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Welcome to AdamMeetEve Christian Singles Dating™ where you can meet Christian singles for pen pals or Christian dating. Meet your Christian singles soul-mate in the detailed, matchmaker, photo personals. Search over 70,000 full-page, detailed profiles; browse through the photo gallery; chat or pray with new web-friends! Read dating, romance and relationship articles; and reviews of Christian dating services. You can also get online counseling or dating and relationship advice via e-mail.
Agape amore luv soulmates from Penpals to Godly marrage
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You’ll find marriage-minded men and women, chat, private/
confidential introductions, quality romance and love relationships.
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members-only anonymous e-mail service for making contact.
Meet your Christian soul mate for pen pals, dating,
romance, perhaps even marriage. Men, meet your special,
personal Eve. Women, meet your special, personal Adam.

Send virtual greetings: cards, flowers, gifts, “send a sunset”.

Single Christians, dating their personal Adam or Eve!
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*Your online resource for Christian singles, or singles Christians seeking soul-mates who are interested in following their hearts desire where the Lord leads them in quality relationships: fellowship, friendship in pen pal chats or message boards; tender romance, dating, love; and Godly Christ-centered marriage for those men and women who have never been married, or those who believe God wants them to enjoy matrimony again. It has personals, dating advice, singles information and resources, Christian information and luv advice, free photo personals ads, women, men, single women, single men, singles women, singles men, divorced women, divorced men and more. In addition to the singles resources forum, and chat rooms, you can shop for virtual greetings, gifts, flowers, books, Christian Books, music, Christian Music, (great for Valentines day). Using a Born Again Christian resource tends to provide better information and professional results, for more equally yoked longtem partners, companions or sweethearts; more affectionate attraction, and Fiancee engagements resulting in wedding dates that end in a Godly, Christ centered marriage that just gets better and better as the years go on together in God’s loving hands. Which is what God, the best Matchmaker / Dating Coach delights in: people connecting for life. Sign up for Christian “filtered” internet access, news and more in Christian Resources.
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