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Playstation 3 Updates

Today, Sony released more details about the PS3 launch. It will go on sale globally November 11, 2006.

Joystiq is reporting that initially there will be free basic online service for their PlayStation Network Platform which will support

voice/video chat, messaging, matchmaking, ranking, game data uploading/downloading, shopping, content downloading, micro payments, subscriptions, and entitlement (i.e., user access) management. All of this will be tied together with a Live-like user login ID/handle name.

In other news,

– it will be 100% backwards compatible with PS1/PS2 games

– games will be distributed on Blu-Ray discs

– 48 bit color utilizing a new form of HDMI called HDMI 1.3

And PSX Extreme is estimating units will cost between $399-$449, which is somewhat lower than other price estimates I heard a few months back.

Source: Joystiq, PSX Extreme and PSX Extreme)

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