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Viktoria, Los Angeles, USA, 23, Hair colour light brown, I am very easy going, merry and creative person. I like people and communication with them. I am dreaming to find a right man to make him the most happest man in the world. When I will find him I would like to have more children and create a friendly family. Nadezhda, Kiev, Ukraine, 38, Hair colour light brown, I am well educated, honest, decent, optimistic, sexual, understanding, communicative Yana, Kiev, Ukraine, 23, Hair colour blond, I am kind, sensual, serious, loving, gentle, purposeful, honest, devoted, witty,  womanly, sociable, attentive, understanding. Larisa, odessa, Ukraine, 22, Hair colour blond, I am a beautiful self-confident and intelligent person. I am charming, friendly, communicative and kind. I can say I have a good sense of humor. Anyway, my friends like me and say they I am the soul of the company. I do not want to look like I boast about myself. I am simple person, with zest for life. I have my negative sides of course. I am not perfect! Who is? But I think I am normal girl, with sincere smile and open soul to kind and giving people. Eugenia, Kherson, Ukraine, 21, Hair colour dark brown, I'm an interesting, fun loving, romantic, ambitious, passionate and sensitive lady. I enjoy reading, dancing, sports, traveling and outdoor activities. I love animals, especially cats. I like flowers. I'm very serious about creating a family. I think the ideal marriage is be based on trust, mutual understanding and sincerity. I'm looking for an honest, kind, generous man (25-50 years old) who could make a wonderful husband.
Viktoria Nadezhda Yana Larisa Eugenia
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Matchmaking Services

Open Daily 9am to 7pm.
(0038) – (044) – 528-54-16
ICQ and Video Chat available

Here is a service that can help you find the ladies or your dreams. While many agencies can charge you $1500-$2000 for their service for a single lady, our service will match you with up to 3 ladies. So you won’t have to worry about arriving in K
iev and things not working out with the first lady. Not only do you get the first 3 ladies meetings during your first two days, we also keep a list of ladies who are interested in meeting you.

I’ve often seen men spend months talking to a single lady and when it came time to meet her he was disappointed or the lady wasn’t serious. This is why we work with our client to ensure that the ladies are serious. We provide email, video chat and telephone conversations to help you get to know each lady better before you arrive.

Basic Matchmaking $250.00

Give us a list of 15 ladies that you like. We will contact each lady and show them your profile and picture. We will continue until we have 3 ladies that want to meet you. These three ladies will be schedule as appointments for you when You arrive in Kiev at no additional cost.

Don’t pay $50-$100 for basic matchmaking service that doesn’t include meeting with your ladies when you arrive.  Often guys come for a single lady and sometimes things do not work out. This is why we match you up with at least 3 ladies for your visit.

 Don’t waste you time meeting ladies
 that are not interested.
Have us talk to the ladies in advance

   So here is what you get for you money.

  1. We will contact girls that you like from our agency.
  2. We will show these girls your profile and photo’ plus any other information you want
  3. We will translate your profile into Russian .
  4. We will make the arrangement for you to meet your 3 ladies when you arrive in Kiev.
  5. We will assign a personal host for you too to handle all of you concerns.
  6. We have 4 matchmakers on staff.
  7. Free consultation with any of our matchmakers.



Soulmate Search $300.00

     Tell us what you want and we will find her. Give us a list of the ladies that you like and we will interview them for you. We will post your information in the local newspapers and advertise you in our office. We will continue to search till we find you 10 ladies that are serious about meeting you. The top 5 you will meet in Kiev for free.

As  for  soul mate program. we work with a list of  girls  which  include  20 ladies you pick. We interview them, ask them  questions which will   help you to  find out the true  nature  of a girl and in addition to this we place  an  advertisement in local newspapers for a month (4 issues).   The  ad lets more ladies get info about you.   If they are  interested in you, we invite them  to our agency  and  give them  your profile  which includes  your picture and information,  take pictures of them, check their  passports, they  fill in a form  in our office and we  give them an opportunity to   have correspondence   with you ( translating e-mails).      And  you will have an opportunity  to meet them  in  person,   when  you are in Kiev.   The usage of the soul mate program let you select ladies  which are seriously  interested  to meet you ,  to know them better and  after  your   arrival  to meet (arrangements of  five meetings are free  for matchmakers) and do not waste  your time on ladies which are not compatible with  you.


    The advertisements  give you a  extra  benefit in  your   search and  broaden your opportunities in finding your  lady.   The difference  between the basic  matchmaking  program and  the soul mate program is the ad which we place in a local newspaper.

The matchmaking service is used by many of our clients and over 50% of our engaged couples are matchmakers. So it  clearly shows that the matchmaking program  is  helpful in your search.  But  what if you still   keep  sending us  girls to place on your  matchmaking  list and there are more  than 30 there? Yes, you picked up very nice  ladies and  most of  them  are interested in serious relations  with you  and  also  in  meetings with  you.   Are  you going to meet more than 30 women in Kiev?  If you do, it will  make it difficult for you in  making your final decision and choice. From our experience, we  recommend going on  with  interviewing girls from your list and stop accept  new ones. Our job is to find  ladies so you may concentrate your attention and to set up meetings after your  arrival. And we  will be  glad to make your visit here comfortable,  reasonable, and one that will lead  you to a successful result.  

 Best regards,
 Matchmaker Katherine


 Have a lady that you are interested in? Have us interview her for you. We will invite her into the office and show her your picture and profile and talk to her on your behalf. We will typically ask her 20-25 questions during the interview. Questions can be from our standard list or any that you specify. This is a good way to find out if the lady is interested.

  $20.00       1-4 Interviews.
     $15.00       5+  Interviews

         Your photo and profile will be delivered to each lady.

Local Newspaper listing

We will post your picture and profile in the local paper. Then invite the ladies to come to our office and email you. We will post your photo and what you are looking for. We run it for a whole month. This is usually one or two editions per week.
(Max 40 words)

$25.00 full month
    $9.00 single entry


How our matchmaking program works

For starters you will need to select the ladies you wish to add to your list. This is done by going to each ladies profile and clicking on add lady to matchmaking. This icon will be available once you pay for the matchmaking service. Each time you pick a lady you will be given the option to ask her a few specific question.  Please try  not too repeat any questions on our list below. We recommend that you pick 5-10 ladies at a time. Till we have found you 10 ladies who are interested in you. Once we get your list of ladies we are going to invite them into the office and ask them your questions and ours as we show them your profile. We will also add any specific comments from the ladies to your report. 

Prior to your arrival in Kiev you will be able to pick your top 3 ladies to meet for Free.  

You will be able to view the responses to each question in your account section.

We will continue to interview ladies until we have reach 10 ladies who are interested in you. Out of these 10 ladies you will pick 3 of them to meet for free when you arrive in Kiev.

Standard questions we ask




Do you plan on improving your education in the Ukraine?


Do you plan on improving your education in America?


Are you making an effort to learn English/Russian?


Do you prefer life in a city or the country?


Are you good at budgeting/spending money wisely?


Do you participate in sports?


Do you like reading?


Are you ready to move to his country?


Can you be married in less than a year?


Do you enjoy learning about other cultures?


If they have a child, do they have full custody of their child and could they easily leave Ukraine without any legal problems?


If you do not speak English well yet, is she making an effort now or does she desire to learn more English?


Do you prefer life in a small city or a big city, or she has no preference?


Are you good at budgeting and spending money wisely?


Do you have any family or friends in the USA?


Are you concerned about any language or cultural barriers?


Have you seriously thought about life in the USA?


Do you think it is important that a man and a woman have everything in common to be together?


Do you want to work or stay home when you have a family?


Do you prefer home life or going to discos and clubs?


I would like to know a little about their personalities.

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Viktoria, Los Angeles, USA, 23, Hair colour light brown, I am very easy going, merry and creative person. I like people and communication with them. I am dreaming to find a right man to make him the most happest man in the world. When I will find him I would like to have more children and create a friendly family.
Viktoria, 23
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