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Family Tree Maker 7.0

by Bee Reynolds
Tulsa Computer Society
From the April 2000 issue of the I/O Port Newsletter

20 CD set From Broderbund

Not too many months ago there was a review of this program on the previous version. It seems like as soon as one review is done, a new version comes out with only a few changes, but that is what makes us upgrade is the few changes that improve the program. Broderbund has come out with the new FamilyTree Maker 7.0 with 20 CDs included. The last version had 15 CDs included. There is also a video that can be ordered to show you how to use this program.

In this new version, 7.0, several new things have been added:

Data Entry Wizard guides you through entering basic information for the first few family members, and searches historical databases and the web for any additional information.

Maps are fully integrated into this program that plot births, marriages, death, or any event you have entered a location. You can choose from North America, U.S., Western Europe or the World.

One-Step Scanning lets you add photos and documents directly into your program with your scanner or digital camera.

Fit-to-Page Ancestor Trees can automatically format your ancestor tree to fit six generations on one page with — up 50 percent from previous versions which fit a maximum of four generations.

Family Finder Center gives you access vast genealogy resources from CD to Internet all in one screen. You get details that you choose.

Improved Family Finder Search to help you identify even more probably matches and weed out false leads. It has prioritized matching with a five-star match indicating that the individual listed is virtually certain to be an exact match.

Improved Merging is quicker and easier and now identifies possible matches to help prevent the creation of duplicate entries.

Burial Information on the Family Page lets you record information the burial information right below the death date and location.

Alternate Names — If you have two slightly different names listed for one person, you can display them all and the program will know to watch for both names when searching for information. This helps in case the death certificate has been submitted twice.

Another feature that is not new, but helpful, is the video that can be purchased about this program. It is a tutorial on the program. You can watch it all the way through, one time then start over and go through it step by step the next so you can see what is happening and how the program works. It comes in handy if you are new this program and genealogy. It sells for $14.95. An order form is included in the package for the video so be careful not to throw away papers before reading them.

Family Tree Maker 7.0 is easy to use. Once you have entered your information, you can start to build a scrapbook or even get the information setup to printout in book format with an index and table of contents. This is one of the more sophisticated programs on the market, but also one of the easiest to learn if you take the time. With being able to scan in photos and other information to the program on anyone, building a scrapbook is fun and interesting. Building a web page is even easier with this new version with the information given. Creating a web page is automatic and free also multiple trees can be put on the web page.

Genealogy work is being made easy by this program and others that are on the market. This one just happens to one of the better ones that I have been able to use over the last few years. With all the CDs that Broderbund is making available on the information from statistics, none of us should be wondering who are ancestors were or where they came from. There are more than 300 CDs available either individually or in one big group, but of course that is a bundle of money — $5,000 for all the CDs in the collection. It would be really good collection to have and share with family members working on genealogy.

FamilyTree maker 7.0 sells for about $80.00 for the 20 CD set and $45 for 12 CD set. If you want to just upgrade from a previous version on the program it is $29.95, but why not get more CDs to add to your collection and get the bigger set.

System requirements are: Windows 95 or higher, Pentium 166 or higher, 32 MB RAM, VGA display, 95 MB hard drive with 50 MB free after install, modem, CD-ROM player, optional scanner, video capture card and sound card. The faster processor and more RAM the better the programs performs.

After all is said and done, this program performs like a champ and makes getting your genealogy in order a snap. The extra CDs that I have collected so far are the Ohio Vital Records from 1790 to 1880s and the Irish Immigrants to North America 1803 to 1871. Both of these sets have helped find several relatives recently. I am looking forward to getting the German Immigrants and English also. I am one who would spend the money to have all the CDs in the collection just so I could help others find information. I will have to save my pennies and see what can be done. One other really good thing has happened recently, a distant relative has contacted me for information on my genealogy work as she is just starting to do her work. At least I will have complete information now to pass along and help her with other areas that she may need. Genealogy work is fun and at least you get to know your relatives.

A list of the CDs that come with the FamilyTree Maker 7.0 are:

Installation CD and Family Finder Index

Social Security Death Index 1937-1998

Selected US/International Marriage records 1560 -1900s

Birth Records US/Europe 900-1880

Family History Mid-Atlantic Genealogies 1340 – 1940

Local and Family Histories New England 1600s to 1940s

Family History Southern Biographies and Genealogies 1500s to 1940s

Military Records US Soldiers 1784 to 1811

Land Records AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790to 1907

Passenger and Immigration lists Boston 1821 to 1850

World Family Tree European Origins

World Family Tree Volumes 1-5

World Family Tree volumes can be bought to add to this list. They contain family trees and work so others don’t have to do all the work again. Hopefully your family is listed. I have not found any of my family yet, but I am just breaking the tip of the iceberg when it comes to doing my genealogy.

Ohio Vital Records Bundle

Set #1 Ohio Vital Records 1790s to 1970s

As mentioned in the this article, this bundle contains images of the pages of the two-volume set and references the names of more than 93,000 individuals. It offers a wide variety of important materials including marriage records, indexes to estates, will abstracts, will death, cemetery and divorce records, indenture and apprenticeship records, deed abstracts, partition records, guardianships and naturalization records on this first set.

Set #2 Ohio Vital Records 1750s to 1880s

This set references 70,000 individuals. It includes marriage records, gravestone inscriptions, local histories, newspaper abstracts, tax lists, settlements of estates, will abstracts, Bible records, family histories and land records.

Both sets are sold as one bundle for $39.99

Passenger and Immigration Lists: Irish to America 1846 to 1865

This CD contains 1.5 million Irish immigrates who arrived in the Port of Boston between 1846 and 185. It contains ages, gender, occupation, province or country of origin, village or town of origin, destination and manifest ID number of all the people. This CD sells for $59.99

Irish Immigrants to North America, 1803 to 1871

This CD contains images of the pages of 12 volumes of compiled passenger lists. It lists approximately 46,000 Irish passengers who arrived in the US and Canada. It lists name, age, arrival date, occupation. Broderbund has also included an electronic name index for this CD. This CD sells for $39.99.

All of these and other CDs can be ordered from Broderbund at 1-800-548-1806 or on the web at As mentioned before there are about 300 CDs for sell if all bought at once would cost about $5,000, but what a collection to have. Once you order you will be getting an order magazine that lists all the bundles and CDs available. I keep mine in a binder so that I can keep track of all the CDs I have in the collection.

In the next few months I will be reviewing more bundles. Hopefully it will help someone find a distant relative. Good hunting and searching!

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