet below should give you a good idea of what they talk about:

“With 3D landscapes, what you see is what you get.  And what you’ll see is a tremendous amount of detail…awesome weather and time-of-day effects…even the everyday details are impressive. In all there’s about four times as much stuff on the landscape as…the previous game. But the fourfold increase in detail doesn’t mean the team is skimping on the map size. The maps in Railroad Tycoon 3 will be every bit as large as those in the previous games…The controls for viewing the map are fantastic…”

Our second preview is from a European website called Boomtown.  You can find the entire preview here.  They seemed pretty impressed with what they saw from the game, and said:

“…Railroad Tycoon 3 [looks] like a very promising sequel…”

   May 23, 2003

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend to everyone out there.  Just a quick congratulations today to Tropico 2: Pirate Cove.  The game was selected by IGN as their Game of the Month for April.  You can read the article on the game by clicking here.  Tropico 2 joins the ranks of games like Freelancer and Splinter Cell with this honor, so it’s certainly in good company.  So if you haven’t checked this game out yet, now you have the perfect excuse!

   May 22, 2003

Just a quick little update for today. Take 2 has put up a sub-site for RT3 with some info and screenshots.  You can find the page here.  There isn’t a lot of information there yet, but keep your eyes on it as it is the official place for the game on their site.

On a little more interesting topic, Gathering has set up a new section for RT3 on their web forum.  This should be a great place to hang out and check for current topics and news, and I’ll try to spend some time there myself clearing up questions or things that anyone might find confusing.  So make sure you click here and check it out!

   May 20, 2003

E3 has come and gone, and we were sure to make a good showing while we were there.  The first of what will be many previews for RT3 have started to roll in, so without further adieu, here they are!

The first preview today is done by Gamespy.  They’ve got some new screenshots of the game, some more detailed info, and their good impressions after getting to see one of our demos.  The full article can be found here, and below is a little snippet from it:

Railroad Tycoon 3 appears to be progressing well, and fans of the series should expect to see the latest version steam into stores sometime in the second half of 2003.”

The other preview popping up today is from Gamespot. The preview in its entirety can be found here.  It focuses mainly on the development and the feature set of the game, so no real opinions were given.  Here’s a small bit of the article so you know what to expect:
“…Railroad Tycoon will offer considerably more detail in its areas, all of which will be modeled to scale. The sequel’s improved interface will make laying track for your trains much easier, though you may more have difficulty choosing from the game’s whopping selection [of] trains (over 40 in all), which will be able carry cargo from about 40 different industries, including toys, plastics, and of course, passengers.”
   April 30, 2003

Here’s one more quick update before the month is over.  Some overseas reviews of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove have been popping up since the game was recently released outside of the U.S.  They have some radiant reviews of the game as well.

Up first is Eurogamer‘s take on the game.  They ranked Tropico 2 at a solid 9/10, and had lots of good things to say.  The full review is here, and we have a little excerpt from it for you below:

“…we’re delighted with how Tropico 2 has turned out. Any fan of management games is bound to enjoy the game, and it’s a definite candidate for causing some very, very late nights in front of your PC screen.”

While the didn’t list a score, you don’t need one to figure out that the people at ELiTeD liked the game.  In the full article, that you can read here, they had plenty of praise for the game which can be summed up nicely:

“Hours and hours of fun strategic gameplay are to be had. Even if you have never played Tropico you will be able to jump right into this sequel with no problems. Blimey landlubbers, pick this title up or find ye self walking the plank.”

   April 22, 2003

Just a quick little hello today with another installment of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove reviews as they continue to wash ashore.  The game continues to reap a bounty of good reviews; this time there are two in particular worth mentioning:

The first review is from the good people at IGN.  They had a lot of good things to say about the game, so if you want to get the real impression please read the full review here.  Trying to pick just one line to give you a good idea of the review was difficult, but we gave it our best shot:

“Games like Tropico 2…remind us all about what makes a good strategic simulation both challenging and fun to play… characteristics you’d want from just about any game, including a strong interface, good game balance, a bit of whimsy, attractively animated graphics and pleasantly anachronistic, modern Caribbean music.  In short, Tropico 2 is well worth the investment of your time and money.”

GamersDepot wanted to give the game some high praise as well.  As you can see from the full review here, they gave the game earned 5 out of 5 “drips,” and had the following to say:

“…downright fun game…It was nice for this jaded, seen-it-all buccaneer ta play an wholly original game fer a change. Arr! Get yerself a copy an sail the briny seas!

Needless to say they got into the pirate mood of the game.  Well that’s it for now, have a good week! 

   April 17, 2003

Reviews are starting to trickle in from around the web from the newly released Tropico 2: Pirate’s Cove.  As we expected, the reviews are very good, so if you didn’t take our word on it being a good game now you can take someone else’s!  We have 2 reviews in particular on our plate for today, so without further adieu…

Our first review is done by the folks over at Gamespy, who rated the game as excellent, with a rating of 88 out of 100.  As always, you can read the full review here.  Needless to say they enjoyed the game, but here’s a little snippet to give you a better idea:

 “…one the most fun strategy games I’ve played this year…
Tropico 2 is a (parrot) feather in the cap of Frog City and a treasure for strategy gamers.

After reading the 2nd review done by Games Domain, you’ll find it full of great things to say about the game as well.  You can find the review in its entirety located here.  It ranked in as a Top Game, and they had the following to say :


it steals time, and its players will be guaranteed some late nights…Tropico 2 should please fans and  new players alike.

There have been lots of little updates done to the site as well with the latest installment, the biggest of which is the new RT3 page.  Right now it doesn’t really have anything exciting and new, but it will be the place to go to find all of the latest from us here at Poptop!

   April 7, 2003

News, news, news. As many of you have already heard, there are some big things to announce in this post.  As anyone interested can read here, the official word on Railroad Tycoon 3 is finally out.  You can read the official press release here.  For everyone who doesn’t want to give the entire thing a read, here are a few bullet points for you to enjoy:

These are of course just some highlights from the press release, and we urge anyone interested to give it a good look for details.  We’ll have a new webpage for the game with more details and screenshots very soon.  For anyone who can’t wait to get their hands on more information about the game, check out this month’s(May) Computer Games Magazine that is out in news stands now.  So from this point on, be sure to keep checking back here for the latest information and development for Railroad Tycoon 3! 

We’d also like to remind people that Tropico 2 hits stores this week!  So don’t forget to run out and pick up your copy of this sequel to our top-selling Tropico. As always, be sure to check out the official homepage for the game if you want any additional information or just want to download the free demo.

That’s all for now, but be sure to keep checking back in for the latest and greatest news on RT3!

   March 13, 2003

Things have been busy around here, to say the least, as we enter the final stretch with Tropico 2.  With the game’s release just around the corner, there are several hands on previews in many of the major gaming magazines.  The previews, as expected of course, have been very positive so far, and we’re happy to say that if they liked what they’re playing now they’re going to love the finished product!  We can’t post any links to the articles since they’re in print magazines, but below are some snippets:

PC Gamer – “[Tropico 2’s] strategic aspects are compelling, and sending your pirates to ravage the high seas is a hoot…and the beta of Tropico 2:Pirate Cove did a good job of keeping me hooked.

Computer Gaming World – “Tropico 2 will be a welcome breeze to chase away the stagnation of city-building games…we like what we see.

If you want to get a hands on impression of what they’re talking about, be sure to give the Tropico 2 website a visit and download the beta demo!

As a parting bonus we’d like to say that anyone who’s coming around and been disappointed by the constant barrage of Tropico 2 news and nothing else, you can be assured that in May the draught will end.  Sometime in May (oops, it was April) we’ll be releasing some information on the AAA title we’ve been hard at work on here at Poptop, and you won’t be disappointed!

   February 14, 2003

To start things off, we’d like to thank everyone who showed an interest in testing Tropico 2.  The response we received was quite favorable, and we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm.  We’d like to thank everyone who spent time with us and hope we can count on everyone’s continued support.  We are no longer accepting any beta test applications, and anyone involved in the testing has been notified so please wait until we post for another opportunity.

While on the subject of Tropico 2, we’d like everyone to know that the Official Website for the game is now live.  The new website has a wealth of new information, screenshots, media, and you can even find a beta demo of the game!  So if you missed out on the test, there’s no need to fret.  Just click here to get the beta demo from us, or you can find it on many of the popular download sites like Fileplanet.  Be sure to check the new website out and get a taste of what’s to come in Tropico 2: Pirate’s Cove!  

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of the applicants that replied to our recent job posting.  We had a much greater response to this than we had anticipated, and were lucky enough to get some rsum’s from some really talented individuals.  We’d like to announce that we’ve finally come to a decision and added yet another member to the growing PopTop crew!  We’ll have some more info in a week or two once all the details are ironed out.  That’s it for now, we hope everyone has an enjoyable Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to do something extra for that special someone!

   January 29, 2003

Today we have some big news for people who are lucky enough to be living around the St. Louis area (where we are located), drum roll please…


That’s right, we are looking for a few good testers to have a run at a beta version of Tropico 2.  The test will take place over the days of February 21 to 23, with exact times to be determined.  So you want to join in, but you need to know how.  Just send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject of        “T2 Beta Test” and the following info:

The testing period will run about 4-5 hours long.  All testing will be done in house and on-site at the Poptop office (No applicants outside of driving distance of the St. Louis, MO area please).  This is a voluntary testing event.  All accepted testers will receive an e-mail letting them know they were accepted, other applicants will not be contacted.  We’re looking forward to your e-mails!

While on the note of Tropico 2, the folks over at IGN have put up a designer diary about the game.  You can carouse the article at your leisure here.  Well that’s all the news for today!

   January 17, 2003

Since this is our first update in the new year here at Poptop, we’d like to start things off by saying we hope everyone had a great holiday season and we wish all of you a very good new year! We’re going to start things off with a bit of a bang, as we have some all new previews for you to look at for the upcoming Tropico 2.

Each preview explores some different areas of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove, and some have different screenshots than others.  For ease of use the three preview sites are listed below, and you are strongly urged to at least give them all a quick look over, so click away!

Once you get done reading through those previews we have some reviews that managed to trickle in recently.  One is for Tropico: Mucho Macho and the other is for Age of Wonders 2

The first up is a review for Mucho Macho done by Game Chronicles.  They of course liked the game and had a lot of good things to say about it.  Here’s a little snippet from the review:

“…the folks at Pop Top and Break Away Games have created a highly enjoyable nation building sim…Bottom line; ‘Visit Tropico, where You rule.’ “

Last, but not least, we have a review that came up for Age of Wonders 2 by the people over at RPGDot.  It won their Gold award, scored an 86%, and they  had the following to say about the game:

” I’d recommend Age of Wonders II because of its high grade of detail…the development team put much love into this game…it was always fun to see how everything develops. ”