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Helpful Hints About Meeting Vietnamese Women

Here are few helpful Tips that you can use in to improve your chances of success in finding and obtaining the perfect lifelong partner from our service. We at Vietnam Ladies through our own experiences in dealing with the women in Vietnam believe that there are definite guide lines which can help you to not make the same mistakes as others have in the past. In addition, benefit from others who do have very successful and happy relationships with these exceptional women. We Do Not guarantee that you will win the heart of any woman based on the advice we give you, but we are confident the advice will put you a mile ahead of the game. Remember, we are an introduction service so the all the tips we give are aimed only towards the first few steps of introducing yourself and how to respond to the women in the beginnings of your correspondence with her.

Before you read further we want to say that any of the advice or realities written in this section SHOULD NOT DISCOURAGE YOU in the least. These women are using our service because they ARE available and want to find a true life long partner.

If you are really interested in a certain lady do not send your first letter without a photograph of yourself. Remember the women from our service are very attractive and appealing so you can bet that one lady is probably exchanging letters with a few different men already. So you want to improve your chances by letting her see you in a photograph. A picture speaks a thousand words. Most of the women have some English skills but if she receives a letter from you and she cant see your face she most likely wont take the time to read your letter. Put yourself in her shoes, Which men would you reply to?

  1. Keep your first letter short and sweet. Dont overwhelm the lady with a letter that is too wordy and long. Introduce yourself and maybe give her a few reasons why you have chosen to write to her in particular. Complements never hurt but, dont over do it or she will think you are not being sincere. 

  2. Spell her name correctly and in the right order. This makes a nice, logical first impression. Read more on Vietnamese names in the lower section of this page.

  3. Read her bio carefully and try to comment on what she has taken the time out to write about herself. Dont concentrate too much on her beauty or she will think that you dont want to know her as person.

  4. Be patient. Try not to get to frustrated because of the time it takes for the ladies to reply. Vietnam is still learning to do the regular things we take for granted such as mailing a letter. It takes time to send and receive post to and from Vietnam. If you think you have lost communication with a lady try sending her a letter telling her you know the mail takes a long time sometimes and you just want to let her know you are still thinking about her.

  5. Love at first sight: Vietnamese women DO NOT believe in love at first sight. This is a purely western phenomenon. Be careful not scare the lady by telling her you love her or that she is definitely THE ONE based on her photograph only. There are ways to let the women know that she is special and that you have a good feeling about her by her picture without coming on too strong. If you do make this mistake you will spend forever trying to explain to her why you fell this way about her. Because she will definitely question your sincerity and motives, and most likely be quite blunt about it. Or she will be so overwhelmed by you she wont write you back. Take your time and as we have said and will say again, these women most of all want understanding. Vietnamese women look for men that pay attention to the way they feel and the way they think. The ladies of Vietnam know this takes a little time and will not over look their beliefs on the matter.

  6. Taboo subjects: Here a few subjects to be avoided the start of correspondence. The Vietnam War, there is a saying here Vietnam is a country NOT a War! Vietnam has truly put the war past them and the people here would much rather talk about future their country than the past. Death in the family, if a lady mentions that her mother or father has passed away, in your reply let her know you are sorry to hear this and leave at that. Don ask why, or ask what happened or she will you are very impolite if you continue the subject. Your past love life, Be honest with her if you are divorced and or have children, but the ladies wont want hear the details of your past romances. Sex, Please avoid this topic at all costs in the beginning of correspondence this is an embarrassing subject that can easily make the lady feel uncomfortable.

  7. The little things: Vietnamese women can easily feel appreciated by the little things that you do for her. This does not mean she is small minded it means she knows that she is not forgotten or neglected. We know men can get very busy in their work life and these women know this also. The difference between these women and women from the west is that most will be very supportive of your work life as long as she knows you still think about her. During the Vietnam War Vietnamese women faithfully waited literally years for their loved ones too come home. During this time they kept their families together and in many cases had to provide for their families just as the man would. You might think this is an extreme example but the point is that they know their responsibility as a partner. They wont forget you so dont forget them!

  8. Small things: learn 20 words in Vietnamese and you will be very surprised by her reaction and will have just put yourself 20 steps in front of the guy who didn’t learn any words.

  9. Good luck and bad luck: Vietnam is a very superstitious country and relies on luck as their guide to a brighter future. We suggest that you read a little about the Chinese Calendar ,which is the calendar the Vietnamese follow. This is a subject that all the ladies will enjoy.

  10. Handsome men: If you ask a Vietnamese woman about handsome men they will tell you that they would much rather have an honest and faithful man. So dont worry about how you look to them concentrate on making the lady feel secure in the fact that you wont leave her for another woman. We say this in all honesty and confidence. It may sound like a sales tactic to some, but we encourage you to ask anyone who has had any dealings with Vietnamese women and they will confirm what we have just told you. Or read the bios and count how many request handsome men, or ask just ask her yourself.

  11. Money: Money cant buy love we all know this, but these women are not rich by any means. We cant guarantee some wont ask for money so just be careful and use common sense. If you feel comfortable sending money we at Vietnam ladies will not tell you not to do this. We will tell you to be aware and take care. There are many ways to show your support without sending money, and If you send gifts try to make them functional and appropriate. But dont forget the flowers and chocolate they are still women and love the same things as most other women love. 

  12. Language barriers: If some sort of misunderstanding arises during correspondence it is most likely due to a language barrier. So sometimes you might have to be very patient and try to be as clear as possible as to your intentions. Dont give up on her because it takes a little work to understand each other. You might have to tell her the same thing, you might have to ask to please be patient with YOU and not to give up on YOU. If you can do this gently and sincerely you have a 1000 times more of a chance to patch up any rocky moments in the beginning stages of correspondence.  

We hope this information will be helpful to you. If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them as best we can. But truly the best advice we can give is BE YOURSELF. That might be exactly what she is looking for!

One of the great myths about the women in Vietnam is that they are submissive by nature. Qualities such as devotion and loyalty are often misinterpreted for submissiveness. Vietnamese women have a long history of being faithful, loyal and devoted to family, country, and culture.

If you ask a Vietnamese man to describe the women of their country submissiveness would not be one the characteristics used in their portrayal of the women in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women are extremely hard working and resourceful. As history has proved in the difficult times of the country when the women fought along side the men, but they are very gentle and very feminine by nature and are equally as comfortable in a domestic situation as in a social environment.

One reason that many men have found Vietnamese women so appealing is the fact that they are very intelligent and capable in most situations and are exceptionally good with organizing the household budget as well as a natural shrewdness in business dealings. Their loyalty to family and spouse makes them also very trustworthy with the right mate.   

In comparison to the rest of Asia, Vietnam is one of the only counties that has truly kept its traditions and culture alive. This can be contributed to the women of Vietnam for they are ones to sustain and nurture the age old traditional beliefs of their elders and ancestors. One of the finest examples is the traditional Vietnamese dress The Ao Dai ( Pronounced Ou Yai ) beautiful, sleek and extremely feminine. The Ao Dai represents the purity and virility of the women in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women make the ideal lifelong companions for any man in search of family values and a strong long lasting relationship. The key to a successful marriage or friendship with a Vietnamese woman is to remember that Vietnamese women are in search of the man that can truly understand and value her as a person and a woman. They are definitely not simple by nature, but are easily pleased when felt appreciated and loved.

Whats in a name? Vietnamese names are both interesting and complex. Most Vietnamese names are derived from China names thousands of years ago. The majority of names have a specific meaning or concept, which relates to many things such as, beauty, strength or natural phenomenon. Here a few examples: Hoa, which is pronounced hwa, means flower, Ngoc, which is pronounced nop, means precious stone, Tuyet, which is pronounced Twit means snow and Trung, which is pronounced trume, means loyal.

The order of Vietnamese names are opposite to that of western names. The family name (last name) is always on the left. The first name (Given name) is always on the right. Vietnamese names have anywhere from 3 to 5 parts. First name, middle name, last name and a classifier. The family name comes from the father. The middle name can come from the mothers maiden name or it can be a chosen name by the parents. The first name is a chosen name just as any first name in the west. Example; Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Nguyen is the family name, Thi is the classifier, Hong is the middle name, and Minh is the first name.

If you browse through some of the photos on this site and read the bios you will see that many of the Ladies have the word Thi in their name. Thi is a classifier that lets you know this name belongs to a woman. Most Vietnamese names have no gender, which is to say that they can be used for both men and women. Thi is a classifier used for a woman and Van is a classifier used for a man.

Knowing how to write, pronounce and having an idea of what the ladies names means will always make them feel appreciated and she will know you are truly interested in her. Imagine her receiving your first letter and the first thing she notices is that you have written her name incorrectly. A good first impression is one of the keys to success with Vietnamese women, and a small thing such as a name can make all the difference. Remember you never get a second chance at a first impression. 

We hope that the above has given you an insight into meeting Vietnam Ladies.


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