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Anyone seeking a long-term, monogamous relationship may advertise in ABQjournal Advertiser. To ensure your safety, carefully screen all responses. First meetings should occur in a public place. We suggest your ad contain a self description, age range sought, lifestyle, and avocations. Ads containing explicit sexual or anatomical language will not be accepted. ABQjournal Advertiser reserves the right to reject any advertisement. You must be 18 years of age or older to place an ABQjournal Advertiser Personals ad. No ads will be published seeking persons under 18.

ABQjournal Advertiser assumes no liability for the content or reply to any Personal ad. The advertiser assumes somplete liability for the content and all replies to any advertisement or recorded message and for any claims made against ABQjournal Advertiser as a result thereof. The advertiser and respondent agree to hold ABQjournal Advertiser and its employees and agents harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), liabilities and damages resulting from or caused by the publication or recording placed by the advertisers or any reply to any such advertisement. By using Baltimore ABQjournal Advertiser, the advertiser agrees not to leave his/her telephone number, last name or address in his/her voice greeting.