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Monday, 20 March 2006

Met on AMM almost three yrs ago, now married
I’m the female of this couple. I met my “now” hubby on AMM august 2003. As a single mum i was a bit down about my image after a child and what men would think. After I joined I met a few men via msn etc on here. One profile stuck out more then rest one day so i winked him three times in a row to show i was very intrested……he upgraded from a trail members and off we went, 7 months after “boyf/girlf”ness he propesed and september last year we married and now have a bubba on the way. AMM has been great and we are now back to find a “playmate’s”.

AMM basically changed our life….we didnt expect to meet our soul mates and have a bright future

Sunday, 05 March 2006

“Seek and u shall find” really does, seem to be true!
I was startin to give up hope of findin what I was after and out of no where and by alot of luck I ended up with the coolest chick! I am pretty particular about who I meet up with so I gotta say, the right one will most probably come along for you too if you are patient.
and yes, thank you amm! No amount of money woulda helped me find her besides being a member here 😀


Sunday, 26 February 2006

A Great Time Had
Thanks there amm, i’ve met some great people since i’ve been on this sight. some great friends and some great lovers of bedtime fun. And well its been the best.


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