Sage Panel Reaches 10,000 Members

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Sage Panel Reaches 10,000 Members

Thanks to accelerated recruiting efforts, the Sage Panels
have reached a new milestone—10,000 members combined, in the Enterprise and Service Provider Panels.

In operation since 1999, the Sage Panels consist of pre-screened, highly qualified professionals who evaluate, use, and purchase IT and networking products and services. Sage often uses the Panels in recruiting participants for our research projects, reducing your project costs through rapid response times and high response rates. The Sage Panels have been the exclusive sample source for more than 50 client projects.

Contact us (email: [email protected]) and find out today how you can use the Sage Panels to fulfill your market research needs

Sage’s Matchmaker Program
Introduce your pre-market products to target customers and get a head start on finding beta testers

Are you launching a new project, targeting a new vertical market, or re-focusing your branding efforts? Sage’s newest offering, the Sage Matchmaker Program is a valuable service that puts you in touch with an objective audience for your product preview presentations, and helps you overcome the hidden costs of recruiting and screening target companies yourself.
Matchmaker Benefits
Ø Time – Sage can line up qualified Panelists in a matter of days. The Matchmaker program frees vendors from the time-intensive task of finding and courting beta-testers for feedback.
Ø Cost – Sage recruits participants from the Sage Panels for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it in-house.
Ø Candid Feedback – Sage puts you in touch with a whole new universe of technology early adopters who are less likely to have pre-formed opinions about your company and its offerings, and that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.
Ø Beta Testers – The participants are also excellent candidates to become beta testers. At the client’s request, Sage will offer these participants the opportunity to become beta testers after the Matchmaker presentations are completed.

The basic cost for a package of three product briefings is $5,000. For more details on the Sage Matchmaker Program, contact us at (508) 655-5400 or [email protected]

May Service Provider Confidence Index:
Steady as She Goes

The May edition of Sage’s bi-monthly Service Provider Confidence Index (SPCI) shows the Current Conditions and Expectations indices both remaining comparatively steady.

“After a sharp rise overall in the SPCI from January to March of this year, service providers’ attitudes have stabilized,” said Chris Neal, a Sage research director. “This shows that service providers are not yet ready to embrace an imminent recovery of the industry, though their mood shouldn’t be characterized as having grown darker, either.”

Among the SPCI sub-indices, hopeful signs popped up particularly in the Employment Current Conditions and Investor Confidence Expectations, while Revenue Current Conditions and Service Deployment Current Conditions slipped.

The SPCI is a tracking study of service provider perceptions, published bi-monthly. For more details, get the entire report at

Sage Technology Roundtables
Join Us to Observe Engaging Discussions
Among Technology Decision Makers

Every three months, Sage hosts a Sage Technology Roundtable, an online focus group with qualified high-tech decision-makers that examines the critical issues surrounding a specific technology or service.

At April’s Sage Technology Roundtable, “Enterprise Network Security Issues,” nine panelists discussed their most pressing network security issues. Among their insights:

Ø Most companies have been affected by an Internet-borne virus or worm in the last 12 months.
Ø Enterprises are not very receptive to outsourcing security functions.
Ø Security concerns are impeding WLAN employment.
Ø Participants prefer SSL to IPSec for remote access.
Ø Reputation and perceived industry leadership are the most important vendor selection criteria.
Ø Trade publications are the most common source of information for learning about new security products.

See more details here—

At July’s Roundtable, “The Mobile Enterprise,” eight panelists discussed mobility issues and technologies. The report and transcript are now available in the SageStore, at Highlights of the discussion include:

Ø Most of the participants cite that the perception of Wi-Fi security problems, such as what they learn from trade publications, is as sturdy an obstacle as the state of the actual security technologies. The solution, they say, is to change their perceptions by offering proof of working, reliable security within WLANs.
Ø Several participants would consider putting voice over WLAN if it could save them hard costs.
Ø The participants are largely wary of outsourcing mobile applications, preferring to maintain complete control within their organizations. They cite cost savings and mobility as the most desirable benefits, but are concerned with lack of bandwidth.
Ø The participants feel that the “tipping point,” at which mobile enablement of enterprise applications will become the norm, will occur once the security and reliability problems of current mobile solutions are resolved, which most estimate to be 5 years from now.

You have a standing invitation to observe these roundtables. By observing, you can catch a rare glimpse of what the people who buy technology products and services are actually saying and doing about each roundtable’s particular subject—and you also get a no-strings look at one of Sage’s most innovative research tools, the online focus group, in action.

Also, for each Roundtable there are a limited number of opportunities for you to shape discussion by submitting up to three of your own questions, for only $500.

Click here to observe and contribute to the next Sage Technology Roundtable.

Instant Messaging in the Enterprise
(Monday, October 6th, 7:00-8:30 pm EDT): Questions that will be addressed in this Roundtable include:

n Centralized management: what are the centralized management needs for IM?
n IM security: what are the main concerns and priorities?
IM integration: which collaborative applications are highest priority
for IM integration, and how well do current programs integrate?
IM outsourcing: what are the perceived pros and cons of using a service provider for IM vs. doing it in-house, and what would be the key evaluation criteria for selecting an IM service provider?

Sage in the News

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Founded in 1993, Sage Research is a full-service market research and consulting firm providing global demand-side research to technology product and service providers.

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