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“61 percent of USA singles will look for a date on the Internet this year. Most will go to sites like 2ofaKind”– NY Times.

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When I came upon your service I was quite skeptical. I filled out the questionaire anyway for my free trial. Two days later, two names showed up on my report. Still skeptical, I didn’t do anything about them. But after reading your information again, I decided to go ahead… and … I have been dating a wonderful woman! We share many common activities and have hit it off wonderfully. I truly believe I have found what I am looking for on the first try. I only wish that other skeptics out there could read my letter. Your service could be a turning point for them. I know that is has for me.

“i love the unique format . . . great fun!”– Karen in NY

“enjoyed meeting all kind of people and felt very safe”– Claudia in TX

“I can see that good people run this service” — SB in WA

Welcome to 2ofaKind Matchmaking!

2ofaKind Matchmaking – Soulmates connect using the most unique and powerful match system featuring over 150 match options, analysis reports and anonymous email.

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2 of a kind matchmaking. Is someone a lot like you!
2 of a kind matchmaking. Is someone a lot like you!

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