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triniTEA electric maker

37 reviews | rating: 4.7/5.0

32oz – $99

est. arrival date:
beginning of summer

Quite possibly the greatest machine ever made. The hot plate could have been a little hotter, but it’s perfect for me. And a temperature control would have been nice (if they add it, I’ll buy another one!). Other than that, I’ve used it 3-4 times a day for the past 8 months, and it’s stood the test of time flawlessly.

Seán P Corcoran (03/24/06)

The triniTEA electric maker is the best tea maker on the market! Don’t hesitate to buy one of these. Get one for the office and one for home. It works as advertised, makes awesome tea, is easy to cleanup & I haven’t had any issues that some of the other reviewers mentioned.

Adam (03/05/06)

I love my trini tea maker. I looked at buying the Sunbeam, but I think the Trini looks better in my kitchen. I works great and I have not had really any og=f the leaking problems in the other reviews. I would like some type of upgrade though for full day storage. I think overall for function and style, it is presently the best out there.

Annette (03/02/06)

Cons: the cups aren’t perfectly aligned and can spill hot water decanting between infusion and delivery; subtle black teas taste tinny, for some reason, as though they were oversteeped. Pros: really, really easy to use and to clean; dishwashes beautifully. If you make mostly greens and herbals, you shouldn’t notice any taste-related problems.

Mike (02/25/06)

I wasn’t sure if I could justify this tea maker but now that I’ve had it for a couple of weeks I really do enjoy it. I always seemed to have a problem overbrewing my tea but this tea maker takes care of it! I haven’t had a badly brewed cup of tea from this machine yet. Everything comes apart easily to put into the dishwasher.

Carol T (02/15/06)

I just received this machine and I already love it. I am primarily a green tea drinker- so I was hesitant about ordering this, as you can not control the heating temp of the water. But I followed other reviewers suggestions of adding about 20% cold water to the steeping compartment, and it worked just fine. I have not had any problems that other have mentioned like the carafe not pouring well. Cleanup was very easy… The trick with cleaning the strainer is to hold your hand against the bottom while filling it with water. This is an awesome product and I highly recommend it.

Kurt (02/02/06)

An almost perfect tea-maker. Run through with water a couple times before using. May want to use vinegar for the first run. Excellent for making black teas. It would be perfect if it had a thermostat to allow the selection of the steeping temperature for those who enjoy teas that don’t steep in boiling water. As it is, it makes a perfect pot of tea in 10 minutes, and will keep it warm all day long. If your tea actually lasts that long. I was sick last December, and literally drank nothing but pot after pot of Oriental Spice made in my triniTEA. A must have for the home.

Robert ‘Doc’ Coleman (02/02/06)

I absolutely love my tea maker. My only criticism is the pot drips as you pour your tea no matter how slow you try to pour. My solution take the lid off. I love that I can prepare the tea maker at night and as soon as I wake up switch it on and by the time i’m ready to walk out the door my tea is ready to pour into my to go cup. I also love that you can set it to brew for the recommended time. I was never good at doing that on my own.

Charmaine (01/23/06)

We highly recommend this machine…Best machine we’ve ever used!!..Simple and easy…A no stress tea maker…Do wish there was a temperature control on this machine, but even without it I wouldn’t trade this machine in for any other one!!!You won’t be sorry..

Laurie (01/20/06)

This machine is awesome. It beats doing it all manually. Easy to clean too. Perfect cup everytime!

Robin F, Long Island, NY (01/19/06)

I just got this today and I love it. This is very easy to use and I am happy that I can set it and forget about it. I had no issues with a dribbling pot. I too wish the hot plate would keep the tea just a little bit warmer, but overall I can’t complain.

Alex (01/17/06)

i love this machine, although it does have a few quirks as i have found out in my first week with it. when in a rush, a missfire is almost guaranteed… this is due to the screen (for iced tea) blocking the flow of the tea… i would suggest that when adagio redesigns this machine, they make either two different lids, or the ‘ice screen’ a removable part… i also suggest they make the hotplate with an adjustable temp (mine leaves the tea not hot enough for my liking), and CERTAINLY add temperature control to the top heating area… this to me is huge! adding cool water to the steeping pot is a usable workaround, but to make this unit darn near perfect this must be added… i have also had some issues with tea spilling (well actually missing) over the sides of the teapot… this is due to a less than secure locking mechanism for the steeping pot… i have to twist my pot to the right to keep the spilling from happening… hopefully these issues will be addressed in the future… i would definitely recommend this product to people even with these issues.

advena (01/15/06)

I bought the triniTea just recently. I justified the cost by thinking of the amount of times in the past 20+ years that we have eaten out that everyone ordered sodas ( which now cost $2 most places) while I only get water. I figure at a bare minimum that has saved $104/year probably more per year for 20 years. Tea is also cheaper than soda, milk or OJ at home. I love the tea maker and I don’t have to worry about leaving the burner on by mistake. The taste is sooooo much better. A friend had a sunbeam type machine and it was 1/2 the price but the results were noticeable. When you think of the cost over the lifespan of the unit it really is minimal, not to mention the measure of pure enjoyment you get. Some complained about it dribbling which it did once when I got in a hurry- you get the knack quickly. I have used it at least 2x every day with great results.

Angie (01/10/06)

Oh my goodness, how this kinda funky looking apparatus can brew a cuppa! I could not be more pleased. After a French press, a Mrs. Tea, a Mr..Coffee, assorted teapots and even a very expensive Chef’s Choice TeaMate, finally a tea brewer that not only works but is fascinating to watch in action. I am most pleased. The TriniTEA is easy to assemble and even easier to use. I encountered no problems, other my own impatience to sip my first cup. Thank you so much for the great price, quick shipment (four days start to finish), the free book, and the unexpected 2006 calendar. Kudos to all.

Nancy Voss (01/07/06)

I could not be more thrilled with this tea maker!!! Steeps the perfect cup every time, clean up is a sinch and pours like a dream. I was rather leary of the price but it is worth every penny!!! Couldn’t ask for more!!!!

Heidi in Magalia loving her Tea!! (01/07/06)

This makes making tea an absolute snap. It is also really nice to see the steeping in action in the second step. I would recomend this to everyone.

Craig (12/30/05)

Good oolong tea, slightly astringent, probably amount of tea used per water

Nina (12/30/05)

Very nice! Needs a few design fixes as you can see by the other reviews.

Michael (12/23/05)

This was purchased for someone else. He uses it every day, and is very happy with it.

Suzanna (12/20/05)

I orderd the Trinitea after wearing out two Mrs Teas over the past years, and getting disgusted with trying to make good tea in a Mr Coffee. Initially my maker’s timer didn’t seem to work, but after shutting it off and reseating everything, it started working. I have noticed that the caraffe ‘cup’ measurements are actually less than the volume of the tea cups I use, so I will have to make adjustments for this, but this is not a detriment. If I used standard 6-ounce tea cups I would wear myself out just pouring tea. Speaking of pouring, if you take your time the carafe is easy to pour from. It is a rare caraffe or teapot that doesn’t make a mess if you pour too fast; even my Mrs Tea teapots tended to dribble. The hardest thing about using my Trinitea will be deciding whether to leave it at home or take it to work. Nice work, Adagio!

James Bacher (11/06/05)

I was somewhat apprehensive ordering this tea maker, give its price. However, I was looking to replace the old Mrs. Tea (which didn’t really do it) and this looked kind of cool, so I decided to give it a try. First, let me say that if this really appeals to the gadget lover in me. This is cool just to watch work. The three chambered design makes tea in a way you do by hand (boil water, pour into seeping pot, then decant into serving container). It will take a little bit of experimentation with both the amount of tea a seeping time to get the tea ‘just’ the way you like it. The upside to this is you can get the triniTEA to make your tea, exactly how you like it, every time, with no intervention on your part. I get this set up the night before, turn it on when I let the dogs out, and it is ready when I am. Some minor complaints. Yes, the derving decanter does tend to drip a bit. But, to be honest, ever tea make I have ever used has dripped a bit, so no points off here. Secondly, it does take some time to boil the water. Just something to be aware of, as the first time I used it I was concerned that it wasn’t working. Thirdly, the design means that there will be 2 pots to clean and rinse. Not a really big deal, but something to keep in mind before you order. Overall, this is probably the premier tea maker on the market. Aside from the minor complaint about the dripping decanter, and the price (probably worth it, though) there is no reason not to buy it.

Ward R (11/05/05)

I am new to loose tea brewing. I tried brewing on my own using a microwave, etc. This makes it all so much easier. I am constantly brewing tea now, both for hot and iced. Love it!

Heidi (10/18/05)

Love it for making and sharing tea at the office. Agreed with earlier reviewer’s points about the liquid level indicators and the suggestion to clean out with plain water first. I only wish I could make decaf tea with it (home-decaf method of infusing for 30 seconds then dumping) and also wish I could set to lower temperature for green tea.

Julie (10/10/05)

This is the best tea device I own. It makes it fun to actual brew a pot of tea. Works like a charm and keeps your beverage ready for consumption all day long. A breeze to use. My kids love watching this make tea as well ‘sounds like a rocket blasting off’. Sean 05 Hef Doherty TMM

Hef Doherty (10/07/05)

The tea maker would be great except for the design of the carafe. It is impossible to pour liquid from the glass container without spilling tea everywhere! Quite a flaw! It is a shame that this otherwise great machine causes such a problem.

Robert Ochs (09/29/05)

WOW, i have been waiting for this for years. i was one of those who always cruised around ebay looking at used mrs. teas but i could never bring myself to buy one. This completely outstrips one of those(i have actually used one) and has yet to brew a bitter cup of tea. Thank you adagio, thank you.

David (09/21/05)

Does exactly what it says it will reliably and without mess. Be sure to wait for the three beeps at the end signaling it’s finished even if the flow of tea into the final warming chamber has stopped, otherwise you risk getting drops on the warming pad. Previous reviewer’s tip about putting some colder water into the steeping chamber prior to starting the whole thing up for green/white/oolong teas works like a charm, but I would LOVE to see a new version with temperature control in addition to the timer to completely remove the guesswork. Perfect for those of us who are absentminded and always over-steep tea.

Matthew (09/09/05)

Have had many automatic tea makers in the past (Mrs. Tea, Braun,T-Fal,Tea For 2, etc) and this is by far the best of the lot. A little more expensive but well worth it. Pouring, do it slow. Sturdy construction, tall, impressive.

Jeff J. Spazuk (08/29/05)

It great to make tea in, but the pot is hard to pour from (it likes to dribble) and the tea gets stronger the longer it stays on the warmer – Good product

Debi (08/23/05)

I use it at my office. It’s very convenient and makes a perfect cup of tea each time. Great gift for my tea loving friends.

Francine (08/12/05)

This is a great product. I use it at the office, and it keeps my tea warm until I’m ready to drink it. I can also make extra to share with friends. I wish it was easier to clean, but no tea infuser that I’ve seen is easy. For home use it would be perfect.

Stan (08/07/05)

WOW! This thing is awesome! Before this little gadget, I was oversteeping my teas because life seemed to drag me away from timing it. Now, I don’t have to worry about it anymore, as this baby takes care of everything for me!

Brenda (07/31/05)

The perfect indulgence for the constant tea drinker. Works perfectly and looks like a piece of art – makes all my other kitchen appliances jealous.

Clairissa (07/31/05)

Awesome! I love this tea maker. It is so convenient. I can put the tea and water in this tea maker, then get ready for work while triniTEA does all of the work. No need to worry about over-steeping the tea.

Miranda (07/27/05)

Nice unit. It would be ‘great’, but there are some minor problems with the design that will, hopefully, be addressed someday. The liquid level calibration in the carafe doesn’t match that of the the level in the boiler section; the carafe takes a bit of practice to pour from; and the instructions don’t tell you to run several batches of plain water to cleanse the parts, which you should do. Other than that, I like this unit very much. The triniTEA is a great idea that users of the TeaMate have been missing–it works, it takes a few attempts to get it right, but it’s a very neat appliance.

Greg (07/24/05)

This is the coolest thing I have ever bought. It’s magic. I add 20% cold water to the middle chamber to steep white and Green teas, and it works great..Just remember to put 20% less in the top chamber to avoid overflow

lana, Utah (07/20/05)

best investment I ever made, makes a perfect pot of tea, have been using it to make iced tea

Carol (07/19/05)

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