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Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 Key Points

The following text is reproduced without permission from the How To Take Part Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 leaflet that was made available at National Lottery retailers from Monday 5th November 2001.

Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 is a memorable way to celebrate Christmas.

Key Points

Both games will be drawn live during the Christmas Eve Christmas Cracker TV show.

Game 1 – What you could win

You can win by matching just two years for an estimated prize of £40.

Prize Structure Table - Game 1
Years to Match           Odds       Estimated Prizes
5                 1 in 12,547,920      £10,000,000
4+Bonus Year      1 in  2,536,282         £100,000
4                 1 in     54,544           £2,000
3+Bonus Year      1 in     27,272           £1,500
3                 1 in        890             £150
2+Bonus Year      1 in        890             £100
2                 1 in         40              £40

Overall 1 in 36

The prize figures are estimates. They are based on estimated sales of £125,000,000. The exact value of prizes depends on the number of tickets sold, the number of Game 2 winners and how many people match the winning years. If 2 or more players with the Game 1 jackpot, it will be shared between them.

In Game 1, the Match 5 Category is the highest Prize Category. If a player correctly matches the 5 Main Years and the Bonus Year, the prize will be the same as that for the Match 5 Category.

Game 2 – Guaranteed millionaires !

The exciting thing about Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 is that for every million tickets sold, a millionaire will be created.

Simply match the two years printed on your ticket with the two years drawn (one year from the past 1000 years and one year from the next 1000) and you’ll be celebrating Christmas as a millionaire. Guaranteeed.

Check your ticket

Please check that all of the details on your Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 ticket are correct as soon as it is handed to you. Write your name and address on the back of the ticket immediately. If you need to cancel your ticket, you must do so within two hours of purchase.

Finding out if you’ve won

The two draws for Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 Games 1 and 2 will be broadcast live during the Christmas Eve Christmas Cracker TV show (and also shown exclusively live on this Web site !). You can also find out results from most other national TV stations, text services, radio stations, national newspapers and “http://www.national-lottery.co.uk/”.

Alternatively, call the National Lottery Lines on 0845 9 100 000 (calls normally charged at the local rate in the UK except from mobile telephones) or simply ask any National Lottery On-Line retailer to check your ticket for you.

Claiming your prize

Cash prizes up to £75 can be claimed at any National Lottery On-Line retailer.

Announcing your win

If you would like people to know that you are a winner, we will take care of the publicity for you. However, if you prefer to keep the good news to yourself, we will take all the steps we can to protect your privacy.

Share the excitement of taking part. A Christmas Millionaire Maker 2001 ticket makes a great gift idea

[My note: Don’t write your own name/address on the back before gifting it and you should also make it clear – with a preferably written agreement – if you want a share of any big prize that’s won by the gifted ticket].

Important: Keep your ticket in a safe place.

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