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Great!  So, you’ve decided to join up as an Adam & Eve Internet Matchmaking Service member for the bargain basement price of absolutely zilch!  Good for you!  All you need to do to get started is answer a few easy questions about yourself … so get those creative juices flowing!

Many of the questions below are asked for our internal records only – anything in red is not displayed in your public profile!

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It is important that the e-mail address provided is correct, current, valid (you get the drift!) otherwise your membership cannot be processed … and you don’t want that, do you?

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Now is the time to put those thinking caps on!  This is your opportunity to impress all those who read your profile with your brilliant wit and humour … but please DO NOT include personal details about yourself … read: DO NOT include your real name, phone number, e-mail address or otherwise in your profile!

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This is where you enter the anonymous name that you would like to be known as by other members.  Try to think of a handle that is not only creative and original but also relates to something about you.  For example, if you love dancing perhaps moverNshaker is a fitting profile handle for you!  There is a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 20, with no spaces or special characters allowed.

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This is where you spill the beans about yourself, what you like, what you dislike, your taste in movies, music, books, hobbies, and sports.  The easiest way to complete this section is to type in everything you would tell someone about yourself on a first date.

Read: emphasise all of your fabulous qualities!!!
Don’t hold back …  let the world know all the gory details about YOU!

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