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Baysangurov KOs Buranyi, proves star class

By Dmytro Mossienko: Ukraine’s national Box Promotion matchmakers staged on Saturday, 8 April yet another quality night of boxing in Akko hall in Kyiv, Ukraine. Russia’s IBF light middleweight Junior World Champion Zaurbek Baysangurov, hailing from the capital of war torn Chechnya – Grozny – squared it off with rising Hungarian star Laszlo Buranyi. Baysangurov stepped into the ring in Kyiv cheered by the local audience, largely sympathizing Chechens, and fought with confidence and style of a homeboy. To Buranyi’s credit, he showed no fear of largely backed champion and was pumping left jab from the opening bell. However, it proved that Baysangurov was just taking his time to find proper range.

He started sending thunderous messages from his right and left hooks to the Hungarian’s defense. Round two seemed to be even, but in round three Baysangurov unleashed several vicious power body shots and sent Hungarian fighter to the floor for 9 count. Baysangurov’s somewhat primitive assault on Buranyi’s protected head, proved to be just part of a game plan, reminding Gatti vs Dorin clash couple years ago. Buranyi stood up, but only to be badly KOed with another powerful body shot, forcing Italian referee Angelo Musone to stop the fight. It took Buranyi more than 5 minutes to finally recover. Chechen fighter went to the microphone and thanked Kyiv audience. He improved to 14(12KO)-0.

In another entertaining clash the same night, fighting of Ukraine, Senegal born Swede heavyweight Aldo Colliander TKOed game Russian Daniil Peretyatko in round 3 of their 8 round scheduled contest. Swede’s gun power proved to be just too much for bully Russian. Colliander improved to 11 (4ko)-1. His only loss came from the hands of Universum’s Ukrainian Taras Bidenko earlier this year in a very even fight. Colliander told SO, he now increasingly enjoyed training in Kyiv with a well known Ukrainian coach Alexander Lichter. Starting from 2005 EU and US citizens need no visa to enter Ukraine, “and Likhter’s boxing gym is just perfect,” – Aldo said.

In other entertaining fights Ukraine’s welterweight professional Champion Valery Blazhnik outscored his more experienced rival from St Petersburg (Russia) Roman Lobachev. Although Brazhnik fought in the professional ring only for the fifth time, while his rival fought for the 16th, Ukrainian’s amateur boxing huge experience outweight in this fight. Russian remained dangerous all 6 rounds trying to catch Ukrainian southpaw with his thunderous right, but often was just too wrong with timing, while Brazhnik damaged him with leading right from outside and heavy lefts inside. Brazhnik also was skillfully using clinching in order to avoid Russian’s attempts to deliver decisive blow, as he sensed loosing fight on points. Yet another fighter of the same coach, Mikhail Zavyalov, – Victor Uzelkov, celebrated his birthday in the ring with a UD victory over Vasili Andrianov.

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