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Who’s Your Celeb Soulmate?
If what scientists say about parallel universes is true, then somewhere out there, there’s a version of this quiz that could actually match you up in real life with the celebrified hottie of your dreams. This quiz doesn’t exist in that universe, sadly, but it’s almost as fun to just dream about it. Almost. 
If you had to choose one, you’d go with:
sense of humor.
The idea of spending an evening followed by photographers or seeing your name in a gossip column:
excites me.
frightens me.
seems like a mixed bag.
You’d most like to accompany your man to the premiere of his:
lighthearted romantic comedy.
serious, critically-acclaimed drama.
bust-a-gut comedy.
If your guy had to consult his stylist before getting dressed to take you out for dinner, you’d:
gag so unbelievably hard.
be kinda turned off. I like a guy who looks stylish, but it would be better if he could pick out his own threads.
understand completely. I mean, with the paparazzi and all… Maybe his stylist should help me out, too.
It’s most important that your guy can:
discuss what I’m reading with me.
make milk squirt out my nose.
have good heart-to-hearts with me from time to time.
If your famous rock star or movie star boyfriend wanted to turn down the big, monster, fat paycheck projects so he could work on small, independent, low-budget projects, would you support his decision?
Um… can’t he just do a few more million dollar deals before we do that whole “integrity” thing?
Absolutely… in fact I don’t know if I’d want a guy who did the big projects at all.
Sure, it’s good to explore that side of your art.
Your idea of romance is:
writing a song or poem about our first date.
rose petals and surprise plane tickets.
limos and fancy dinners.
a charged game of Twister.
meeting his mom.
Deep inside, are you a city mouse or a country mouse?
City mouse all the way.
City mouse but, I’m still Jenny from the block.
Country mouse all the way.
Country mouse at heart who likes to visit the city.
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