Teen July 1997


Lonestar State songbird LeeAnn Rimes & Angst Ridden Aussie Daniel Johns

Who asks who: It’s a blind date. The two have been so busy with their respective careers, they haven’t had time to think about romance!

What they wear: She wears a “Blue” dress and he wears a “Silver” tee shirt so they’ll recognize eachother.

Where they go: She wants to go to the rodeo, he suggests surfing, so they comprimise and go to an amusement park.

What they talk about: It doesn’t matter: With her Texas drawl and his Australian accent, they can’t inderstand eachother anyway!

Who pays: She does. With the way her albums are selling, she’s making tons more cash!

Romantic Prognosis: Not great. Between the chaperones and the paparazzi, LeAnn and Daniel don’t have any qualtiy time alone to even find out if they like eachtother. Unless they somehow wind up on tour together, they may never.

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