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05-03-2004, 12:04:PM
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05-03-2004, 01:27:PM
-Lisence tournements, such as the Champions League. EA Were able to get the lisence for EURO2004, so you should be able to get UCL aswell.

-International Competition. Why have national teams but no tournemnets? Was it to make more money selling it seperately as a EURO2004 product? Isnt this susposed to be the fan’s game?

-Downloadable content for gamers playing on the Playsation 2. They bought your game, so they should have updates aswell. Maybe a possible link with soccergaming download center?

-Scenarios where tiem is running out and you need to score. You could have England vs Greece (WC 2002 Qualifier), Man United vs Bayern Munchen (Champions League 99), France vs Italy (Euro 2000 Final) and so on.

-Bring back the Golden Goal mode from FIFA99. It was a great game playing with friends, and I can imagine it being popular as an online option.

-More Goal Celebrations, such as running around the corner flag, or the player kicking the ball back into the goal on the rebound before he runs to celebrate.

-We need an Edit mode, and create a player. We need to be able to put ourselves in FIFA. We need to be able to edit players when they get new haircuts and so on.

-When you record the commentary for the game, you should make them say every phrase 3 or 4 times, so when we play the game, it doesnt seem so repeating.

-Greater Team Management. Why is there a player swap feature in FIFA2004? What use is that? We should be able to transfer players to clubs, not swap players.

06-03-2004, 12:00:AM
for once please make Attributes work , even PES has em crap
just because i raise the difficulty level does not mean that CPU teams defender rated at 60 in pace, will outrun my 100 Rated Micheal Owen!

Raising te difficulty bar should mean the AI is more Intelligent, not faster then ur team.
I repeat, there is no Reason what so ever y a guy rated 60 in pace will outrun someoen rated as 100, no matter the Difficulty setting!

06-03-2004, 12:06:AM
I want POLISH LEAGUE!! (H) and an INGAME editor

EDIT: Yes the INGAME editor is very important,this request cannot be repeated in this thread, but EA should understand that this is one of the most needed and wanted things for fans. It does not have to be big, just so you can change numbers, skin color, and hair, and even att. if EA want to be kind.

06-03-2004, 12:23:AM
creation center IN the game with stadium editor

indoor soccer

more complete training mode, like choosing the players to practice, make team management in it, choose who to take set pieces, etc

training mode IN the carreer mode affecting player’s performance on the matches

06-03-2004, 12:31:AM
Feyenoord stadium(De kuip)

06-03-2004, 12:46:AM
YES !! UCL WILL be VERy2 Cool!:mrpimp:

perhaps … indoor soccer…(futsal) coz.. futsal is a sport under Fifa too!:rockman:

06-03-2004, 01:15:AM
More Feeling. Don’t make goals so cheap it should be a reward to score in the game not something you can do whenever you want. Maybe put in a sim and arcade mode so for those who like to shot from all over the place score can and for those who prefer to create goals realistic have a sim mode.

Better online play for the PS2 it needs to be overhauled and brought up to date with all other PS2 online games.

Clean up Corner kicks. They system is good but it is always cluttered in the box there will never be only three players in the box for a corner. Make it where you have players screening the goal keeper and setting picks.

More faces. I know it is impossible to put in a face for every player but more genric faces would be nice. It is kind of weak when you play as a lower division and it looks like everyone on the team is brothers. They all have plastic hair and some have bad handlebar moustaches. I mean you will have only three different faces for an entire team of players.

All in all I think the ground work for a great game is there it just needs to be tweaked a little bit. The game keeps taking good steps forward and it should continue in the future.

06-03-2004, 01:24:AM
more fluid animations, better crossing and air system, overhaul the off the ball system so it actually works better.. instead of being so accurate, long range shots are a joke, better scale relation between goalie and the goal size. I want to put power on the corner kicks.. is too easy right now.

06-03-2004, 01:35:AM
EA must improve the stadiums, they are soooo poor, and also the pitches, are awful, bad illumination, maybe add some weather effects like rain, snow…. to make the game more realistic, also when it’s sunny, to make it look true:p
-make better hands and arms…..they look like toys

more south american teams
good cup celebrations (cinematics) to make you feel pleased when you finish a cup

06-03-2004, 01:35:AM
-Official competitions (UCL, UEFA Cup)
-More teams in ROTW section from around the world and all national teams (with qualifying to WC)
-More real stadiums (especially some Euro2004 grounds) and more generic stadiums
-Indoor Soccer

06-03-2004, 01:42:AM
-Competitions all over the world!!
Like Australia,Cote d’Ivore,Chile and so on.

-MORE competitions (Espaccialy UCL,Uefa Cup and Copa Libertados)

-CC ingame

06-03-2004, 02:12:AM
-Argentinian and mexican league
-Copa Libertadores with the best teams from each country in SA
-Licensed tournaments
-Improvements in the controls
-Dynamic weather
-Longer career mode with more options (real training and all that stuff)
-Improvements in the goal and cup celebrations

06-03-2004, 02:20:AM
First all the National teams need to be in the game, I want to be able to edit player’s shoes, and head bans. Bring up the difficulty level on defence.

Add all the Major Tournments(WORLD CUP, EURO, AFC, COPA AMERICA, OCEANIA)

Also add weather effects(rain, snow, and wind) make the corner kicks realistics, more crowd interaction, and player celebrations and make the cup winning scenes better

Make the training just like madden so that you can add points to some players with specific training programs and that you actually take part in the training just like MADDEN

All in all FIFA is a good game but it could a great game on the same level as the Madden football series all EA has to do is listen to what the fans want and take the time on the game.

And please improve the controls, and online play


I will be looking forward to the new game and to see if EA finally listened to it’s fans

06-03-2004, 02:54:AM
i want vd sar with his real face

and i want that you can add new faces in the game just as
by fifa 2003 without you must replace it for a another one
and the same with kits’stadiums’leagues’countrys’
and that you can
give keepers different gloves instead of that all keepers
have the same gloves and that you can give keepers short sleeves again

King Bob
06-03-2004, 02:57:AM
Ok here we go:

-PES 3 Gameplay *gg* or at least NO more fu.cking scripted + bad gameplay
-in game editor
-official cups
-indoor stadium (H)
-better performence
-easier menue
-that u can import and use as much specific boots, faces etc. as u want
-umirrored boots, gloves…..
-u should be able to configure controls without a patch
-training challenges (like in PES 3)
-game mode: penalty shootout
-custom cups etc…

Uuuh EA will definetly listen to our wished becoz EA does not just want to make money without listening to what the fans say……. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

06-03-2004, 03:02:AM
I feel that weather is very important since they said they wanted to put it in FIFA 04, thats should be one of the big priorities this time around.

Multiplayer mode with more than 8 players. 8 just isnt enough,
and bring back the league option that u had in FIFA 03

Add the Turkish league, and Argentine league.

Im going to list teams they should add to the game, that were not in FIFA 2004 (not counting turkish teams and argentine league teams cuz i said they both should be added)

AEK Athens (Greece)
Slavia Praha (Czech Rep.)
Dynamo Kyiv, Shakhtar, and Dnipro (Ukraine)
Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel-Aviv (Israel)
CSKA, Lokomotiv, and Spartak Moskva (Russia)
Crvena Zvezda and Partizan (Serbia & Montenegro)
Hajduk and Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)
Dinamo, Steaua, and Rapid Bucuresti (Romania)

everything else has been mentioned by other ppl already, so no need for me to be redundant.

06-03-2004, 03:05:AM

ATRIBUTES TO MATTER- Speed and stamina ect. to be more noticable in the game , even a 70 in speed should eventually be able to outrun a 60 depending on their staminia, maybe the shouldn’t be able to run that fast for that long. a 63 stamina player even though he may be 100 in speed might slow down after a bit because he is tired. over a long distance, the player with more stamina should be able to catch him. (not only when bar goes all the way down) just an idea

DYNAMIC WEATHER- shouldn’t be there just for show, should actually make a difference

A MORE LENGTHY AND IN DEPTH CAREER MODE- should be longer and take you even more into the management aspects. other teams should trade with each other too.

SET PIECES- set pieces were great in 2004, but in a corner, you should still be able to do a short pass. Maybe even more freedom in designing the plays. More freedom in execution so it doesn’t seem as scripted. instead of the ball landing exactly where the target indicator is and have it be a set location you should be able to choose the spot where you want to kick it. Then use a power and accuracy meter to see how accurate you kick it, higher attributed players make more accurate kicks. If kick is innacurate target indicator should move (while ball is in air) maybe also because of the wind.

TRAP ANIMATIONS- more animations for traps, in off the ball control, there were only a few, and the ball always seemed to go to the chest. Maybe more elaborate turns to lose the defender, like a scissors turn or flicking it back over your head and the defenders head. Even some difficulty in trapping it for bad players, or using differant parts of the body.

MOVES- easier to execute moves, not so easy to pull off. Incorparate skill into the move even more than 2004. Such as average player stumbles but does not lose the ball. or bad player pulls of the move but pushes the ball way too far ahead of him. Or piece of crap player completely screws it up. also, even bad players can pull of moves if going at slow speed. if walking then more chance of pulling off move for sucky player. if walking, then ok chance for bad player. if running, not very good chance. If running than good players like Del Piero would still pull it off with ease. Also incorparate fancy turns to lose defenders, as well as player specific moves as well as some generic moves for players.

OFF THE BALL CONTROL- Keep otb except add more trap animations, and make it so that crosses from the goal to the halfway line are not as dead accurate as they were in 2004. Attributes in this area should also be more noticable in this area. You should also be able to choose what three players you want to use for off the ball control.

FORMATIONS- More formations to choose from, hopefully place players where you want them. Decide whether to play man-to-man or zone coverage.

GOALKEEPERS- make them less dumb. should be able to better anticipate passes and crosses and be able to get into position better (how much better depends on attributes) shouldn’t be able to pick up every cross though that comes there way, and should miss some that are too high. Should be able to lob them like real keepers. they should get up faster after a shot or try and save it from the ground if a rebound shot is attempted.

MUSIC- the music in 2004 was the best i’ve heard in any EA game (i’m a big fan of EA) Keep up the great selections. Good job with keeping it international! Most of those songs are now my favorites! Some from the same band maybe and some from different bands… I’ve nothing more to say as the soundtrack from 2004 was awesome.

GRAPHICS/ANIMATION- the graphics in 04 were great. just some minor problems were that the shirts turned weird colors at times and players went throught the net all the time. Just minor though and i look forward to seeing even better graphics in 05. Crowd needs to be better though.

CUTSCENES- i hate to be greedy, but i want more cutscenes! including during substitutions. Even other players getting mad at each other when a goal is scored, or some other emotions. And for goodness sakes, ronaldo’s celebration this year is RETARDED! I hate to say it, but it gets extremely annoying watching it over and over. More player specific celbrations for each player would be nice, also more generic ones too. And get the crowd more involved.

REFEREE- It did seem that the refs in 04 did play to the advantage to some extent. in 05 maybe the commentators should say something about it. probably should be within reason, just a better job in implementing this. Also the cards should not be random as they seem. I’ve had many instances where i fouled someone from behind, chopping their legs, and there wasn’t even a yellow. then when i got the ball and slid into their legs from the front, i get a yellow, even a red. this needs to get better. More animations for a player falling and getting tackled would be great. And also when a player is holding on to you, there should be some way (with a better player) to get away from the defender without having to turn all the way around. Except for it needs to be difficult in some way otherwise scoring would be too easy.
Another thing that would add realism to the game is altering the offsides calls. Sometimes the ref should call/not call a close and contriversial offsides, and should be wrong. It shouldn’t happen too often though.

SPEED/ ACCELERATION- perhaps you could make the sprint button pressure sensitive, the harder you push it, the faster you go. It would give you so much more control over the game.

AI- Should be smarter defenders, cover your options better. friendly ai should also make better runs up the field when your attacking and play better coverage on defense. Opposition should be able to do everything that i can. That would make the game more challenging and fun. They can pull off the same moves as i would be able to with that same player (no better no less) they can shoot from far away too. and cross

BETTER VOLLEYS- more acrobatic volleys for better players, bad players if they hit the ball to hard will send it sailing over the net. good players power it low.

LOW SHOT- if a bad player attemps a low shot and hits the low shot way to hard for his abililty, instead of going low and hard, it goes about chest height and sails. If good player implements same power with low shot, his shot will be low and very hard.& and also more spin too.

BETTER MORE EXCESSABLE MENUES- kind of speaks for itself. WTF was with the time it took to save in 2004? Oh well, as long as the game is quality, that doesn’t matter as much.

COMMENTATORS- John motson and ally motson are great. i’d love to hear them in fifa again and again. Some other people are complaining that they want other commentators. Unfortunately there wont be multiple commentators in fifa probably due to lack of space and time. Still the commentary in 04 was a big step up from other games. keep doing that live recording thing using that most of the time, and mixing it up with some staged phrases. One thing that really got me in 04 though was that you used lines from previous games.

Wow, i can’t believe how much i wrote. I don’t know if anyones going to bother reading all this, but it would sure mean a lot to me if they did. I spent a lot of time writing it! Hopefully fifa 2005 will be another great game to look forward to.

06-03-2004, 03:14:AM
a manager modus, soccer manager and football game in one game. And a animates wearing room (i dont know the neglish word, i mean the room where the players for the game are waering her clothes) :confused:

Futsal is cool and official champions League would be cool, Argentia football league. Copa America. African football leagues, Africa nations cup. i wish me all these things for fifa 2005

06-03-2004, 03:43:AM
I wish…

1) …for more player models and faces… as it is, the options for faces and hairstyles are way too limited. Bring back the Dreadlocks!! In every team, all the players look related to each other! And I’d like to be able to use more specific boots in the game – the 13 we had in Fifa 2003 looks so good when compared to the 5 in Fifa 2004, but paltry compared to Fifa 2002 and WC 2002.

2) …the game had more National teams (Japan, Holland, Jamaica and Canada), and better leagues… Argentinian would be better than Austrian, imho, and the Brazillian league should reflect the high standard of the players they produce.

3)…the game allowed us to create tournaments, teams and players. (Not unlimited, but I don’t think allowing us to add 5 National Teams, 5 Club Teams and 200 players would be asking too much.)

4)… for better and more varied cinematics… substitutions, winning a tournament or league, presentation ceremonies – and some really wild celebrations for scoring a goal… jumping over adboards, somersaults and things like that… no removing of shirts, because I have an idea that would be difficult to do, plus it is now a yellow-card offense!

5)…we got an ingame editor instead of having to wait 5-6 months for a complete one. (I had heard that a CC that would allow us to add teams and players would be available in March of this year. Whatever happened to that?)

6)…for better boot models. We’ve had these since… :rolleyes: Fifa RTWC ’98?

7)… the game was easier to edit, so we could make the changes we want instead of making threads about wishes.

Well, those are my 7 wishes for Fifa 2005… <sigh>

the chilean
06-03-2004, 03:52:AM
Chile should be in the game, EA should create the libertadores cup and erase some poor leagues as korea, sweden, etc.
Everybody knows that EA created that leagues just for money

06-03-2004, 03:58:AM
copa libertadores, intercontinental cup

more stadiums and teams from south america.

more south american players (from south american teams) with edited faces

improve the boot model

let us buy (and loan too) players from south american and rest of the wolrd teams)

premier league numbers

more and better stadiums
(inculding southamerican ones)

more national teams (colombia, romania, netherlands, etc.)
let us get offers from our country to coach the NT (after we managed a club) and let us call up the players

06-03-2004, 04:43:AM
The main thing would be to add the argentianian league, mexican league, and another south american 1 so their would be 4 so you could play in career mode and have the copa libritadores (Boca stadium and 2 other generic 1’s should be included)

Monaco, PSV, Celtic, Newcastle, Lisbon, and Werder Bremen of Stuttgart stadiums

Licened boots, maybe 2 nikes (air zoom, vapour) 3 addidas (Mundials, Preadators, F 50) 1 lotto (zhero) 2 pumas and umbro Xai’s. U would have them in different colours and lower players would just have generic boots

team managment in training mode and penalty option

Cinimatics lol, I hav been pleading for years but they have never come. When you score a goal, the atmosphere should be loud (especially home) and what the player does should be realistic (down by 1 picks the ball out of net, last minute goal, u should see coach jump off the bench and stuff) when u win the match or lose it should be real, hands over head clapping (get rid of player of game) and the biggest is when u win a final, they should be 1000 times better. Everyone should come of the bench jumping for joy, fans going nuts and then u should see medals given out to all the players by people with suits, and then they should get on the stand, captain gets trophy and raises it in air and fireworks and streamers. SOMETHING THAT MAKES U LOOK IN AWW

Weather – rain, snow, normal, hot & dry

A couple more national teams

Better player ratings (no stupid bugs like players having different ratings for club and country)

custom tournament

LONG Sleeve Jerseys

Oh yeah, if anyone does read this from EA, i believe you rushed the last game (their are millions of bugs) and if u r not satisfied when november hits, I think i speak for all of us that we will wait until around Christmas if it would help

06-03-2004, 04:51:AM
No more korean League !!!!

#1 Stunna
06-03-2004, 05:01:AM
a little more emphasis on Latin American soccer:

Mexican league
Argentine league
Copa Libertadores (or at least a competition with teams from other latin American countries…such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, etc
Copa America

Player Attributes
Just because players play in Latin America doesnt mean they should be rated so poorly.

Aztec (Mexico)
Bombonera (Argentina)
Maracana (Brazil)
among others

Many…if not all…of the latin American clubs in FIFA 2004 had old kits.

06-03-2004, 05:16:AM
– Competitions – UCL, Uefa Cup, APL (Australian Premier League)
– More National Teams
– More Leagues – Argentine, Mexican
– Indoor Stadium

06-03-2004, 05:32:AM
I want to map my damn keys NO MATTER WHAT MY CONTROLLER IS!!!

Rocks out.

Nikos Mihalakos
06-03-2004, 07:02:AM
greek league, champions league,uefa cup,more stadiums perhaps some greek ones

Elite Waxo
06-03-2004, 08:36:AM
they should add the mexican league and get PEDE to make kits for FIFA 2005

06-03-2004, 08:38:AM
realistic gameplay to match PES realism would be a good thing :p Cant see that happen tho. EA will just stick with their licenced team and player names once again 🙂

06-03-2004, 09:00:AM
My suggestion:

import ALL.

Most of things we want for FIFA could be done by FIFA users
for free. Users can decide which are the best things made
by other users for FIFA.

I would pay even more, if a program is made by FIFA’s fans,
which have talent for doing faces, kits, etc, as seen in SG
Forums. I’m sure we can do it all for free, only to see a
perfect FIFA game. EA will work on it as always but with the
talent of the users, and organize it with the best stuff.

We only need good official editors and a import function for it.
Bad gameplay? Gameplay script editors. Bad graphics? Stadiums,
faces, kits editors. Bad options? Menu editors. We are the users,
the people that will play it. Who better to build it?

Yes, i know. Users will work for free. But we could build it.
Enhance it. And finally when it’s released we’d enjoy it,
and we could say “I’m proud of our FIFA”. No money? Ok.
But i worked for this game ’cause i decided it. And i enjoyed it
because of me, and all the people that made it the greatest

Sky Reloaded
06-03-2004, 09:09:AM
1.) Option to let AI control your other 9 players at all times. I’m tired my defenders just standing there letting people past them when I’m controlling an attacker. When I play FIFA I just want to control one guy at a time, and feel like being part of a team, not play god and switching here and there. Automatically makes runs when you have the ball and are on the opponent’s half of the field.

Difficulty to implement: EASY

2.) What would also be awesome is the ability to select one player of your team and just control that player for the entire game, no switching around, like in PES. Obviously the above must be implemented first.

Difficulty to implement: EASY

3.) More user friendly menus, that don’t lag, and don’t look like 640×480.

Difficulty to implement: HARD

06-03-2004, 09:36:AM
i hope this can be resolved, i know you can

06-03-2004, 10:35:AM
I want the argentinian league

06-03-2004, 10:37:AM
-Put the Romanian national team in the game.
-Have a stadium from each league that is in the game.
-Have better menu screens, similar to Madden and Live.
-Change the indirect free kick system to the way it was before with the arrow thing.
-Same thing for corners.
-Include more tricks that class players like Henry or Zidane can perform.
-Better long ball and cross system, the current one is horrible.
-When a game played, AI vs. AI in any league make sure that the scores are realistic, the games always end 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 wtf is that :rolleyes:


06-03-2004, 11:47:AM
Please better passing system.

06-03-2004, 12:22:PM
-Add Argentina, Mexican, Romanian, Yugoslavian and Turkish leagues.
-More faces and boots.
-In-Game Editor

06-03-2004, 01:20:PM
I want indoor soccer with more realistic attributes, such as American indoor soccer(which uses hockey style walls around the pitch with 45 ft. arcs on both sides of the field) & futsal soccer(which uses an outstyle field indoors on a wooden floor surface)…

Have indoor soccer & futsal arenas instead of just one indoor stadiums…for instance, take all the arenas in NHL series & put them into FIFA 2005, let the same be done for futsal stadiums, by taking arenas in European leagues from NHL 2004 & put them into FIFA 2005…

Oh, by the way, I would love to see Major Indoor Soccer League(MISL)added to FIFA 2005, too….

There’s also a league in Mexico that kind of has that style of play, but is played in a stadium type atmosphere, whereas the field dimensions are like that of futsal style & MISL style all in one, but played in stadiums with open roofs or with roof cover but low stadium walls…I’ll post some links when I get get a chance to.

Current links EASports should look into:

I’ll add some more ideas later.

06-03-2004, 01:23:PM
a real football simulation.



06-03-2004, 03:46:PM
international tournaments
creation centre
make the game generally harder i find fifa 2004 way to easy (eg i was wolves and i beat man utd 5-2)
when u make subs u can actually see ur players comin off and on

06-03-2004, 03:58:PM
These are my requests

More Goal Celebrations
Diving( cheat the ref)
Dribble pass defenders easier
2 foot lunge tackles
Goal keepers can save the ball with there legs
Internation tournaments

I think these Goal Celebrations should be included =

Kissing the team Badge

Team dances around the corner flag
Player takes off his shirt and sometimes throws it into the crowd

Slides on his stomach all the way to the corner flag, only when it rains

Silencing the oppositions crowd

* Create a Player is an essential

06-03-2004, 09:09:PM
– Diving has to definitly come back. I know it’s not fair play but it’s a big part of the real game and it would be nice to get a card for it 8 out of 10 times and getting a free kick/penalty once in a while too. Offcorse the computer oponent has to dive once in a while too to make it ‘fair’ 🙂

– I would like to see difference between the shapes of the shirts. For example the AS Roma shirt is tighter then the Real Madrid shirt and that makes a big difference at first sight. It would be an improvement for future FIFA games.

06-03-2004, 10:34:PM
if they can’t get the AL to work well, they should investigate on the side they’re strong at. Get more leagues, stadiums, faces, boots, everything.
Futsal should really come back, maybe with german rules and normal ones. Beach soccer would be interesting too. All this after the game has been improved overrally tho..

it’s not gonna happen anyway.. 😐

06-03-2004, 11:45:PM
Here’s what I want:

1. More Atmosphere. I want to the game to make me feel like I’m watching it on TV. The camera angles that are used when you score a goal are nothing like what they are on TV. As well, just because the away team scores, does not mean there should be no crowd cheering. I know that in a game like Real Madrid vs Manchester United, when either team scores, there will be much celebrating and very loud crowds, regardless of who is the home team. And when a team wins a cup or the season, for God’s sake, make it look like they are happy they did. The title and cup celebrations are complete **** right now, and make me wonder why I bothered to play the whole season just to see a ****ty 10 second cinematic of dancing robots.

2. Champs League/UEFA Cup. Even if they cant get the actual licenses for these events, make them more realistic please. The final should never end up being Crap Team vs ****ty team. As well, the group stage should NEVER have 3 teams from the same country.

3. Career mode/season. If I’m playing career mode as Roma in Serie A, I don’t want my end of the season title race to be against Udinese and Sampdoria. I want it to be against Milan and Juventus. Make sure that the teams that are supposed to do well in seasons do well, instead of sitting at the bottom half of the table and making my season very boring.

4. Scoring system/goalie AI. In every FIFA game i’ve played, if you can find the sweet spot, you’ll always score. You guys have to get rid of the sweet spot. I dunno how, but improve the goalie AI so that there is no longer one.

5. In game editor, and custom cups. They’re not new to FIFA. Just bring them back. Creation Center is nice, but not if you buy the game for PS2, XBOX or Gamecube. Also, let us choose our team captain and change player #’s again please.

6. Menu interface. When I’m looking at standings or to scorers, I want to be able to see much more on my screen without having to scroll over sideways. Use smaller text or table cells, I dunno, but try to make it as user friendly in this manner as possible. And why did you get rid of the ability to see top league/cup scorers? That was just dumbness to get rid of it.

That’s all I have time for now, I’ll get back to this later and add more.

07-03-2004, 12:30:AM
To use the lasest Digimask thing coming out on PS2, with a Create a Player and create a team mode on PS2. The Use of the PS2 hdd that comes out some time, and also the chance to add more new things more easy to the game like new Music. Also no pay to play and the chance to download new updates, and new stadiums and a Stadium Builder that is better. Then the TCM 2004 stadium editor, but with more look a like Fifa Grapichs.

07-03-2004, 12:43:AM
Parken (Denmarks National Stadium)
And better pitches…and stadiums….more stadiums!!

07-03-2004, 01:00:AM
Like I said add the Mexican league. This is for PS2
2. If no Mexican League can be added in the game put the”CREATION CENTRE” back so I can create my own Mexican League I did that for 2002 :amika:, BUt the game got too easy for me and nobody wanted play me anymore.
3. For all the Tournaments Please put the FIXTURES table. I and many would like to know who we are playing next in a tourney. The only place I know I could check who I play next is in the career mode. When I play a tourney with my buddies on AMERICAS CUP we dont know who is next and we dont know how many games are left and it is very important to know all this for strategy purposes.
4. Weather changes would be a plus.
5. Gameplay is very good. But it would be nice if the players wouldn’t get so stuck all the time, If anybody knows what Im talking about.
6. STATS option it would be nice to fix up the stats box. I would like to know who is the leader of the league not just as a team. And also it would be nice if when I want to look at the Yellow Card leader of my team or whatever is on the last page on stats and “SORT” the players please dont send us back to the first page and make us go back to the page where we want to be at (If anybody knows what Im talking about).
7. Celebrations :nape: When I win a league or cup or whatever I want to see my team celebrate not just take a damn picture and that’s it. Also where is the CUP I win or Medals? That goes for SUBS too it would be cool if we saw the players coming out injured, mad, happy or wahtever. THAT’S all for right now. FIFA RULES!!!!!:rockman:

07-03-2004, 01:10:AM
1. More Weather
2. Create-a-Player mode
3. More scripted goals/ shot animations
4. Make it so 3rd jerseys dont have to be unlocked.
5. Better/More commentary.

07-03-2004, 01:43:AM
my requests are:

no stupid 5 year career mode and idiotic game limitatons, errors and bugs

07-03-2004, 04:37:AM
1- Attributes that mean something.

2- More inclusion. Spend some of the money we pay year after year and get the Netherlands and other sides and tournaments into the game.

3- Customizable formations. If we want to play 9 defenders, one midfielder, and one forward, we should be able to do that.

4 – Creation Centre should not be an afterthought. Put it into the game.

5- Previous versions had a greater variety of faces. What happened?

6 – If star players have certain moves and skills that they use regularly in real matches it should not be too difficult for us to make them use them in the game. It should be easier for a player like Ronaldinho to do a stepover than it would be for an average defender, for instance. That should be reflected in how we use our controlers.

7. Fully customizable leagues and cups. No limits on who can play who.

8. Last and most importantly, create a single-player control mode whereby the user controls just one player. The AI should be able to control not only the opponent , but all the user’s teammates as well. How teammates behave/respond in the game in this mode will be determined by the settings the user chooses for his team, i.e. formation, aggression, attacking or defensive, etc.

Frankly, I can’t understand how the last in my list was never added. I was playing other games in the 80’s with this mode. Even with the primitive graphics they were more fun than all this eye-candy we have now.

07-03-2004, 08:20:AM
I have a good Idea have a thread Called

EA have Create-a-player for the console version

….and make it sticky until fifa 2005.

I mean for pete’s sake this is nothing out of this world. Every sports game has it. We need to toughen up with EA because they take us for granted. Last years they pull our leg until the final month when they came out with the news about create-a-player being cancel.

07-03-2004, 08:29:AM
The Jamaican League is a must.:o

:crazyboy: (H)

Daniel David
07-03-2004, 09:31:AM
How EA could make Fifa 2005 an enjoyable game:
+ Realistic AI system, with computer doing different attacks during the game, exploring eventual weaknesses of the player´s defense. As for computer defensive play, it should force the player to act the same way; and therefore scoring would be challenging. However, defenders must mistake or be outpaced sometimes…
+EA, pleeeease allow us to play with realistic shooting, more ways to dribble, bicycles and full volleys (which must be very rare, as they are in reality). Claiming for this surely is not to ask too much. OTB and player walk are great, and must be kept in the game.
+Player abilities should make more difference and have clearer effects (By the way, in Portuguese version there are two Ball Controls, one standing for Dribble and the normal one…:crazyboy: -)
+More training options, specially team management and free selection of FK spots.
+The new OTB control on dead ball situations is a good idea, but scoring goals from corner kicks is waaay too easy (driven>>A>>run past defender>>20+ goals in a season with Ivan Córdoba)
+ As for Team Management, there should be a number of default tactics and options (style of play, marking…); however they shold be fully customizable, as they were in RTWC 98.
+ And talking about RTWC, the number of national teams should be increased to…170 NT´s? what an awesome pipe dream:$. Anyway, the presence of Holland, Japan, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Chile, and other respectable teams that I´ve forgotten is absoluttely essential.
+ AT LEAST Brazilian and Argentinian seasons and Libertadores cup. As for Latin American (using Brazil as sample) players database, it is better than before, but it still needs some improvement (slightly better attributes and more accurate faces).
+ Non-season UEFA / Champions Cup.
+More athmosphere. Better title celebrations, an active crowd, substitution animations… And weather effects. (By the way, saying that weather effects weren´t put into the game to save memory, like a game producer told us some time ago is nonsense.)
+ Decent menus; organized, time-saving, with less rolling bars. I played Fifa 2000 some time ago, and I´ve noticed that their menus are very clear; 11 players per page, normal-sized fonts, both league and club are changeble at Team Managent through the same screen… simply the obvious:).
+ An well-done and external Creation Center (easier to import external files) BUT it need to come with the original game. Choosing the appearance every element of the face separatedly would be excellent. In my opinion, the possibility of creating female players would be welcome.
+ Even with external CC, the championship creating feature MUST be internal.
+ Carreer mode was a good idea from EA. Five years is enough (FIFA can´t be CM), but it has many serious problems; such as:
.Bug-full player / team statistics,
.the player can´t lose his job,
.passive transfer system(computer seldom buys any player),
.years pass and the Champions Cup do not change,
…and other issues. Training and transfer points system is OK; rising more or less according to your perfrmance. In order to improve balance when you team gets better, weaker teams should improve slightly (less than yours) as the time passes. As I have already said, FIFA can´t be CM; however I wonder that if the Career does not have a minimum level of depth, it´s better not to have a long five-years mode.
+Fewer bugs and less omissions. For Heaven´s sake, how can a respectable producer release a football game without replays (after the patch, mine ones crash the game; how lovely.), direct IP and support to the vast majority of gamepads. Or then a game with missing badges, an horrible statistical system, featuring fantastic Lyon vs Lyon matches, winning Italian cup and wathing the other team celebrating… I am stopping here to not bore you.
Hope that our claims get to be useful someday:rolleyes: .

07-03-2004, 10:30:AM
XBox live
needs to be a lot harder , way to easy to score on world class.
A.I make tactical substitutions , change formation during game.
Realistic player ratings
Make skill moves effective
Improve off the ball control

07-03-2004, 11:20:AM
Fifa 2005 should have this things :
1.- A better gameplay , more realistic shooting , more dribling.
2.- Dynamic weather.
3.- Licences on the boots.
4.- Argentinian league , copa libertadores .
5.- More crowd animation , for example when the player of the away team gets near the home team crowd , the crowd stands up and start insulting the player .
6.- Some movement on the bench , when I give the order of substitution.
7.- Some movement for the cups and the guys that are recording the match , not static ones.


:-puke: :-puke: :-puke: cholivar

George Tziolas
07-03-2004, 12:21:PM
Add the Greek league, south american leagues, turkish league, and portuguese league.

Add the new Karaiskaki Stadium and a creation center.

07-03-2004, 12:36:PM
-improved menu layout

-real money, not stupid credits

-don’t have to unlock kits, just annoying not fun

-ability to edit players in game rather than CC

-improved shooting model

-do some actual research! i only really speak from knowledge of my club, but EA left out 3 key players, and had positions for 4 of them wrong (rory delap played RB twice for saints!)

-make penalities realistic! atm there’s a 1/3 chance it’ll be saved, and it’s a guaranteed goal if u hit it straight down the middle

-some sort of international tourney

07-03-2004, 03:43:PM
i have an idea for Fifa .. get the pes 3engine and copy it and then use your license to make it awesome

07-03-2004, 04:15:PM
If you people say the game needs realism, well i think diving needs to be added to the game coz diving is part of the game , MAY BE unfortunate but thats the way it is.

07-03-2004, 06:38:PM
Croatian league (1.HNL) and two great croatian stadiums: Maksimir and Poljud. :mrpimp:

Golden Boy
07-03-2004, 09:20:PM
I’m not sure why I bother. It’s not like EA will actually do what we ask of them, but here goes:

1) More fluid animation.

2) More types of fouling. Trips, slide tackles, players running into eachother by mistake…

3) More moves and tricks. Much more.

4) Keepers recieving cards and tripping players in the box causing penalties.

5) CPU controlled players play like their real life counterparts.

6) CPU controlled teams play in same style like in real life.

I cannot stress how important 5 and 6 are. They are the difference between a crappy game and a wonderful one.

7) Assigned captains would be nice.

8) More emphasis on strong and weak leg. If a player only uses his left foot, then he should use it even when it’s not so convinient, like real life.

9) Height and weight should make a difference in the game.

07-03-2004, 11:04:PM
a lot more moves

Career Mode with African or Amercian teams

Champions League, Uefa Cup, African Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Uefa Euro(with qualifying), Fifa World Cup(with qualifying), Copa América, etc..

more cinematics(e.g. substitutions)

improved weather sistem…

more detailed training mode(raise players attributes in the Career Mode by training), so training mode in the Career Mode…

07-03-2004, 11:50:PM
Omis grand FIFA 2005 wishlist:

–Better gameplay, although this years wasnt bad (dodges flying PES3 copy thrown), I think we need better flowing football.
-It should include the stuff supposed to be in EURO2004, e.g fake shots, chipping etc.
-Diving should be introduced, tricking the ref. and if its near him he sees it, if its far he is treicked, etc.

–More realism. Such as:
-better celebrations, eg. wtf is up with ronaldos? more variety, like 2-3 per player, and much more generic celebrations.
-Substitution animations
-Cup winning animations

–It should have more competitions, such as CL and UEFA CUP, and Custom tournaments are a must.

–More stadiums, and weather effects such as snow, hail, rain, fog, etc.

–More teams, like missing intl teams, etc.

–better career mode

–player and team creation

–Better commentry, more based on the teams playing, or the info on the league, etc. (once i played bayern-real, the guy mentioned their past meetings, etc. but I played about 5 times more the same match,a dn it was generic. the same goes for real-barca.)

–Saving replays.

–keep off the ball, but alter it slightly. its too easy to score with it.

–free kick system is fine, but the corner system should be more like 2003 than 2004.

–the freestlye tricks have been ruined in 2004, it should be possible to get past players in 2005. In 2004, ronaldo couldnt get past a 3rd division newbie defender. Thats not right.

–ability to change captain and numbers

I think thats about it. ill edit this if i remember anything else.

08-03-2004, 03:49:AM
an ingame editor for xbox and such consoles

08-03-2004, 05:06:AM
Russian Teams

08-03-2004, 07:36:AM
-Licensed Competitions.. most importantly UCL
-check the fifa 98 wishlist

08-03-2004, 09:58:AM
Some tips

1)Make two versions of the game one for Europe and One for the Americas and Asia, and make both available everywere, or make them compatible for Playstation consuls in the US, Europe, and the world.—-> This would only require the design of a sigle AI and organization. Then just add the licenses and stadiums to each game.

2)I personally liked the 2003 AI and gameplay but you can play with that..just get rid of the 2004 version

3)USA and Asian Version
-see other peoples post on the Americas and Asia etc.

4)Europe and the World
a)Leagues(fully lisences of course)
-France,Germany,Italy,England,Spain,Portugal,Greece ,Turkey,Sweden,Holland,Finland,Scotland,Austria, A Balkan League,Russia, Belgium

-Set up a World cup–>simple format no prelimanaries, the player can choose the teams, and can import players to the teams.

c)Stadiums–>at least one from every league

This suggestion gets rid of the bickering over creation centers and dissapointments about not having a customers team in the game.

Good luck

08-03-2004, 05:45:PM

08-03-2004, 06:14:PM
Here’s my list ( most important ones at the top)

1) Make the AI variate their plays in MANY other ways like they do now

2) let attritubes count for more than they do now

3) the ability to variate more now in set pieces (not only three optional goal scorers in corners…)

4) More difficulty to beat the AI at the hardest levels

5) many more teams (lower divisions, youth teams etc)

6) More weather types (snow, rain, clouded)

7) Indoor stadium

8) better graphics

08-03-2004, 11:14:PM
I want to see Improved stats. Nobody should have 100% on any of their stats because nobody is PERFECT! One more thing why is it that on Fifa 2004 Micheal Owen has 100% pace and Thierry Henry only has like 95%? We all know that HENRY is the fastest player in the Premeirship!

09-03-2004, 03:47:AM
Make it possible again to make new faces for people without a face when the game is installed as like in Fifa 2003

09-03-2004, 10:24:AM
We have given you requests way ahead of time, so there should be no problem getting team kits and such, Its time for a Turkish league, and also add more african and asian teams.

09-03-2004, 05:56:PM
First of all ,I’d like to say that I’m here in the forums since 2002 and I have noticed that this year it seems to me that the editing scene and the community is not as strong as it was before.
It seems like a lot of people have switched to PES ( with very good reasons I must say )
Concurence is always healthy and I hope EA Sports will notice that. So improvement is badly need , otherwise more and more gamers will turn to konami

Here are some ideas… in random order

_ More freedom in the gameplay, less scripted actions
The ball should go anywhere on the pitch depending on your own skills

_ No more Off the ball control ( after a while it becomes too easy and repetitive to score )

_ Better and simpler menu screens ( We should be able to see the starting 11 and the subs without scrolling as it was in 2002 )
The presentation in PES3 is a good idea

_ 7 players on the bench instead of 5 ( that would give more freedom in the team management )

_ When the CPU makes a tactical sub it should also change the formation. ( What’s the use of substitute a striker for a defenser if the defenser plays as central forward !!! )
It’s a very important feature that should be implemented

_ A good innovation would be to have the possibility to store 2 or 3 different tactical formation for every team ( as it is in PES )
Everybody knows that most teams change their tactical line-ups depending on they play at home or away or also depending on the opponent )

_ Follow the new rules of the Fifa Board ( no more golden or silver goal and back to 2 extra time of 15 min. each

_ The return of the season mode and the possibility for one user to control at least 8 teams

_ Real influence of the player’s attributes

_ The return of the cup mode as it was in 2002 and 2003

_ More generic faces ( as in 2003 ) . There are too much clones in this year’s teams

_ The return of an in game editor as it was in 2002.
This is the most importanmt thing IMO.
And Creation center should be maintained as long as it’s made
by a competent person like Chau-Lee

_ Importing different graphics of the game should be easier.
I’m thinking about logos, badges and stuff like that

Changing the file format each year and therefore making the job
of the patch makers complicated is no good job.
If Fifa 2005 take the best features of 2002, 2003 and 2004 editions it should be a step in the right direction

09-03-2004, 11:19:PM
Guys, you forgot the most important thing in all your postings. Fifa 2005 should be a RTWC (Road To World Cup 2006) Like FIFA 98. I don’t know if EA is gonna do it in FIFA 2006, but it should be in FIFA 2005 since the qualifications started. Of course with the addition with the leagues and FOR GOD’S SAKE IMPROVE THE GAMEPLAY!

WHEN I PLAY FIFA 2004, I can’t control the player the way I want to. They are sooooooo stiff and hard to move.

– GOAL Keeper! OMG the most stupidest goal keeper in all fifa series. Fix that please.

– Ability to score goals in different ways. Not by just scoring from the same spot all the time. I feel scoring a goal is scripted. I guess FIFA 2004 is a little improvement since I scored different goals but still there is a hot spot that I can always score from. Continue with the improvements on that.

– Add some arabic teams in there! There was only Tunisia in FIFA 2004. At least have Egypt in there! Morocco, Qater, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia is an embarresment, but still they are were good. YOu guys haven’t had Egypt in there. Put in Morocco they were second in the African Cup that Tunisia Won.

– Try to make distinct faces for the players in a team. I know it’s really hard, but if you have free time, design your own face. Don’t keep the same face for all the players in the same team. I mean in the cinematics, when a referee gives a yellow card to some player and you see all these players are coming around the referee, they all look the same!

– Finally, GAME PLAY .. just a reminder.. Look at WE7 and try to copy them! I’m serious… Copy them.. Game play wise they are super! I swear if Konami work on the graphics and the menus and the liscencing and the leagues, they will be the best in the world and FIFA can’t be competing and it will lose the liscensing to WE7 someday since now WE7 are getting some licsencing from ACMILAN AND ROMA AND Some other Italian teams so that means they are getting there.

I hope you listen to us because we are the ones we play the game and we decide and trust me EA, if you think that we are gonna keep your products, you are wrong, i’m not gonna buy FIFA 2005 until i’m hundred percent sure that it’s worth it. I’ve made a mistake of buying most of the FIFA games, but now i’m not gonna buy it.

By the way, I was a FIFA fan, but now I play WE7 most of the times and i always play FIFA 2004 for like 10 minutes and then I get bored and switch to WE7.

Take care and good luck.

10-03-2004, 01:55:AM
1) Online play for Xbox!

2) Able players such Zidane, Okocha to do more tricks.

3) Bicycle kick, Scissors kick etc

4) Gameplay

EDIT 5) All star Classic team – Pele, Maradona, etc

Better practice mode.

10-03-2004, 02:36:AM
Should be like real football and not the half-A– mockery of the sport that the series is at the moment

10-03-2004, 12:16:PM
-South American Leagues (At least Argentine, Mexican, Colombian & Brazilian Leagues)

-More National Teams with reserve playes and allow us to pick from all leagues (Hence Just like in FIFA 98)

-Include Copa Libertadores

-Please Get Rid of crappy leagues such as the Korean league Sweeden, Switzerland and Austria…

-World Cup adn World Cup Qualifiers

-Longer Career Mode

-Include Intercontinental Cup

-More Faces

-Or create a game with different versions in separate CDs, Asian & Oceania, South American, North American, European & Wolrd Nations and have a way to play them together for interenational tournaments and tranfers.

10-03-2004, 08:48:PM
Would like to see All Major Tourneys including African Cup of Nations & The African Champions League. Would also like to select my own Players for the national team … It mustn’t be by default.

10-03-2004, 10:18:PM
1.More than 2 commentators, Have like 4 and you get a diffrent 2 every game (Like Fifa 99)
2.Official Boots (This should be easy for EA)
3.More intelligent AI
4.Better Goalkeeper animation (we’ve had the same for ages)
5.A massive edit mode!
6.More Cups
7.Better commentary (Like when a player shoots it says ‘Giggs shoots’, again like on Fifa 99
8.Alot better lower league player faces
9.More formation options

celtic fc
11-03-2004, 03:30:AM
I’ve got a request. How about they, actually, create a good game, it’s been so long since they’ve come close.

11-03-2004, 07:08:AM
IMO EA have to look at:

-Gameplay from RTWC98

-In game management from FIFA2000. You could preset 3 IGMs and by pressing spacebar you could change the IGM.

-crowd detail and chants from 2003. Away fans wearing the shirts of the home team in 2004. Might be a minor blunder but for me its almost the biggest. 😛

11-03-2004, 12:33:PM
– Longer time for carreer mode, with more staff like selecting the price for the tickets, getting some money loans, player loans and that staff
– Manager mode: You don’t play the games, you just decide how much you’ll pay to each player, decide if you want to buy more players and sell some, player loans, how much you’ll pay to the trainer and decide if you’ll hire a new one ore not, and that staff.
-Stadiums editor: Maybe one like Total club manager one, but that allows you to build a more detailed stadium
. Ingame Creation Center: not like the FIFA 2002 one.. the same as fifa 2003 and 2004 working style. This would make it work better, cause first of all we woldn’t have to download it, and then, it will work ok in every computer..at least it worked ok in fifa 2002, but the 2003 and 2004 versionsdidn’t work fine so this would be better
-More southamerican clubs, the Libertadore Cup, and the Intercontinental Cup

11-03-2004, 02:38:PM
include the GREATS! Pele, Platini etc….
include senarios like in SSS64!
less automatic computer decisions….just cua the player isnt highighted doesnt mean he cant get the ball when its right next to him.
fix the switching players glitch
allow arial through balls somehow
all the cups, and all the qualifications for them
unlock cooler things than just jerseys
CM style trading (a bit easier though)
no glitches

11-03-2004, 05:55:PM
1) let us choose our own subs and our own bench .. i hate that we can only change before the game within 5 players on the bench .. when sometimes we have better players on the reserves list.

2) bring back the chat thing when u press F10 during the game. come on its not so hard. I reacken i can do it myself if i wanted to muck around with the programing of the game.

3) a really cool and new feature would be “microfone use” during the game .. it would be really fun , useful and less time consuming if we can talk to each other during the match using a microfone ..

4) if the connection is lost let fifa automatically create a small backup file which will allow the 2 gamers to resume their match whether its a year after or a minute after disconnection. (eg. it will save the score, bookings, minutes into the game etc…)

5) after every online match fifa creates a little JPG or BPM file of the game score, stats etc .. this is good prove during online tournaments etc ..

11-03-2004, 09:16:PM
EA Sports Canada should hire/Merge with the PES3 and Winning Eleven 7 Konami Team to do the gameplay. EA should just concentrate on graphics but let Konami do the animation and tactics. EA if not possible try to copy Konami’s game because the gameplay is perfect and real football.

They should include an Editor for PS2, GC, X-Box consoles and PC.

They should do the name FIFA justice and not only just concentrate on World Cup 2002 countries and European Leagues. They should use the International Federation of Football
History and Statistics top 25 Soccer (Football) Leagues in the world 2004 to appeal to the whole world market. The Leagues should be from the following Countries:
14.Czech Republic
Plus Leagues from Japan, Korea, USA, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Serbia and Montenegro and Croatia.

Plus all other major clubs from Conmebol and CONCACAF (Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica), CAF, AFC and UEFA.
(IFFHS is an affiliate of FIFA and is an extremely fair system to determine the leagues and clubs that matter in world football)

Plus all major stadiums in world football but also include some for each continent and major leagues.

The top ten leagues should inclube lower divisions also but instead of Scotland, England should get a third division.

Plus 72 of the best countries in world football
10 From CONMEBOL South America
10 for CAF Africa
10 for AFC Asia
6 for CONCACAF Central America and the Carribean
2 for Oceania
32 for UEFA Europe

After this you can call the game FIFA 2005 if not call it UEFA 2005.

EA and Konami listen to the real fans you will sell billions of coppies and be the best selling game in history.

11-03-2004, 09:25:PM
goal keepers need to be improved. on fifa 2004 shots that go in the centre of the goal are not saved. make it harder to score from outside the box. i am still not convinced with the crossing system, why not do what Winning Eleven does and just make crossing a push button thing. 1 button for normal cross, 2 button for near post and 3 button for low cross. would be so much easier.

also put the celtic and rangers stadiums both on the game!!

12-03-2004, 05:59:AM
I´d like to have…

– a dynamic weathersystem
– new commentaries (german version). They are talking about injuries all the time.
– it should be possible to add all edited kits like home, away, 3rd, tw home, tw away, cl-kit and training-kit(s)
– non scripted moves
– a menu which is easy to handle it
– an inageme editor (BETTER than CC’04)
– it should be able to choose between golden- & silvergoal
– editor for tournaments
– hall should be inserted (5 vs. 5-system, and keeper should only roll in the ball)
– more nationalteams like holland (oranjes)
– original season-flat
– new sequences at matchstart… the players should come out of the tunnel
– playerchange: I wanna see how the new player runs on the field, If possible with handshake.
– xtra moves e.g. played foul… the player falls down of cause he wasn´t fouled (sorry I don´t know how to descripe it 🙁 ) and some other moves from Fifa 99
– EA should spend more money into the game instead into the trailer.
– it would be g8 if we could choose between a cd- and a dvd-version
– better stadion atmosphere
– penalty-mode at the training mode or somewhere else
– historiy-mode: I wanna play teams like german national team of 1954, 1972, 1990 or other teams

I hope “It´s in the game” 😉


sorry for my bad english in some parts… 🙁

12-03-2004, 11:51:AM
please EA

Make as many national teams fifa 2002 had

At least ( argentinian league, colombian, mexican leagues)

Better celebration like the commentator should say gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll u know wut i mean

have spanish commentatiing and include a creation center for kits, players, teams etc. And for consoles to not only pc

make mabye kinds of interviews and practice mode. please add colombia and holland to ur national teams list.

13-03-2004, 03:13:AM
During the transfer window, have a weekly patch to update rosters. The game comes out at the end of MLS season and near the middle of European season so by the time spring rolls around, the squads are all wrong.

13-03-2004, 06:31:AM
I want better gameplay, Turkish League and unmirrored boots in Fifa 2005!

And please release PC version first! I dont want to see PS2 version first..

13-03-2004, 08:31:AM
1. The dynamic weather you promised us last year
2. More tournaments f.x. Champions League, Euro, WC, and something like that
3. And please, please classic mode like in 2000

14-03-2004, 02:59:AM
Bring back Indoor mode like in Fifa 97 it was great! :mrpimp:

14-03-2004, 04:51:AM
My Requests:

more faces in top 3 leagues-serie a, la liga and epl-PORTILLO
maybe proper boots like Adidas, Lotto, Umbro and Puma
better fonts
revised stats-why is Adriano 96/7:rolleyes:
effective ” -60 pace should NOT beat 100 pace
bring back ingame editor
PS2 downloads possibly?
proper player positions and squad numbers
more individual training options

14-03-2004, 02:14:PM
They need more accurate face, more leagues like the Mexican, Argentinan, and other america leagues. A game that is entertaining and real. Bring back creation center and the game speed. Fifa 2004 was crap.

15-03-2004, 11:47:AM
Just go back to Fifa 1998 and WC 1998 and bring back all the IGMs and team formation of these games. There are different marking systems and you can even position your players.

EA just need to tweak the 2004 gameplay. Loosen the AI and allows dribbling to be done occasionally. Don’t repeat the 2001 game whereby you can do 360 degree turn easily throughout the field.

Keep the freekick system of 2004 but increase the option in corners with one or two more options.

I basically long for an adaptive AI whereby the AI can read your playing style and counter accordingly. The AI for goalkeepers should be tweaked further to prevent long distance shots from going in too easily.

15-03-2004, 04:51:PM
Celebrations: it’s funny to see a player who’s just scored a consolation goal celebrating it as if he had scored the winning goal

Ingame editor

Dynamic weather

Wake up players: often when I throw in and my team mate heads back to the thrower, he just lets it run out; players should be able to run towards the ball when you’re giving a pass to them.

Put Cruijff in the game to comment on us. And put him in the game as a player too. And I want Maradona.

Besides all this, I agree with Biggus_Diggus who’s having his post a little lower than mine.

15-03-2004, 06:29:PM
More cinematics, better gameplay, dynamic weather(with influence on gameplay), in-game editor, buy-sell players(no swapping plz), more leagues and tournaments, tournament editors like the previous fifa’s, more freestyle moves, cpu AI according to gameplay(substitutions), for simulated games, the scores should come from the teams statistics, their position on the ladder and how they have played in the previous matches(utd0-4fulham, no sense?!), fifa98 like formations, keep the off the ball control, needs more improvements though, and last, plz, plz, plz, improve the menues!!!
i guess that’s it for now:mrpimp:

15-03-2004, 10:28:PM
A better gameplay
A built-in creation centre
Israeli league(Please!, or at least some teams)
Israeli stadium(at least one), Indoor stadium and more stadiums(Maracana)
Israeli player/s faces(Yossi Benayoun, Eyal Berkovic)
Influence of thw weather on the gameplay
Weather: Snow
Effect of the moral on how the players play
Retro teams

Please consider my requests(espacially about the Israeli things).

Thank’s alot!


16-03-2004, 06:48:PM
If FIFA2005 is gonna have more players, more stadiums, more cinematics, more leagues, more faces, more boots, more gloves, more kits, more teams.. but with the same gameplay and the same AI, I won’t even think about buying it !

on the other hand, if it’s gonna have really great gameplay and improved AI, yet the same teams and leagues and stuff, i will definitely buy it !

the “really” most important improvements that should be done are:

1- “much” better gameplay.
2- greatly improved AI.
3- more tactics.
4- better passing/receiving system.
5- improved “training” mode.
6- great commentators ( with passion ).
7- online feature for GC and Xbox.
8- better trasfer system.
9- longer and improved “career” mode.
10- keep the OTB control, try to make it better (harder).
11- completely different corner kick system.
12- resize the goal, it seems like one goalkeeper and an additional player would block the whole goal !
13- i want to feel like i’m playing and “watching” a real football game.

that’s really what matters.
for more teams, leagues…etc.. FIFA fans can do it themselves without wasting EA time thinking about such things!

what we originally have now is enough ( and more than enough when comparing to other football games ).

—— the updated section——
-players should be able to pass each other!
it’s almost impossible to pass a player.
-fake shoots.

16-03-2004, 09:11:PM
– Futsal

– the option to “lock” into a player… so you stay that player the whole game… i.e NHL2002 style (some other soccer game had it also, but i forget the name)

– a “player career” option… where you can attempt tasks… and depending on how well you go… you get signed to a youth squad (and your attributes are calculated) … then on performance basis bigger clubs may want to approach to sign you (or if you’re bad…. you get sacked)…. (this is where the “locked in” player mode will come in best allowing the FIFA player to go from a youth player to play in their biggest clubs) …. its sort of a performance based game (the appeal of Championship Manager)… plus a decent action soccer game (the appeal of fifa)… you’ll corner the market and make it the #1 Football/Soccer game Ever….

17-03-2004, 01:26:AM
Do these

Release the FULL creation centre on time (Preferably with the game)

Allow for Internet radio play and fewer people will complain about the music. Preferably this should read the song titles from the websites that give them (www.hot105fm.com) and display them on FIFA.

17-03-2004, 01:37:AM
Better free kick system
Better corner kick system
Better crossing system (Fifa 03 was perfect and simple)
Creation Centre in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Proper hair styles (Denis Irwin has a mullet!, how realistic is that!)
Proper skin colours (David James is black!!!!!! i mean come on do some research, open your eyes, if he’s black, then my ass is made of candy floss!)
Manager reactions (e.g Porto manager this year against Man.utd)

Ability to go round goalkeepers
Step overs (e.g Cristiano Ronaldo)
If you do a really good shot but doesn’t go in, it’ll b good if u had replays of it from different angles. (But this might get annoying after a while hehe)
Substitution Cinematics (E.g if captain goes off he takes his captains armband off and gives it to someone else)
More violence!!!!!!!! :rockman:

17-03-2004, 05:47:AM
The amount of requests where cosmetics is the most important is shocking me. ‘Jamaican league is a must’, lol, that one had me laughing. And the others about faces boots and the like. No wonder this game outsells PES by such a large margin.
I want a game where the gameplay is the most important. Fifa has so much going for it, but the gameplay sometimes is a major, major drawback.

I want the attributes to make a difference.

When I am defending I dont want my computer controlled defenders to sprint into the midfield when the ball is passed forward to the attacker that is sprinting into the space the defender was marking.

When I switch players I dont want the new player to do that scripted sprint forward then I eventually have full control about a second later after he has conceded the space I wanted to mark.

When I am the defender passing the ball, I dont want that delay between the button press and the pass that is much longer than if he were a midfeilder or attacker. Defenders arent crap at fooball these days you know.

When I switch to a defender who is chasing a ball played over the top, I dont want that slight freezing/ slow down that happens
and gives the attacker the advantage.

I want the football to be more flowing rather than the series of jerks it is when you pass and the recieving scripted player turns with no control from yourself, or he takes ages to control and do what you want him to do. Football is not this.

And when my opponent crosses in the OTB mode and the defender goes into that script when he stands behind the attacker and waits for the ball to drop so that the only challenge he can make gives you a 80% chance of him fouling inside the box. Thats so pathetic.
I want tactics to work precisely as I have instructed ie, when I select 451 and defensive, 8 players should not be stranded in the attack when the move breaks down.

EA have given the advantage to the attacker in this game, thats why the PES buyers who have looked at this game complain about the amount of goals and how easy it is to score. Football is also about the art of defending too, and that has never been something that EA have felt the need to have in the game, or that Americans feel is important.

18-03-2004, 01:47:AM
I wan´t that our name Aalborg BK is in Fifa 2005 and not only Aalborg.

Aalborg Stadium hope I also cut come in the game.

/ www.aalborg-bk.dk 🙂

18-03-2004, 05:44:AM
Euro 2004 stadiums would be nice…:rolleyes:
but gameplay improvements would be great! in fifa2004 it’s almost impossible to drible opponent players for example…
an indoor mode, just like fifa97 and 98 had.
a player career mode, were you would create a player (could be yourself), choose a position to play (goalkeeper included), you would start in a small team, and depending on your performances you could sign for bigger teams…only saw one game like that so far, it was Libero Grande i think it was from Namco and was only out for the PS, this idea has so much potencial and was never explored the way it should be 🙁

19-03-2004, 04:12:AM
i want better gameplay and better freekicks plz .thanx

19-03-2004, 05:50:AM
Here is some request from me and some friends:

1. Maybe EA can make FIFA for all paddle type (Sidewinder, Thrustmaster, Logitech)
2. Menus were bad in FIFA 2004 and were so good in FIFA 2003 so maybe there’s some work on it 🙂
3. Maybe can we kick corner with ‘Reimoise’ style.
4. When there’s a goalkick and we want to make a change, keeper shoot a small passing, it is not good at all 🙂
5. More possibilities to shoot penalty (Panenka or some other stuff)
6. No more ‘unlock’ stuff.
7. About EASO, maybe can we earn more point if we play with a smaller teams. It’s boring because most player take Real, Chelsea, … sometimes, we see a Real-Real game.
8. Maybe can EA put Creation Center directly on the original CD and able us to add league, teams, competitions with official calendar.
9. And sure, more world club and national teams (depends of licences unfortunately :()

Cheers, Cyprom.

19-03-2004, 08:10:AM
– A Creation Centre where you can assign Goalkeeper and 3rd kits to any team, with the ability to edit everything in the game database.
– Make it harder to score from outside the box.
– A few stadiums from South America, at least one stadium per continent.
– Brazilian League!!! Brazilian League!!! At least try to put all 1st division teams in the game. 🙂
– If possible, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana
– Seven substitutes at the bench
– More compatibility with different gamepads
– Ability to run the game in lower-spec machines (sorry, i know this one is quite hard to make)
– Substitution Cinematics

19-03-2004, 02:30:PM
ok off the ball control should stay it rocks…they should have alllll the stadium or maybe 80% for all teams…the pitches don’t look that realistic and when i bought fifa some pitches were like circle..but i don’t even saw any of that…FACES!!!!! this is one thing i love to see..hopefully 80% are realistic…and boots…we can’t always have those dumb EA black boots..at least have vapor or watsoever for a player…the online play:they should improve the stats making..more ppl to join clubs..improve those stupid servers..the last thing is don’t bring out the game isf its not fully finished like fifa 04!!!!:rockman:

20-03-2004, 01:53:AM
here’s my request EA (if u really read these boards):

Either live up to your promise of “total ball control” and great soccer simulation, or dont make anymore soccer games.

Cuz i can tell you RIGHTTTT NOW: I will NOT be buying FIFA 2005.

20-03-2004, 03:27:AM
as the game goes on have their jerseys come out of their shorts.

by the way, their shorts are way too high up

20-03-2004, 10:21:PM
1. More Chants – I’m sick of hearing ‘One Wayne Rooney’ over and over again!

2. PLEASE bring back the Indoor stadium, this is the reason I’m still playing FIFA 98.

3. ALL Nations, including American Samoa & Fiji with FULL WC Qualifying, AND the ability to play in the World Cup (unlike FIFA 2002).


22-03-2004, 05:08:AM
How about each team has weaknesses and strengths?

for example: Real Madrid more likely to concede goals through quick counter-attacks and more likely to score goals from set pieces 🙂

22-03-2004, 05:18:AM
– 100% customizable controls. and have the option to manage a different action pressing two buttons at the same time or whatever. It’s annoying being unable to do this. as not everybody as the “official joypad” to play the game as it should be.
– Mexican League
– Argentinian League
– Libertadores Cup
– More Brazilian Clubes
– Better and customizable cameras
– Upgradable teams (sometimes the game comes before a squad has made their player exchanges or change uniform, or uniform number). It’s buggy playing with non up-to-date teams.
– Player(s) Editable mode (to change numbers, shoes, hair style, beard or moustache etc.)
– Improved Lightning and Weather FX (there are no weather FX at all which is not good, we need rain, snow; and lightning fx are so poor, looks like cartoons).
– Improved Cinematics (for substitutions, fouls, stadium presentation, people mood, etc.)
– AI of the game is completely wrong.
– Improved ball control.
– Improved player control.
– Better online game experience.

24-03-2004, 09:02:AM
everyone pretty much has said everything..

Turkish League and I would like the ability to create your own stadium, like in Madden 2004. And a creation center for consoles.

24-03-2004, 11:05:PM
I request an in-depth, realistic shooting system, which requires intelligence and skill/timing to score, not just some lucky timed shot from far out.

It’s always the shooting system, which makes FIFA suffer. It’s just bloody easy!!!!!! :kader:


25-03-2004, 12:26:AM
I would like to see in fifa 2005 -:

– More REALISTIC AI – Such as macking it possible to run round defenders rather than them just swiping the ball from your feet.

– More REALISTIC Player Stats – At the moment when you have the ball Div 3 palyers can catch up with you even if your some one like Henry, You should be able to have better players run faster.

– More in-depth training in Carrer Mode.

– I would also like to have more detail such as the make and colour boots the players where, like Beckhams Gunmetal predators.

– You should also be able to Create players and Edit current ones.

– I would also like to see the Off-the-Ball control in there but improved, also better skills would be nice, E.g -: Step overs, nutmegs, and they should be easier to control.

I hope this helps.


25-03-2004, 08:44:AM
Right here goes…..i hope you people actually read these.

1.For example…I like to play as my team in the premiership on fifa 2004. and i like to actually feel i am playing in the premiership. At the moment this is not happenning and can be sorted in a number of ways.

Ok you cant have every stadium but something that resemble a premiership stadium is a must because in this country the stand behind the goals are very close. in fifa they are miles away and it feels like a european stadium. even in highbury. it makes a lot of difference.

to have realistic fixtures like, 80% of league fixtures being played at 3pm on a saturday. and to creat an atmosphere as if it is a saturday afternoon game. Let the commentators introduce the teams and lineups on screen. being able to see subs coming off the bench.Or what about seeing the managers reaction to a miss or conceding a goal.(thats a good one)have louder or angrier crowds at derby matches. have players making mistakes. goalkeepers dropping the ball (happens all the time) defenders slipping. having proper weather. why is it always dry in fifa04? players get sent off for a last defender foul in the box. player diving or doing 2 footed tackles. Referee consulting his linesmen for a tight decision. All of this builds tension and its what makes the beautiful game what it is. It is important to recreate it by including these details.

Players attributes working more. more skillful or faster players should be able to out do lesser players. not 100% of the time tho.

Camera angles either sorted out of made fully customisable. IMPORTANT. because i have spent a whole evening changing the angle because i couldnt get into the game only to realise there wasnt one i liked enough. make the height and zoom ranges further so i can go higher if i want.

IMPORTANT interface is a mess at the moment. try something that resembles what they do on sky. bold, colourful,3d. its boring and dark and pages dont fit on screen. others games can do it. tcm 2004 is better for it.

more things to make it feel like a proper season like goal of the month (and actually show it), player and managers of the month. team of the day (star players) like in tcm2004.top goalscorers etc….

id like to see players that play well get man of the match not just the goal scorers.

for it to display the right competition in the game. so doesnt say premiership game when im playing Lyon in the European Champions Cup.

being able to choose stadium for your club. creation centre should never have been axed. bring it back.

custom tournaments…or even just international competitions at all.

it sounds like a lot but its all withing your capabilities as you have come this far. Still the best game by far. reason i bought a ps2. but it fustrates me because of the above. thankyou


oh i forgot.

defenders play too deep and you can never drop a ball over the defence for your forward to run onto because the sweeper is standing 30 yards behind the other defenders. unrealistic

goalkeepers. generally good. but sometimes they jump unrealistically far and have unrealistically quick reactions to shots and free kicks.( if your fk is heading for the top corner, its not that often a goalkeeper will save it. they save it easlily 95% of the time.

26-03-2004, 02:36:AM
Here are my requests:

1) When you select the formation squad, please allow us to locate an specific player wherever we want, as you can do in the Konami’s ISSS64.

2) Allow us to select team captain.

3) Let us decide from the beggining as in the corner kicks, who makes the shoots for the free kicks if you are in the right side of the field or if you are in the left side, for example, you could use Roberto Carlos or Beckham in specific zones of the field.

4) Let the computer make automatic trades, just as in NBA live 2004.

5) Create and modify center, for players, teams, leagues, tournaments.

6) Better control of the right analog stick, I mean tricks easier to do for premium players as Zidane, Ronaldo, etc.

7) Let the AI controled team make substitutions of players during the game and not only when there is an injured player, as in FIFA 2003.

8) Mexican and Argentinian league.

9) Let us to buy players from every league in the game.

10) Let the strongest teams make transfer and adquisitions of star players from around the world.

11) Make this available for every console platform and pc.

12) Accurate calendar, for example, if you play a league tournament it should be played on Saturday or Sunday, if it’s a Champions league, it should be played on Tuesday or Wednesday, if its a Coup tournament it should be played on Tuesday or wednesday. And please, no Champions league game should be played in the same week as you play a Cup game. This is for the career mode. And for the normal league (for example Spanish Liga Primera), alternate local games and away games, no 3 locals and 3 away, just alternate 1 to 1.

13) In career mode, please do not make a 5 year limit, allow us to retire players, offer new contracts to them, etc, as in NBA Live 2004 dynasty mode.

Hope this will be “heard” by EA

26-03-2004, 03:14:AM
GREAT GANEPLAY!!!!!! even if it means we have to play with only two teams in the whole game.

27-03-2004, 01:08:AM
This used to be in older versions of FIFA where you could change attributes of existing players, or even create new players. (name mostly, but also face style, hair color, number, position, etc. )

That used to be a BLAST !!!

27-03-2004, 06:09:AM
I wish for FIFA 2005:
Leagues, Cups and Teams
– Holland Casino Eredivisie
– Gouden Gids Divisie
– Amstel Cup
– Holland national team
– UEFA Champions League
– UEFA Cup
– Amsterdam ArenA
– Philips Stadium
– De Kuip
– Indoor
– All kits for all the teams in the game for the new season not from last year
– All kits in 2GK
– Creation Centre IN-GAME
– Stadium builder
– Nike
– Lineup (only when playing tournament or cup)
– Rain
– Snow
– Clear Day/Night
– Rainy Day/Night
– Ajax
– Feyenoord
Creation Centre
– Create new Players and Teams
– Create Leagues (playable in friendly match and career mode)
– Edit Commentary
– Dutch leagues correct generic faces
– Real faces: Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV

27-03-2004, 11:16:AM
FIFA 2005 should include the following:

1. Mexican and Argentinian league, or at least some teams (thanks for including Monterrey in 2004 :rockman:, but please don’t remove it!) And their original uniforms and players. FIFA 2004 had last year’s uniforms from latin american teams, and compared to European uniforms, they looked real bad. Make them with the same quality.

2. At least one stadium from each country.

3. Create A Team and Create A Player (VERY IMPORTANT!)

4. To be able to edit players like changing jersey numbers, hair style, name, boots, etc. (It is annoying playing with a player who has a different number than in real life)

5. More goal and foul animations. Include the substitution animations. Crowd chants from all the world.

6. Realistic uniforms for national teams (Mexico’s in 2004 was…)

7. There were many bugs in 2004, like when the game freezes, or wrong replay angles. They should be fixed in 2005.

8. Bring back the bicycle kick and include more freestyle moves.

9. Penalties should be improved. (not just left, middle, right; there’s like 1/3 possibility of saving them) It would be great if you could choose to play penalties directly from the main menu.

10. How about the goalkeeper making a penalty and getting a yellow or even a red card?

11. When I score a great goal I want to see it over and over again, but there’s no option to save replays…

That’s all I can think for now. I hope they are considered by EA. FIFA 2005 has to be the greatest soccer game ever, you can do it! :rockman:


28-03-2004, 12:24:AM
I want to have:
-Stadium editor, so we can make a specific stadium for each team, easily
-Get a license for Champions League and UEFA-Cup
-Weather, like rain and snow
-Better gameplay and interface
-CC in game, with the possibility to make our own tournament
-National tournaments
-More cinematics, example when you win a league/cup you can see the players receiving the trophy and medals. And substitutions cinematics
-More chants
-Indoor stadium
-More leagues and teams (also national teams)
-At least one stadium from each league
-Better commentators (maybe even with some new languages, like German, Spanish, French and Norwegian):crazyboy:
-Bring back the old season mode
-Keeper can go out from the penalty-area and score, like in previuos FIFAs
-Keeper get carded
-When it’s almost full time and a team need a goal, the keeper can come up on corners.

28-03-2004, 01:47:AM
The crowd- In NHL 2004, they get up individually at points to cheer, they show the home side’s fans up and screaming when the puck is in the net, while the away fans sit quietly- I want that for fifa. You cant tell me that in a Real Madrid vs Barca game the away fans are going to applaud a home team goal because it was “a good goal” they’re gunna sit, and boo the player for the rest of the game when he touches the ball… And when i said Good goal- We didn’t really get any, the scorer would be miles outside the box, it would look like he slipped on a banana peel- and then the ball would rocket into the top corner.

For goal cinematics, how bout the players jumping on each other, it happens in every game.

-Unmirrored boots, faces
-USE 2GK, and have the 1gk for the people that cant use 2gk.

Also, what happened to long sleeves? U need them….

Taylor Twellman doesn’t have black hair and some fruity necklace!
Cancela is not a bench player! (Both New England Revolution, USA)


Power to the corner kicks

I want good goals, not scripted crap.


Both team’s kits should get dirty, not just the home sides.
Make the Ref and AR seen in regular action by default
I want to see good net deformation when you score a goal- even when u fix the file, it doesnt really deform as much

UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND NIKE LICENCES!- it cant be that hard, u guys are making ridiculous ammounts of money off us…. Cmon EA. Please include these things.

28-03-2004, 10:42:PM
2gk from the start…editor available with the game like CM…faces for atleast 1 player in popular teams like Rangers…man u…arsenal…Chelsea…Bayern…Not just klike 8 faces in big teams…

Japan and holland in international…splitt the national teams into different regions eg conmebol…indoor mode…like Fifa 98 as indoor was fun…

29-03-2004, 06:24:PM
fifa sucks though

29-03-2004, 11:42:PM
Is this being sent to EA???? We should send them a copy of this!

I want to see the following

1.) Improved 1st Division faces and commentry (player naming etc)
2.) Better commentators, maybe Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, Ally McCoist drives me nuts!
3.) International tournaments
4.) Player/Team edit
5.) More managerial input in career mode. transfers etc.
6.) Career mode to last longer than 5 years and for youngsters to develop, new comers to come through, and older players to retire.
7.) Better goal celebrations from player and commentator.
8.) Better sense of achievement from winning tournament. when you win nothing happens, most disappointing!
9.) Save goal replays.
10.) Replays of shots that are saved or hit the post, maybe next time the ball goes out of play.

30-03-2004, 12:10:AM
what i want to see on fifa2005 is more tactical options. as a simulation game, the tactics should reflect the real game of football. for example it would be great to have the option create your own formation and give individual players specific instructions (which you had on fifa98 i think). for example a player like roberto carlos certainly does not behave the same way as most left-backs, so we should be able to give specific instructions for him to attack as much as possible. also, a team like juventus plays with two strikers, trezeguet and del piero, but they both behave very differently, tactically, trezeguet pretty buch stays in the penalty area waiting for chances, while del piero drifts around the area creating chances. all this would make the game much more realistic and enjoyable … isn’t that what you’re going for?

31-03-2004, 04:02:AM
Bring back the option to swap players within your national team squad(like it was in FIFA98 RTWC)

Add option to turn off the “Off the ball” control or get rid of it altogether, and use the player AI instead.

You should be able to customize the difficulty setting, f.e Goalk: Easy, Def: Hard etc.

Make the Left and Right foot atrribute really noticeable ingame, not just on Set Pieces like it now.

More management options- more tactics, and you should be able to give individual player intructions like “forward runs”, “free role” etc. aswell as team instructions like “wing backs” etc.

31-03-2004, 01:55:PM
Put in all natinal teams from now on, and if this cant be achieved two seperate FIFA’s intrnationl and club

31-03-2004, 05:17:PM
i want a GOOD GUI

01-04-2004, 05:10:AM
they need to do israeli league the 1st and the 2nd

01-04-2004, 10:28:AM
-Like most people have already mentioned PLEASE bring back create a player/ team, also more international teams+ tournaments would be nice, plus a few more stadiums. Otherwise i thought the game was quite good, i’m just one of those people who loves being able to put themselves onto their favourite team- this option is very good on other EA games .e.g. NBALIVE2004, and it’s fun to watch your player improve as you progress through the seasons- maybe a longer career mode as well 10+yrs ? :crazyboy:

01-04-2004, 12:36:PM
most important thing for me is players ratings actually affect how they play in game. Henry should be able to blaze by defenders in division one and so on. But yet, i cannot get past these defenders because they magically have the same speed as Henry. It is ridiculous

03-04-2004, 08:11:AM
first i want to thanks the ea folks for th work they ahve been doing , i’ve played fifa for the last 7 years and every year i look forward to buy it .My requests are:
1) PLEASE add the caribean nations in to the national teams pool , u guys have to know that soccer is very popular in the us and most people who but the fafa games are spanish and caribeans , so add our national teams so we can be happy ,haiti is doing good now on the international scene so add my team to the game please ,
2) also add The Gold and the copa caribe
3) come back with edit mode , teams players and etc


05-04-2004, 12:28:AM
I do not request much, for there is not much that needs to be requested Appart from one thing. One thing that has made me mad ever since fifa 2003.


That Wales be added as an international team.

(They were pulled out of FIFA 03 and FIFA 04, but were in previous years this displeased me alot and made me unhappy and I nearly did not purchase 03 and 04 because of this.)

05-04-2004, 05:27:AM
My requests…

Human AI-Have some people play the game and have it so that the computer’s actions is varied on every occassion and unable to be predicted.

Less shots let in from long range-It was ridiculous in 2004, I know a lot of goals come from long range in real-life but no way would you see nearly 5 from such long distances.

Better commentating-last year had no flow. Also fix the problem where the commentator is saying something and then doesn’t finish what he was saying and just rambles to something else. Maybe have the commentators excuse themselves before moving on to a real-time situation in the game.

Weather-Nuff’ said.

Varied Gamestyles-Italian teams should play like Italian teams and Spanish teams should play like Spanish teams.

05-04-2004, 10:10:AM
More International emphasise:
– Snapshot of the national anthem
– Have the power to call up players
– A few non European home grounds (unlockable perhaps?)
– Different game style to club soccer

I’ll be back….

06-04-2004, 05:34:AM
I was hoping that the game would actualy have the lower division teams faces or skin colour at least rite.

06-04-2004, 06:32:PM
-More leagues like the mexican, argentine,greek, the libertadores cup.
-more stadiums, the azteca, maracana,la bombonera (boca jrs),jalisco stadium, the river plate stadium, seoul, yokohama, gwangu.
-better gameplay
-variety of balls
-save replays

09-04-2004, 02:29:PM
– Bring back the ability to play just a league, or just a season. Perhaps the season mode from previous releases where you can just keep playing year after year without worrying about all the training etc that goes on in career mode.

– When selecting kits, don’t just make it either home or away. Have individual selection for shirts, shorts and socks, because, as we all know, there are many games throughout a season where different variations of a team’s kit will be used. eg. Man Utd: home kit with white socks vs. Newcastle (away), home kit with black shorts vs Blackburn, etc.

– In career mode or season mode, allow us to choose the stadium before each match. Also night or day here too. It’s much better this way, because you don’t end up playing all FA Cup games at night which i ended up doing in FIFA 2004 for some reason.

– Make different nets for different stadiums. Simple really. Make them move as well.

– Less cut-scenes. For a variation on what is now becoming a tired trend after scoring a goal, just keep the camera angle as it is and pan across to watch the celebrations…THEN go to a cut scene of the crowd or something, and then back to the players.

10-04-2004, 02:46:AM
My requests

1. Player profiles. When you’re playing multiplayer it would be good to see post match stats so that every players performance is rated. Each player creates a profile like in 2004, but then can use it when playing in multiplayer, so at the end of the game you can compare with your friends with who was “man of the match”, stats such as goals, tackles won, passes completed etc would gather in a points system and at the end screen there would be ratings. Top fun and I’m sure not too hard to do.

2. Commentary. The English commentary in 2004 is simply awful, with the commentators saying things that would never ever be said in a live broadcast, also very repetitive. Bring back specific comments about certain players and clubs.

3. Chants, again a real step down from 2003, when Ruud Van Nistelrooy scores I want to hear the crowd go “Ruuuuuud!!” The player specific chants in 2003 were absolutely brilliant. Also the chants are very repetitive in 2004.

4. I don’t expect every player to be photo perdect, however I would think that the entire squads of the G14 clubs (Europes most powerdul) should all be photo perfect, because lets face it, most people will regularly play as them or against them. There is no excuse for John O’Shea to be blonde in 2004!

5. Save replays, especially on XBOX, with the hard drive how hard could it be?

6. A workable skills control. The freestyle option just doesn’t work properly, a combination of buttons would be much better (e.g. hold down shoulder button+ press other button)

10-04-2004, 05:22:AM
The only stadium to stage 2 World cup Finals!
The only reason why I buy WE7 is because they have an editor

10-04-2004, 12:55:PM
A real home and away option(two legs) in the friendly mode. I like to set up my own turnament and I play a home and away game but a team doesn’t realize they are loosing over two legs when they are up by a goal in the second game. So they may let up even though they need more goals to win over the two legs.

11-04-2004, 12:21:AM
FIFA 2005 needs to be like the older versions, just with better graphics and game play.

– Edit mode need to come back.

It’d be brilliant to design your own Nike kit (choose from the several designs of kits Nike make then choose colours to go with it). Also, you could choose a sponser for your kit… Imagine a bright pink Nike kit with Vodafone sponsering them.


I love playing five-a-side football and it was brilliant in FIFA 98.

– More authenticity with competitions and footwear.

I’d love to see myself wearing funky blue mercurial vapors.

The’re my ideas. I’m sure they’d make the game so much better. Especially the indoor arenas. They were gotten rid of in FIFA 99 and havent been brought back! 🙁

11-04-2004, 01:03:AM
I want uruguayan league, and the legendary Centenario stadium which is the best of America.:rockman: (H)

11-04-2004, 01:09:AM
I think a deal with Sky Sports would be really cool, that would really improve the menus and in-game presentation. Being able to see the team selection and the commentators providing their insight on how each team will play would be really good. Also a choice of commentators would be a good idea. Having the likes of Andy Gray (bring him back please!), Martin Tyler, John Motson and perhaps even Alan Shearer or Mark Lawrenson would add to the overall feel of the game. And what about national anthems for those friendly games and big tournaments (which they had better include this year!)? That would bring a big sense of patriotism and hearing the crowd sing along with it would be amazing. Another good thing would be to dislpay some of the scores from other games in the league (particularly in the career mode) so that we know how other teams are doing, giving an added imputice to win the big games (that might give you promotion or save you from relegation). I think they should get rid of the player swap system completely, it was absolutely useless when trying to update each squad. I agree with a lot of people who want to see a create-a-player, tournament or even stadium feature because that would really give us the control of the team that we are playing as. A better transfer system would be really nice to see. Watching other teams try and strengthen their own squads by purchasing other players from teams (besides your own) would bring a sense of spending your cash wisely and matching those teams in terms of quality. I hope that Fifa 2005 will look at Madden for inspiration, because even though I don’t play those games, they really are quite amazing. I also agree with the idea of having proper nike, umbro, mizuno, reebok boots on these players to make them stand out a bit more while their on the pitch. Plus I hope to see players perhaps needing surgery (like Sol Campbell) that would be really cool ‘cos then we have the decision to make them play through the pain or if its in the early stages of the season, let them go for treatment and have them come back for the latter stages of the campaign.

11-04-2004, 04:17:AM
I think the in Fifa 2005 there should be

They should return the Weather effects
Career mode longer that 5 years
More national teams
more african and latin american clubs
more asian clubs
More harder gameplay .. and the gameplay is the most important

11-04-2004, 03:06:PM
-we7 gameplay or even fifa 2002 game play(best gameplay ever)
-able to import boots and jerseys on ps2
– good online, with all modes online
-Canada in international
-Some A league teams (wouldnt bother me if not in)
-more cinematics
-Fun Game!

11-04-2004, 09:59:PM
i reckon the game interface should be more user friendly. In fifa04 u go through a few menus to acces the league table and fixtures hard to read. Its also impossible to find out who is the top scorer in the league.

just little things like that. also have creation centre in game.

12-04-2004, 01:53:AM
as long as it has chester in the game i am alrite 😀

in game editor would be good tho… or an advanced editor on a diff cd where u save changes into ya memory card

12-04-2004, 02:19:AM
U know… I think that 1stly ratings should take an effect (ie Cygan should NoT be able to catch Schevchenko at full sprint) and also the ratings need to be improved! Frey is better than 56 and COupet is definitely better than 42! (+ Carriere ) another thing is that the ratings need 2 be less. in my opinion only Henry, Van Nistelrooy, Nesta, Ronaldo Raul and Zidane should have + 85 ratings coz when you give Ronaldo a rating of 98 and want to introduce Pele into the game how much must u give him?

12-04-2004, 12:07:PM
Ok with the release of FIFA 2005 closer each day my suggestions are:

1) PLEASE!!!!!! add realistic boots for all versions i mean PC and console too, is very dissapointing when u have the Console ver and for PC u get all the patches and your console becomes very outdated…

2) Rest of the world was nice, but there are some missing teams, like the colombian ones, instead of the Austrian and Korean (pittyful leagues) put real leagues from the american continent like the Argentinian or Mexican, the Brazilian is ok but guys c’mon i’m sure u all have cable tv the brazilian league is better than the one i’ve played in the game, the argentinian and mexican leagues are the best leagues of the continent so please put them in the game.

3) More stadiums!!!, i’d like to see the Eurocup stadiums in the game, and at least 2 stadiums of every new league (Argentinian and Mexican ones) i’d love to see the Bombonera and Mexico 68 stadiums in FIFA 2005.

4) Ambient: SO IMPORTANT when some team play at their ground the noise of the crowd is so loud, in Fifa 2004 the crowd is loud but they all get quiet after the game begins i mean WTF???? :f***: have u ever been in the stadium????

5) Realism: Basic. The AI can’t simply stop a log shot????, i mean long shots actually happen in real life but in the game is a simply way to score goals, the AI need an improvement in that area and also check the others suggestions of my forum-mates.

6) Faces and real faces, Does Rafael Marquez actually looks like FIFA 2004??? i guess not… and this not only applies for him u should check other players too.. :kader:

7) A player creator and a Stadium creator for all versions. 😉

That’s all i can ask for now, and i think that the FIFA community will be happy if this and the other suggestions count for the next FIFA… FIFA 2005

Cheers Ally!!!

12-04-2004, 11:49:PM

13-04-2004, 07:38:PM
hi guys
Try this list

1. Better Goalkeeper A.I EG. shots outside the area, more save angles

2. More real stadiums… the new england one should be St James Park , but add others like Ibrox, Celtic Park, Porto, Benfica

2b. Must add turkish league and greek league ( panathinkaikos + olympiakos stadium then can be added)

3. More real faces , id like to see at least 1 real face per team, that way everybody is happy and can look forward to something

4. Improved overall stat, we dont want people from Denmark getting 30 skill mark if they dont deserve do we ? Forget the assumptions that just becuase the league is weak all the players are rubbish

5.Improved C Stick tricks, make it work!

6. Greater overall difficulity and more realism with the random results, arsenal finishing 12th ? lol

7. MOST IMPORTANT: Weather, we were promised ” an advanced weather system” shortly before FIfa 2004 early plans were released but we didnt get, come on Fifa, we want rain, gusts, Snow, hail! Like the old days!

8. More to do in training, similiar to PES3’s ” tasks” maybe.

9. Proper cups please. MOST IMPORTANT: Final played on neutral ground!

10. Official referee’s please, we had them last Fifa.

11. Different refeering ability, some dodgy, some not

12. A proper penalty taking system, we want top corners please!

13. More enhanced commentary

14. A little screen showing the squad and where the players play when the teams walk out onto the pitch, similiar to on PES3, would be very welcome

15. Reduce the game slow down at night matches

16. Champions League matches at night

16.b ( Would it be possible to base the enviroment of the match around your internal clock ? For example, play a match at 11:00 am,it would be a day match the weather might be sunny, whatever, play a match at 23:00pm and it would be a night match )

17. Mathces on a Saturday, plus one mid-week maybe, not that silly all matches on a Monday thing or whatever

18. The ability to foul the keeper! Bring that back!

19. MOST IMPORTANT: More injuries, and Goalkeeper injuries too, becuase there is very little point of having 2 keepers in Fifa atm.

And Finally,

20. Save Replay on all consoles please!

13-04-2004, 08:03:PM
As far as im concerned you have nailed the presentation and graphics, sure annual updates are required but id personally spend more time on:

1) Animation: Sack the motion capture off it gives the impression the players are skating across the pitch, if I want an ice hockey game i’d buy an NHL game. Increase the turning circle of the players, tricks and other skills look decidedly clumsy.

2) Speed settings. Admittedly people like the more arcadey nature of fifa but those who want a more realistic game should be able to slow it down! The last version supposedly had one (in the instuction manual it was included) but obviosly it was hidden!

3) Better ball physics. For some reason the ball jerks through the air, maybe its frame rate issues or the fact that the game is too fast for itself. (I own the Xbox version)

4) Loose the gimmicks. The gameplay of the game should speak for itself, concentrate on game play elements that will actually improve the game instead of dreaming up ideas that will trick an 11 year old kid into buying the game to become the 12th man or so he can have off the ball control! I didnt think off the ball control added anything to the game other than confusion, football is simple, keep it simple!

5)Tighten up the controls they somehow feel slightly fuzzy and wooly (too soft).

Ignore the fact that people want more stadiums, more liscences etc. You would be more proud of yourself if the game played better im sure of it!

Good luck, im interested to see what improvements are made, hopefully they wont all be cosmetic.

13-04-2004, 08:21:PM
For the most part most of us I think agree on the need to add a more realistic gameplay (smarter AI), special moves etc should be considered in the next version. Here’s my 2 cents on the subject:

– Gameplay. Although I do like the game play in 2k4 (say over 2k3) I would like to see more special moves i.e. bicycle kicks etc. Ingame FX such as flares should be re-introduced into the game.

– Custom cups etc. The ablility to create your own custom league tournaments such as CL/UEFA in the even they are not possible due to obvious reason, licensing.

– Call me old skool, but I was not crazy about the Career Mode in FIFA04, especially when you have a product like TCM 2004 out there. I would much rather see FIFA as an arcade type game where you can play any league championship (ingergraded with a cup tournament and CL/UEFA competitions). However, since TCM is a very enjoyable game, I’d rather see a Football Fusion style export utility where you can manage your team via TCM and import this data into FIFA.

– Better intergration with TCM/Football Fusion to FIFA. In other words, allow TCM import into FIFA of entire Leagues (even if that league does not exist in FIFA04). This way you can play in arcade mode the custom teams and leagues.

– Better intergration of custom graphics etc. Since more is always better, I can see EA doing custom kits etc for every single team and division. An editor should be added so that these details could be easily added (i.e. chants, banners, flags, kits and so on).


14-04-2004, 05:39:AM
I dont know if this idea was mentioned before but I will state it anyways. How about an online mode where you control only 1 player on the field. Like in SOCOM you have 8 on 8. So you get in a room(connection should be limited to high speed) with a bunch of guys and u pick teams and divide up. Then you could be ranked by what position you play in. Form all-star teams as you form clans in SOCOM.

14-04-2004, 06:19:AM
Partizan Belgrade Please! I know it’s annoying when people ask for specific teams but i feel they should be in the game, along with more eastern european teams like Dynamo Kiev, and Lokamotiv Moscow. Indoor footie would be great to have again, very fun. And online gameplay needs to improve, downloadable rosters to use in the game as well as online, option to have golden goal and pk shootout, ability to check stats after a game, ability to use reserves online as well. Improve the passing in the game, get rid of off the ball controls (to easy to score of glitches), make it harder to score distance goals, create simulation and arcade modes, overall more realistic gameplay.

14-04-2004, 08:38:AM
* I am so surprised that every EA Sports game for PlayStation 2 has console editing and “create a player” except for FIFA. Please have console editing and “create a player” for FIFA 2005.

* Please have National Team tournaments and Tournament Mode for 2005. That looks like a neat feature on Euro 2004.

Thank you very much and I hope EA Sports is reading this thread.

14-04-2004, 10:35:PM
1. Provide a good creation centre when we buy the game. This should be included edit player, teams, add player, teams, competition.

2. Include more lower level international team (just like FIFA2002) such as Wales, Hong Kong, New Zealand…etc

3. Creat Penalty mode in FIFA2005

4. Include “Team management” at training mode

5. Custom tourmant can be created in game (FIFA2000 model is an good example)

Actually i don’t like Career Mode in FIFA2004, it is boring.:kader:

Hope to release soon……:hump:

15-04-2004, 03:07:AM
add Lithuania 😮

15-04-2004, 05:24:PM
2.Realistic pitch
3.Editable formation mode………with wingbacks(…….sure they removed this on purpose:f***: )
4.Realistic ball movement…….so that ot feels……”I” scored a goal
all by myself………

17-04-2004, 08:32:PM
Here are my suggestions:

1. More tournaments and the ability to create your own.

2. An improved AI because in FIFA 04 the AI is very limited. Although it is much better than previous years it is still not good, I mean the same thing can happen 5 games in a row! So improve the defence and attack, like the fact that any defender can keep up with any striker! Thats nonsense! Players like Henry etc should be able to weave through small teams defences.

3. Cinematics. Add more, especially to the strikers! Goalkeepers also need some. Just make the game much more TV like. After a break in play switch to close ups and replays etc of the play. Also show previous plays like goals etc. Maybe offer a TV style play and a basic play for those who just want the game without the breaks in play. Substitution cinematics !!!

4. More official leagues. Especially the Serie A! Teams like Sampdoria, Udinese etc are big teams and they at least deserve good kits!!! Also try to get UCL and Uefa Cup licenses.

5. More faces. Although Fifa 04 is great with regard to the number of faces there should be more. Teams in the top leagues should have the whole team with faces and the key players for smaller teams should also have faces.

6. A new way to make the kits for the game. Use a minimum of 2GK to get good quality.

7. Much more stadiums. At least 5 per league. So say for example Italy > Juve – Delle Alpi. Milan/Inter – San Siro , Roma/Lazio – Olympico, Samp – Genova, Parma etc

8 Support hand balls and have the ability to foul goalies and players ( with the obvious result)

9. Make the career mode more team based like in F1 2002. Also extend the career so players age so you have to buy more, younger players. Also give the top players there true value in say pounds or euros so its like doing real transfers. Also allow loaning of players.

10. Get more licences such as Nike!

Thats all for now. What do you guys think of my suggestions?

18-04-2004, 04:44:AM
Wish list for 2005:

1) International Tournament (FIFA 2005 better have this!!!!!!!!)

2) More S. American Countries/ international teams:
-Ecuador (they were in the last World Cup yet EA took them out).
-Chile (country with a lot of World Cup experience)
-Peru (has important players in Spain, England, Germany: Rebosio, Pizarro, Solano etc.)
-Colombia (because it is not smart to make Colombians angry… just kidding some of my friends are from there)
Oh yeah, and where the hell is Holland (yes I know it is in Europe). Include Holland for 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Include Japan too (you know, one the hosts of WC 2002)!

3) Argentinean and Mexican League

4) Creation Center (like in FIFA 2002)/ Team and Player Editor

-Classic teams (Brazil’s 1962 team with Pele, Maradona with Napoli, etc)
-Unlock new moves (to be used during gameplay)
-Unlock Video Footage (best goals in a World Cup etc)

6) More passionate celebrations after scoring and after winning tournament

7) Bring back “CHILENA” kick (bicycle kick)

8) Give us the ability to tackle (foul) the keeper; it is our right OK!!!!!!!!

9) Keep menus simple like in FIFA 2002, 2003 etc.

10) The starting 11 roster should fit so that you don’t have to scroll down to view the last 3 players. This is time consuming an irritating)

11) Make your menus easier to navigate through. FIFA 2002, 2003 were a lot more user friendly.

12) Show animation for substitutions (like in FIFA 2002)

13) Bring back weather effects.

14) Leader Stat screen like in FIFA 2003

15) UEFA and ECC available (not exclusive to career mode)

16) Put your face in the game option (like in the hockey games). Well, if it can be done.

17) Include COPA LIBERTADORES (only the biggest tournament in the Americas)

18) South American chants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Darn, I am sick of how European EA makes this game. Hello, there are also soccer fans outside of Europe. Besides, don’t Europeans already get their own version of FIFA?)

19) Don’t be afraid to include more S. American clubs (besides Brazilian I mean… and no, we are not satisfied with you adding just two Argentinean team).

P.S.: I love FIFA (I buy the game every single year), but I am thinking of getting W11-8 in 2005 if you guys don’t start listening to your consumers. I just want FIFA to reach its full potential!

19-04-2004, 04:09:AM
Each year (1996…-…???) I have waited for the fifa series of ea sports hoping to play the turkish league. But each year was I disappointed like also this year.
But now I am no longer reliably whether I will buy the game next year!!Leagues such the austrian or japanese leageus are availible, but the wordls 3.best countries (WC2002) league isn’t availible…this is stupid…The turkish leaugue contains also the worlds best club team ever (from the year 2000/2001) who has won the UEFA and the UEFA SuperCup.
Now I am doubting whether this isn’t enough to put at least one licensed leage of turkey….

So i will waite and see…
Greets to EA SPORTS (and please take it seriously)..
Thanks for agreeing

19-04-2004, 07:26:AM
First of…..
-Make winning and scoring more rewarding.
-make scoring unpredictable (in FIFA 2004 i always score from the same spot and it’s too easy even on WorldClass i beat teams like Real Madrid 5-0)
-include International Tourneys
-Creation Centre (please listen to the consumers, im sure 90%of us want the option to put ourselves in the game)
-i read that Euro 2004 will have the New Chip shot in the game….i love this idea please keep it for FIFA 2005
-more moves and i want to be able to beat my opponent when going one on one with him.(not overdone though, like being able to beat someone one on one 60% of the time with world class players is fair enough)
-please include Bosnia and Herzegovina in the game like in FIFA 2002

19-04-2004, 11:12:AM
I wish they would put most of the national teams in (Ala 2002).

Simple menus would be great as well. (Also like 2002)

We need a creation centre IN GAME!!! I hate the seperate program, which takes ages to load, doesn’t have the functionality of user created programs and often crashes. (Again, you had one in 2002).

More leagues are a given, the multi-divisional thing is cool, but let’s see the Argentinian, Mexican and Brazilian top divisions, maybe the J-League as well?

I’d like to see free agents and contract negotiations, in the mold of Madden, the new MVP Baseball, or NBA Live.

Include the World Cup (Not likely, but a guy can pray, can’t he?)

Seperate commentary for individual competitions. For instance, during the FA cup, wouldn’t it be cool if they said that we were PLAYING THE FA CUP rather then just “here we are then, as the group stage of the cup gets under way?”!!!

Madden style team management.

A college draft for MLS.

More stadiums, if possible. MVP Baseball has over 35 stadiums, while the last FIFA had what, like about 10?

In other words, bring FIFA up to date, more like the other EA games.

Finally, get rid of the crappy backround images in the menus. Just have a simple silver background. (Another 2002 feature. Notice a pattern here, guys?)

19-04-2004, 12:07:PM
Ok, here is some of the main things that needs to be improved. i have played the game and written a list of things that need help.
here it goes: (PSSSt im mainly an Xbox user!.)

(1)Injury Difference – When a player is injured they should at least limp around the place instead of being able to play on as normal.
(2)Header System – bring back the header system of Fifa 2002!! that was one of the best.
(3)Transfer Markets – Instead of just buying players, have players put a bid up for someone and have the other team accept or reject or counter-proposal within 2-3 games. Teams should also gain money for winning games as they go on.
(4)Formations – Need more formations in the game. Bring back custiom formations!
(5)Curve in regualr play – This was one of my favourite things in Fifa 2002, the ability to curve the ball on a pass or shot. Come on, not everyshot in a professional soccer match is gonna be straight.
(6)Movement at setpieces – just watch a game of soccer on TV and you will see that no one stands still and waits for the ball to come to them.
(7)Fatigue – Fifa 2002 had a grand fatigue system, it wasnt too draining yet not to simple. As the player gets more tired the slower and less accurate he gets on shots and passes. And show this in the subs menu!
(8)Weather\Day\Night option – enough said. Needs to come back.
(10)More teams and leagues! -the Argintine League! come on! and also need teams like Red Star Belgrade And more National Teams! Espically HOLLAND!
(11)Bigger field – Whenever the ball is cleared upfield there is always a defender there to get the ball and the field also feels a little crowded.
(12)Speed Attributies – Sometimes a faster player with a rating of 10 or 9 can be caught up by a player wiht a rating of 7 or 8. Not realistic.
(13)INGAME CREATION CENTER! – Bring this back definately! A big must! (for all consoles)
(14)Captain Change – not a biggie but difinatley annoying if ur captain gets sent off or injured and someone takes his place.
(15)World Cup\Euro\ChampionsLeague\Uefa Cup – Get these in there and add an international tournament
(16)Extra Attributes – Have a free kick skill for players like Beckham, R.Carlos, Zidane and a Striking skill for Henry and Ronaldo ect…or something like the star players of WC2002.
(17)Keeper Charge\Header Button – this needs to be changed. A real shocker with the heading system the way it is.
(18)Ronaldo in Brazil! – Ok, one of the most dissapointing things was Ronaldo not being in Brazil. If for some reason you cant get the licence or whatever your excuse was at least hace a generic player called ‘Ronald’ or something! Its just not right.
(19)More subs – only 5 subs to chose from is just not enough for ‘total realism’.
(20)More extras to unlock! – Two stadiums…..Seriously….why bother…have some video footage of best goals from world cups!
(21)Halftme Screen – At halftime have a screen come up with the stats of the half and a team management button to change subs at halftime.
(22)Defender A.I. – Make it so the defender doesn’t run away from the ball, esp. when a through ball is played or the defender dosent stand still of the forward does when waiting to receive a pass.
(23)Goalie A.I. – The keepers are better than ever but they runout to stop a one on one at the drop of a hat. That needs to be changed and some times a situation will occur where a ball is rolling slowly along the ground and the keeper gets up and watches it go in. Needs to be fixed.
(25)Added time clock – Show us the added time!! fifa 2001 had it (i think it was that year).dont let the clock stop at 90:00 keep it going or have a popup clock.
(26)Dirty Shirts – Player should get dirtier shirts when its raining and they slide tackle someone. (rugby2001)
(27)Statistics – We need more than just Goals and cards. Assists, goals from free kicks, penalty goals, shots missed, shots saved….. stuff like that.
*my favourite:
(28)New Freestyle control – when the player pushes the Freestyle Joystick to the left the player pushes the ball to his left. When the player pushes the Freestyle Joystick to the right the player pushes the ball to his right. Go left, right, left, and do a push-pull-push to confuse defenders. When the player pushes the Freestyle Joystick up the player does a spin-move. When the player pushes the Freestyle Joystick down the player does a stepover. Puch the joystick down twice and do a double step over. Like the NBALive2004 Freestyle control.
(29)Classic Mode – Have Classic teams and Classic Matches from the past, displaying the best players of the older generation (pele, madadonna, best) to the new generation.
(30)ONLINE UPDATES! – For xbox Live users, have the latest updates available for all leagues!!
(31) All the players for each team! – Where is Frank or Ronald De Boer?! they should be in Barcelona and Rangers but they arent…
(32) Play uor own music ingame – For PC and Xbox users have the choice to play our own music during the game. This is an excellent feature on the Xbox but not enough games are using it.

Tell me what u think of these or if i have missed any big ones.