December 31, 2003: Well, needless to say I’m going to hurt Hinoki…she said she’d…oh that has nothing to do with the site. Sorry! Ahem. The navigation has been put onto the pages of the site. There’s 1 new music file so far and soon there will be more images. Please be patient with the images, for a good amount of them I have to put up a link to lelola’s site so yeah. I’ll get that up in early Jan. I have more quotes up and more are coming very soon because I have some people helping me with that. ^^
Also, if you wish to contact me – I’ll make a page for info on that – then you can email me at my email, or neomail me if your on neopets. Also, don’t go to the page at 1asphost.com for a little bit, I’m going to update that part of the site soon but probably less than I do here. ^^ As for having another person help me out with the site it might very well be Hinoki – at least with the music and/or images. So, I’ll make her a little avy too maybe. ^^ Hope you all have a happy new year – cept the Chinese will have their new year I think in June??? @[email protected] I forgot.

December 30, 2003: New layout is up. 17 new images. 9 new music files. Sorry I can’t give you mp3s but they’re just too big, though I do have them. I’ll put them up later in 2004. More new quotes. –Also, I’m thinking of sharing my site with a co-updater. Who that’ll be I’m not sure. Whoever it will be will have their own little avartar with their computer name on it so you can tell who did the update. ^_^ It might be *Fever* or my good friend Hinoki. The site should be fully open by Jan 5, 2004. Have a happy new year!
Reminds me, I have my scanner and I’m in the process of getting the Celebrations pics up soon. Be patient with that please. ^_~ Wow, almost been one full year since this site was made. *tearing* I’m so proud!
Also — if you want a more direct update because you’re only interested in how many images there are up or music files, then look in the Site Info area. ^^

December 29, 2003: Added more quotes to the favorite quotes section. Also, I’m thinking of changing the layout back to a simpler one by the end of Jan. I just put up this pretty blue one for the spirit of Christmas I guess. Also, those of you who are doing a fanfic – your deadline is extended to the end of Jan. NO LATER DELAYS HOWEVER!!!

December 23, 2003 – Evening: Hey a new layout is up *crowd goes wild with cheering* and *crowd goes silent* thank you. This layout is from kaiyosei.net & just so you all know ahead of time this site can now be accessed at an easier web address.
*cheers* The new *silence* web address is http://e.1asphost.com/veraca. It’s a much easier address to remember and, for this layout to be viewed correctly you have to go to that web address. ^__^ The one downside about it is that I can’t host music, but I will continue to on this server.

December 23, 2003 – Early morn: Ten days since the late update wow. Anyways, Yukai’s death chapter is finally up! It’s not just her death it’s a bit beyond what I meant it to originally be. It is readable for those of age 13+ but I am not taking responsiblity if you read something you didn’t mean to.
To add to this, I will be fixing the old WarmDreams layout so that it works correctly. The pages that still have that layout are being used as geunia pigs (sp?). It’s like 4am so I can’t spell & I’ve spent the last hour working on the chapter 13B – no renamed to Blood On Stone.
Enjoy your holidays! ^^

December 13, 2003: Since it’s the month of Celebrating (December) at neopets.com and everywhere I’m feeling very celebrate-ish. I hope you like the new layout. ^_^ I’m working on trying to get a very good one. Also, there’s new pages up everywhere and edits on old ones. This is a month that I update my site the most out of the year so enjoy. ^__^
As you can see there’s a bunch of new stuff. I’m my hyperness of updating my site normally lasts from end of November to early May so enjoy. ^_^ As for scanner pictures I’ll get that up soon and I’ll be making a small image that says “new” so we don’t have to keep seeing cute Meredy. The scanner will be working soon as we’re getting a new one. Over the next few days I’m going to try and add something to almost every page there is. So, enjoy! ^_^
To add there is a page of Downloads and such and as you can hear if you have working speakers, there’s music on these pages. ^_^

December 10, 2003: Okay, forget the limit of time on the penname on the fanfic contest. If you are going to enter you MUST SEND YOUR COMPLETED FANFIC TO [email protected] BEFORE December 28, 2003!!!

December 8, 2003: Okay, I’ve been home much more often. I’ve given the Pharaoh’s Tale page a new look. More tables that look great thanks to kaiyosei.net ^^ Also, I’ve added up the “Foreshadowing” page. A page that can guide lost people..ok not really, just if they’re a little bit confused with Pharaoh’s Tale.
To add to this. My computer will be fixed sometime in the next two weeks so look forward to seeing more chapters the ever-long-delayed death of Yukai chapter! “yay!” Okay not really, I don’t know how to write out killing a character I’m so bonded with. XD
And, if my computer will ever work…you’ll be able to see more lovely pictures from anime in the Images sections soon. Also, the scanner will be dealt with when the computer will be fixed so hopefully I can get all my Celebrations images up & fanart up…”yay!” (^_^) Enjoy the last few weeks of school before the wonderful day of December 14 — my best friend’s b-day my brother’s! ^^

December 6, 2003: I’ve added the Affiliates, Become An Affiliate, Link To Us page & the Celebrations pages. Celebrations will be fixed soon, I’m not done working on those yet. I hope you’re enjoying the site so far. I’ll try and get some Yu-Gi-Oh! pictures up soon. ^^

December 4, 2003: Hello. I’ll be working on the “Yukai’s Death” chapter this month and hopefully I’ll get it up. My poor computer doesn’t like to work so who knows when exactly the death chapter will be up. However, it WILL be up before the next Season 2 chapter will be.

November 23, 2003: Well, as for the fanfic contest, if you are planning to enter please send your completed fanfic to [email protected] by December 28, 2003. Thank you. BUT YOU MUST SEND IN YOUR PEN NAME and MAIN CHARACTER’S NAME NOW!! I will not be accepting fanfics from those who have not sent me their penname from their email address first! I will not be accepting pennames after December 10, 2003.

November 8, 2003: Okay, so I’ve lost track of time with the site but I’m getting the updates done. I’m not done with the hidden site but I’ll reveal it. I’ll be getting back to Pharaoh’s Tale soon. My poor computer (I’m currently on the dumb mac) isn’t doing so well. I’ll be trying to get the site updated while I try to get my normal computer cleaned out. It has tons of “error” messages and freezes a lot, and it’s just slightly over half-way full so don’t say it’s that!
Anyways, the fanfic contest is still running so don’t forget about that if you’re going to participate. Read the rules in Pleasure Garden. (You can get there by scrolling down a little. You’ll see an image and then a table. It’s the table that has the Yugi banner in it. So scroll to the bottom of that. Keep in mind that the newest links of the main site will be there.
The hidden page’s address will be after the link to Pleasure Garden. It’s called “c77” I believe…

October 17, 2003: Hezzo! Good to be on the computer more. I’m going to be trying to make this site more my own rather than take other people’s hard work. >.To add to this I’m also thinking about adding a new page to the Vault. If I do, it’ll be on information that really isn’t described much in the story of Pharaoh’s Tale. So, in short it’s somewhat like a “teacher’s guide” to a book, you know? I’ll be identifying the foreshadowing parts and the like so you can understand a bit better. Example, Yami giving Mallid the Century Ring and when Leis dies it glows a little. That was the releasement of “Yami” Mallid. That’s why Mallid changes. Um, yeah a bit of spoil…Mallid will appear again. He plays a very big role in Yukai’s role. I won’t spoil it anymore in here. ^_~
Oh, yes in the links section there is now the link to kaiosei.net. ^_^ Also, don’t forget about the “hush hush” page. I’ll be identifying that page’s URL on Halloween.
I’ll also try and do something about the Celebrations Pictures. You’ll be able to view them once I get them scanned in. ^_^;; So, please be patient with that.
Don’t forget about the fanfic contest and be warn—-if your fanfic does NOT follow ALL the rules that have been layed out you will just recieve a graphic saying that you participated but lost due to not following rules and I don’t think anyone wants that graphic. ^_~ Least, I should hope not. LOL.
Oh yes, I’ve also added in Pleasure Garden. You can submit me your RPG’s and I’ll put them up on the internet. They don’t have to have a point, maybe something just for fun. But, please give me the penname or name of everyone who participated in it. Also, it doesn’t have to be complete. Email that to [email protected]. ^_^
And, I know an ordinary black background is boring so I’m currently browsing around for a good dark background. ^_^

October 14, 2003: Over 2 chatpers of the Chat Room: Time Raiders Clan–Parté Time!!! is up. They can be found in the Pleasure Garden. Link is in the below table at the very bottom.
The HITS Celebrations should be up in the next few weeks… I have to scan the pictures in and my scanner wants to be a pain. I’ll try later or tomorrow…

October 6, 2003: Okay, over 300 HITS in here already? WOW!! Thanks a lot a LOT everyone. ^_^ Due to the way it’s going the site will not shut down, I just need a few more responses from a few other people. And, a new piece of information—If you’re planning on entering the Fanfic Contest of Fall/Winter please notify [email protected] your pen name atleast, so we can keep track of all who’s entering. Thanks.
Oh, yeah. They’re also now be a monthly poll. Every 9th of the month, I’ll change the poll & I’ll put up the results of the old polls. ^_^ &, since there’s been around 130 people coming to my site I’ve decided to go ahead and make a Celebrations area of the site. To find the Celebrations & the Monthly Poll of the site, scroll down all the way on this page. It’s under the Fake Cards section. ^_^
To add to this, the Contest page has moved to: http://www.anycities.com/user1/veraca/PleasureGarden/contest.html.

September um…29, 2003 I think: Ahem. There are a few new things. The “enter” images have been changed. And, there’s a link to the RPG Guild I’m in for Neopets, so if you’re an Inuyasha RPG fan and are in Neopets check it out. (the link to it will be up soon). And, good news. I’m sure I have about 3 entries for the fanfic contest so far. -.- Not as many as I was hoping for but it works. Remember, I have to get the finished fanfic by the Dec 28 2003 sent to [email protected] DO NOT FORGET!!
The Vault has been updated a little with the information on the four children Yugi and Yugi Yukai have. Um…the info on Izzi and the rest of the people should be up before Halloween. ^_^ Also, I’ll be putting up a few Halloween fanimages my friends and I have drawn (if I can get the scanner working or if I can use Indo’s…)….so look forward to that. Also, there is a secret webpage that is apart of b45 floating around that I’m working on now and then. I’ll give you a hint to get it’s URL.
HINTS—-Click Alter. Third letter in the English Alphabet (sp?) XD. 4 + 3. 5 + 2. HTML – “love”.
Those are your hints. May not be very good, but put them together and find it out. On Halloween I’ll give you the answer and put up a link to the secret webpage. ^_^

September 22, 2003: The Izzi & Yujo section is renamed to have the information on the four children Yugi and Yukai bare, then um….yeah Izzi’s info…and Yujo’s too duh. And well, later on, when I find time, I’ll write up how they were born which yeah it’s bizzare!

September 21, 2003: Not a big update. But I added one image in the Images section (newest images are on the bottom remember). It’s such a cute picture of Yugi from TRICK KING. If you want to find it, it should be around pages 3-4 in the Picture Log on that site.

September 20, 2003: Okay, no huge updates but as you can see I’ve updated the Updates look. ^^ What do you think? The boy is Daisuke from um…DNAngel. I’ll get to work on Pharaoh’s Tale and the next chapter should hopefully be up before the 21st. Don’t forget about the fanfic contest. It’s already started.
For information on it go here: http://www.anycities.com/user/jounouchi/contest.html I know it says “Fanart” but it’s a fanfic. Basically, a Fanimation. It could be either fanart or fanfic. This time it’s a fanfic. The contest has started and it will be closed Dec 31, 2003. Read that page tomorrow for the information on the prizes. I’m thinking about including a pack of cards or something with the prizes. But, that depends on how much money I have. Otherwise, it’s just a graphic.

September 8, 2003: Part One of the third chapter to Pharaoh’s Tale is up. AOTM’s Archive of the Mists, TRICK KING and kegi are the three new links. They are good sites. TRICK KING and kegi are Japanese fanfiste of YGO. AOTM’s site is a fanfiction site of Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and I think Inuyasha, too.
HIGH ATTENTION–If I do not recieve atleast 4 entries for the contest going on in Sea Cabin or atleast 2 emails from 2 seperate people I do not know commenting on my site by October 15, 2003 then this site and the rest of mine will be CLOSED!! If you need to email me you can by emailing this address: [email protected]. Please comment, I am serious about this site being shut down.
(Small addition) There are 5 new pictures on this page of the site. Two are from a friend, one is from someone else’s site whom I gave credit to, one is from a fansite in Japanese and the last is from a normal fansite in Eng. Scroll up and down to find all five. Only two are in plain sight the rest are small.

August 19, 2003: The second chapter to Pharaoh’s Tale is up. Enjoy! Feel free to comment me on the story or give me some ideas of what you think may happen. I’m also accepting fanart of Pharaoh’s Tale of any character that has appeared, I’m ready to see how well I’ve described them. You can even to fanart of Yugi Yukai Veraca because I’ve made a few drawings of her and put her up. Email them to me! ^^

August 18, 2003: I just got up the end of chapter one for season two (Tea For Two and Two In Me) for Pharaoh’s Tale. Also, I made a few small updates on Ring of Friends. If you want news on anime with what’s out then go read the updates there. Ahem, as for entertainment. I’m giving everyone a challenge. Go to the Sea Cabin and read it’s latest update. There’s a fanfic contest being held. I’ll even supply graphic prizes and, if I can, real prizes that I can send to you through hand-mail (depends on how much money I can get). I’ll get to work on the next chapter. And, please. I you people read this site (maybe -.-) but can’t you just give me an e-mail to tell me what you think? It’s [email protected]. Geesh! Is that so hard?
For offical rules for the fanfic contest go to the Sea Cabin by clicking here.

July 30, 2003: My Fanart page is up. I’m experaminting with it. Please be warn about that. I will be working on Pharaoh’s Tale and should have the first chapter of season two finished before school starts.

July 29, 2003: Again…hm…the Vault is created. It is still under HEAVY construction.

July 29, 2003: Haven’t been able to update for a while, but that’s because I’m messing around trying to get the Vault and Alter set up before the school year. Also, I’ve added up my only completed fanfic from Yu-Gi-Oh!. It’s quiet confusing, but once you’ve read the Vault (once it’s up ^^;;) all will be revealed. Even some extra sectrets between the Four Families and Indo’s will be revealed. My idea to make the Vault is really an astonishment, why? Because up until just recently did I think of the idea of telling the people who read this what goes on in a story. The people are tied together and their life is really complex.
Think of all of my fanfics as a…erm…real life/anime mix. You take your average freshman male, short and picked on–loner, and mix him up with learning his past from some old man who’s his mentor. Your male boy then finds out he’s the heir to the throne of Egypt and Prince of Roses. What does “Prince of Roses” mean and why is he the heir when he has an older brother?? Like I said, to be revealed in the Vault. You can get you hands on some character’s names right now!
Yugi Muto, Izzi Muto, Sledge Muto, Yugi Yukai Veraca, Siman Murany Veraca, Yugioh “Yami” Amenhotep, Mallid Amenhotep, Indo Rarushi, Setsoma Rarushi, Setnoma Rarushi, Setcoma Rarushi and more!
Yugi has one older brother and one younger half brother. Yukai has one older twin brother and one younger twin brother. She has two older brothers, oldest is Bakur Veraca. Indo Rarushi is the youngest of ten, she has one older sister, the rest are males; she’s the only angel from an all demon family, one of her brothers is illergic to blood. Ahem, now take these three characters and learn how they all intertwine together to create Pharaoh’s Tale. It’s called that because it’s the story of how Yugi learns his truth and how it effects his daily life forever, and whether he will become Pharaoh or not is in the air. If he accepts his duties and takes the throne he’ll become the enemy of the Amenrite and Verosa, more than he is now. Can Yugi get the Four Families back in harmony, as they are all from the same person far back in time?

July 13, 2003: A new short fanfic from me is up in the Harbor. It’s called Da Matchmaker, Joey!. Anyways…I’m working on it here and there and I’m just doing it for fun. It’s not meant to be real long, it’s a continueous (sp?)…ahem, never ending, story. I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

July 6, 2003: HAPPY 4th OF JULY TO EVERYONE IN THE USA!! Ahem…Well, I just made the Fanart page. You can find other people’s fanart in there and please don’t steal them. I’ll get the first chapter to the second season of Pharaoh’s Tale up soon. I’m doing some final editings with it now. It should be up by the 8th of this month if I get it done tomorrow.

June 11, 2003: Hello!! Well, there are 14 new images up in the Images section. I’ve done enough updating with the images today. Those images that do not work are “DOWN” and therefore, they’re internet web address has been removed from the HTML, so it won’t link you anywhere. As for when the images that are down be up, that you’ll just have to be patient with. I’ll have to first find them on my harddrive. >_June 10, 2003: Well, there are 12 new images, which that makes 51 pictures in Images. And something around 60 or so images on the site total! Well, I’ve gotten two people who say to continue Pharaoh’s Tale, when I get three I’ll start writing up the next season. If you want to confirm or protest to the next season of Pharaoh’s Tale E-Mail me at [email protected]. Make sure the subject says “Pharaoh’s Tale” atleast, otherwise I’ll deleat the letter, most likely. Have a good day, all of you! ^^
Also, after thinking about it a bit longer, I’ve decided that the picture titled “Bakur and Yugi” isn’t really something that should be blocked. To see the image you may go to the Images page and click it’s title, it’s near the top. If you don’t want to do that, and since I’m nice, here’s a link: Bakur and Yugi. If I put up any more images they will be SAFE images, unless I think or know otherwise. I do have some “dirty/nasty” images saved that I might put up here, but I doubt it. My policy/rules for this site will and have not changed up to this date. I just made a better judgement about that single image.

June 8, 2003 (later): New Entry images up. And a new page of pure warnings. It’s found here.
June 8, 2003: New areas (not really) have been made. The Images, Tests and Results, Links and Dictionary (“Pronounciation” area) and Acid Waters all have there own pages. Just scroll to the area and click it. If there are any new images I’ll put a link to them temporarily up in the images secion on this page and leave it there until my next update or so when I’ll move it to the Images page.

June 6, 2003: Summaries for Pharaoh’s Tale has it’s background updated and the like. Of course updates with a few new pictures scattered everywhere. As a sort of spoil, the first chapter to season two will be up sometime between 6/8/2003 and 6/11/2003. One new picture, it’s the unkh, and is the ‘back’ picture in the Summaries section. Well, good night everyone and enjoy your summer! ^^ Remember, I’m open to comments on any of my stories or fanfics–just email me. If you don’t know my email it’s: [email protected]
Remember, the “G” in “Gotenks” MUST be capitalized.

June 5, 2003: Okay, today is the day after Yugi Muto’s birthday! Seriously! ^^ Well, ahem. Last night I wrote up the last and final chapter to Pharaoh’s Tale! Season one is now finished! Not entirely. I was running low on time last night, so I cut out the detail of Yukai’s death. I’ll write up a chapter 13B that will be totally of her death. You won’t have to read it to understand anything else. What’s needed to know is that she loved Yami and that Mallid grew jealous, so in his anger he rapes her to death.
As you will find out later, when Yugi is in, perhaps in the 16th chapter, Yukai will get all of her three life’s memories back. A person can only be reborn once, thus having two lives. FATE Chaos intervened and mixed Yukai’s past soul and the soul of the the Duel Monster, Veraca 1, with her for her second life. In her third life, the one with Yugi, she was given his soul. Chaos also manipulated them to being the “Legendary Fallen Angel” and the “Legendary Pure Angel”. I’ll make a dictionary of this information some time. In the meantime, if I’m correct, at the top of Pharaoh’s Tale section in here there is something called “Yukai’s Bio.” Or something like it. Anywho, you want to read it to understand what the story will be more like when the rest of the seasons take place.
It really is a strange and mysterious story, all the way through, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the first season. ^^

May 6, 2003: Okay, I have MUCH MUCH better forums up now. No limit on how many posts there are and you should enjoy. My sn in there in the posts is Lost Dreams. ^_^

April 30, 2003: The 12th chapter to Pharaoh’s Tale is up. One more chapter before the season is over.

April 28, 2003: No updates for a month? Well, we’re having a lot of tests and I’ve been working hard in math. Need the formula for the surface area of a 3d triangle? It’s: SA=bh+ (s1+s2+s3)H
Ahem. Well, I haven’t gotten any farther on Pharaoh’s Tale, which I’m planning to try and finish it by May 4th; or atleast finish this season. In the meantime, I was writing up a sort of half serious half goofy story called Hirou Tari. I won’t spoil anyone on it at all, just know that all of the characters in it are MINE! Same with the ideas.
Also, when you see Meredy (Meredy) that means that that link, text or something in the link is new. Example, there is a Meredy by Hirou Tari currently. That means that there is a new chapter up, or something new to look at. I’ll put a Meredy by Pharaoh’s Tale so you’ll know there’s a new chapter. When you go into the link, if it’s not a picture, and you see Meredy by a link like a new chapter, that means that it’s new.

March 21, 2003: Well, I’ll read through my “Harbor” stories later. The little adventure of Umi and Kat for Vampire Grades will be up within the next week or two I think. The forth story for the “Harbor”, Crossroads will be up in the next week or two. You can bet it won’t be finished. I’m also sorry that I left you all on a cliffhanger with the story Coal Scotts I believe is the story from the “Harbor”. But, I’ll get to writing more on that later. ^_^ EDIT: Well, I wrote up just about three pages of Crossroads so far. It’s up. Hope you like it. ^_^

March 20, 2003: Least I know the date now…but anyways….I’m working on Pharaoh’s Tale and Demonic Blade of Keith but what I have so far isn’t very good. Well, Vampire Grades is up and so are some more of my favorite quotes. Keep looking around here and there, because I’m gonna write up a new start to a story that won’t be long…I hope. Welp, catch y’all in a few days when I’m better! ^_^ Fujirama! Oh, and 6 new pictures. The 5 new Pokemon pictures that are up I got from my friend, Yami Veedragon. Also, the “Harbor” is up if you want to look at it. It’s just some old fanfics and stuff that I thought I would share with you though I might now work on them for a long time. Fujirama! I’m outtie for the night! ^_^

March…uh…I dunno 2003 I know is the year! Oh, wait…the day is…the 20th: Okay, I’ve been out and being sick. My computer was also giving me some problems and let’s just not start with my scanner, ok? Well, anyways. I’ll the pictures fixed soon, sorry that half of them are down. But, if you want to see the pictures that have “jounouchi” in their address/URL then just look for them in the Sea Cabin. They should be in there some where… Well, the newest chapters for Pharaoh’s Tale might not be up until the end of the month. I know, sorry, but I’m kinda stuck. Demonic Blade of Keith really isn’t goin’ anywhere fast. Well, here’s some good news. I just finished up a quick 5-paged story for school and well, I’ll put it up. It’s totally done and is really fast and meaningful. Take the time to read it if you get the chance. Oh, all of the characters in it (it’s called Vampire Grades) are taken and are my property. Do NOT use them personally. Thank you.
Well, to add to that footnote of my scanner being evil…my nose is, too. Oh, yeah, incase you’re wondering how my health is doing it’s so bad that I got carsick yesterday on our way to Longview. I vomited in the hospital parkinglot before we even got off the peninsula. TIP>>Don’t have Benidrile (sp?) and then go for a two-hour car ride right after and on an empty or half empty stomach. Drink fluids if you want to have a slightly comfortable puke, too.
Well, that was sarcasim but oh well. I got my Fruits Basket DVD last monday. It is funny. It has the first six episodes, not a bad trade off since it can go in Japanese, too. Well, it’s a funny series. Look for it to buy at animenation.com. It’s funny. Kyo Sohma got beaten the heck out of him by Kagura Sohma in the forth episode. Spoils for the seven threw twelf eps…well…let’s just say Momiji Sohma, Hatsuharu “Haru” Sohma and Akito Sohma will show up. Hatori Sohma will, too. I’m not sure, but I’m betting Hiro and Kisa Sohma will make an appearance then too, since there’s only about 25 episodes. Also if you’re wondering how many times Kyo cusses, it’s only about 6 times. But that’s just in the first 6 eps. Kyo yells 57 times, 15 of those yells are at Tohru Honda. Kyo and Yuki fight like 10 times. And, Yuki changes into a rat 6 times. Tohru says “sorry” or “so sorry” something like 15 times. Kagura says “love” 15 times. Tohru says “mom” about 24 times.
Fruits Basket is gonna be great!

March 5, 2003: No new updates for 3 days??! Not true!! Well, actually, yes it is. I just didn’t want to waste scrolling space. I have become aware the some of my images that are linked to here that have the “jounouchi” in their address instead aren’t all working, as far as I know there isn’t a problem with the link URL address, but I’ll look. Until then, I’ll keep looking through my images and see which ones don’t work and which ones do. The reason I’ll have to check is because I upload five images at a time and as you all know it is impossible to copy all of their URLs at the same time. Welp, I’m getting farther in Chapter 12 of Pharaoh’s Tale but it’s still not the entire chapter. The chapter will be long and rated R. It WILL be under the new policy, just so you all policy disobeiers know. Have a great rest of March because the next chapter might not be up for a while. ^^

March 2, 2003: Well, I’ll have time to update my site later on. I just made this update to tell you all to not use my word “Fujirama” that will be appearing in the 13th chapter of Pharaoh’s Tale. I’ve already gotten to work on the 12th chapter of it and it’ll be up hopefully by March 16th. I’m working really hard on this chapter because it’s King Yami’s death and I have to make sure that I remember everything that happened at that part because it was a lot. Chapter 13 will be kinda short. Chapter 14 is the new season, so look forward to it. ^_^

March 1, 2003: Well, the guestbook is up. If you’re one of those people who don’t sign guestbooks for fear of someone harrassing you, don’t worry. Once you sign only I can see it, though it says that you can view it. I went ahead and tried it out the other night. I’m gonna practise with the webboards that I can have and tell you about them in a later update when I get them working. (later) Well, the webboard is up and seems to be working nicely. I hope all of you who visit my site post in there and chat, but if you want to make a comment that only I see then please put it in my guestbook since I have no limits in there. Thanks. ^_^

Early March 1, 2003: Yes, I’m still on! XD Well, I found some Fruits Basket images that I simply adore! I also found some pictures from Acorn’s site. I’ll also put up the link today. There are 30 images now on total. That number will change as I add on more images as the night progresses, maybe. I’m gonna get off after I mess around a little bit with this site’s information and stuff, so good night. ^_^ Oh, yes, Acorn’s site is now in the Links section. Enjoy.

Feb 28, 2003: The 11th chapter to Pharaoh’s Tale is finally up. The summaries to the story is up now, too. The 12th and 13th mark the end of the first season, the past. In 12 Yami’ll get raped and sealed away by Yiu. In 13, we’ll hear very small bit of Yami in the Puzzle. Then we’ll here what happens to Yukai after she’s dragged away from the throne room from seeing Yami’s dead body also being raped. I won’t spoil it, but if you can’t stand gruesome stuff that might make you vomit, don’t read chapter 13.
Chapter 14 will start us off in the basic presant day, 3000 years after Yami’s death. We find Yukai and Yugi, cute little kids, messing around in the Game Shop. They discover the Forbidden Memories Box on a shelf and so the danger begins all over again. In chapter 15 it’s the full presant day, Yugi is 14 years old and just finished the puzzle. Yugi saves Anzu from that perverted Gym Teacher and then we run into Pegasus and Seto. As we get into Duelist Kingdom, it defiantly won’t be the same as the show or the manga, since this is a fanfic. After Yugi saves his grandpa he agrees to help Yami find his body and memory. At the start of Battle City we run into Yukai and that’s where the new trouble begins.
If you want some spoils on the show of Battle City or Paradise Island or the Blimp then read this because I’ll be giving out spoils as I progress. As we make our way to the end of Paradise Island we then get into the next small season, before Rally the End of Yiu. Impa’s Palace In The Sky is where we meet Indo and Yukai’s dear child lover, Hanokie (sp?). I won’t spoil the story, since as Indo and I are going back through this we’re changing and adding somethings.
If you’re curious, the seasons go in order like this: 1, Mysterious Egypt’s Unique Pharaoh; 2, Tea For Two And Two In Me (that’s tea as in the drink. Téa is called Anzu in the fic); 3, Impa’s Palace In The Sky; 4, Rally The End Of Yiu; 5, A Baby.
A sum for each season I’ll give now. 1: This is the ancient past where we meet our first and second main characters, Yukai and Yami. 2: This is the presant day that holds all of the seasons that Kazuki Takahashi has done but in my fic style. 3: This is where Yami gets his body. We then find Yugi and Yami and Hanokie (sp?) fighting over Yukai’s safety along with her four brothers. 4: This is where we meet up with Yiu for the second time in the main parts of the story. Yiu’s end is here, but wait…he’s taken Yukai and her brother’s sister–Mage! 5: This is perhaps the final season. This is where Yukai makes up her mind to go with either Yugi or Yami or her brothers or kid love, Hanokie(sp?). 6: This is for sure the last season. If the Duel Monsters don’t become real by now and we’ve gone through all of Yukai and Yami’s and Yugi’s bond together then there will be this season. This season will just take you through history of the fanfic and tell you how Yukai is bonded with Yugi and Yami and Hanokie(sp?) with the war.

Feb 27, 2003: The Fake Cards are put up. The number of images is now around 20. The scene of Yami and Pegasus’s duel has not yet been uploaded so do not visit it. Thanks.

Sometime Between early Feb 26 and late Feb 26, 2003: 14 new images. Warning page created. For info on the emailing me thing, look in the update below this one. Thanks.
The Fake Cards area has been made. However, though I have already made the cards themselves, I still must upload them, which could take much space. It is under construction because if I upload them as their current state to keep them in great tact onto this site I’d get about 1000KB gone with about just three cards loaded. I’m going to load them onto my Sea Cabin site and then put a link of the images that way. It’ll go much smoother.

(Early) Feb 26, 2003: Three images are added. Also, for you to keep in mind…Ashley and Jeff (I won’t give out last names to respect you two), please remember that all of the other sites in anycities that are linked from this site are currently shut down for a while. Why? Well, I lost all that data in ROF and I’m still looking for the mends to it. I haven’t checked to see if I lost that data page of myself and Andy that I gave out on the site, but it’s possible. Internet data is really vunerable. Well, that’s an important wording there. Sure, I’ll add to my other stories later but when I get more time. I just made another Fake Card. I’ll put up my Fake Cards later because their KB size is atleast over 200.
Also, Ashley, you may not have read or had been able to read the request or offer in the Tsunami Dragon site. Feel free to put your story on hold and write up Episode 3. I haven’t had time to work on anything lately but school work. Jeff, if you’re reading this, you too, should take a look at the offer. You can write up Episode 3 if you want, just make sure you guys read the Ep Guide and character profiles and stuff listed out there. Keep in mind that there is no way for Lass to catch all of her Pokémon listed in the character profiles area. That’s the main pokemon she uses, so go ahead and have her catch some smaller…useless Pokémon to be stored. I won’t be at school today, as you two might have noticed. Go ahead and work something out to see who’ll write up Episode 3. When you’re done, do a grammer and spelling check on the computer. Please, I would like them typed in a font I can actually read!
On second note, people need to scroll down this page. If your browser doesn’t have a “BACK” button to go to the other sites then go ahead and scroll down and look for the link. There’s also where the images, disclaimer and claimer, info on my fanfics and pronounciation, diffinition and translations of words.
To add to the Translations, I’ll add in “Katsuya” because that is Joey Wheeler’s real Japanese name. I wasn’t sure, but I found out that it’s his last and the crew just calls him by it. Ashley, a quick request, after you read this (if you even do) can you look and tell me if you can find where I put “Jounouchi” under the chapters in Pharaoh’s Tale? Thanks. Thank you to Ashley A. w/ an “E” and Jeff J.! You two are great to look at my site and it seems you’re the only two who look at it. Please, email me sometime! Or, email me at my/Jounouchi site’s email. On every site that is run by me (Sea Cabin, this one, Fire Pit, ROF, Tsunami Dragon…all but Sands of Time and Time Turner. I sub-run Flaming Volcano) all of the links for emails will email one of my email addresses. It could be Gotenks726 or jounouchi, any of those two will work.
HELP: If you find a broken link on my site to another part of my site please email me. Same thing if you want me to put up your fanart, fanfics, Fake Cards or ask me questions. Feel free to ask just about anything. I also like to make sure that all of my pictures and links are working, that’s for all of these NSFF sites. If you find a dead pic or bad link, tell me so I can get it fixed. Thanks in advance.
Also, I find that some people (Ashley and Jeff) don’t like to listen to my warnings about inapropriate content on my site… I’m going to change that. Here’s the new policy, since Pharaoh’s Tale is bound to have some inapropriate or adult content coming very close at hand in the chapters.. I’m going to put a link to the chapter, but you can’t get to it. If you want to read a chapter or see a picture that is inappropriate for children under the age of 17 or 13 or 14 or anything from the ages of maturity (you don’t laugh at the words or vomit at the studying of the reproductive system. Next year Ashley and Jeff!) then you must email me with a MATURE request to get the link. You also must tell me your age. I will email a reply, asking if you want to read sex or adult-like manners. If you respond MATURELY then I will CONSIDER giving you the link. The email to ask for me about this is [email protected] Copy and paste it in. I’m not gonna waste space that could be used for something else for a link that I laready have at least three of! Note, whereever my R rated fanfic is, it’ll be taking part in this new policy. This policy is done to protect children and warn their parents of the stuff that they could be reciving into their tiny brains if they don’t even read the warnings!

Feb 12, 2003: Links are added. Demonic Blade of Keith is added.

Feb 11, 2003: Remodeling the site. Should be easier to navigate your way around.

Jan 24, 2002: Character clips for Acid Waters are put up. Some data on Acid Waters is put up. I’ll tell you when I will get this (Acid Waters, I mean) story published.

Jan 22, 2003: I’ll try to write up Updates every day, but hey. Next week I’m leaving to my sister’s for about five days and I might not have internet access! Chapter eleven isn’t writen up, sorry. I just printed out chapters nine and ten and got some feedback from my fellow peers at school. There might not be any more chapters up until friday because it’s the end of the semester and I’ve got some work to get up. I gotta get my grades up! Ha-ha, well. If you’re interested in printing out the entire 1-10 filled chapters to look for spelling, punctuation or such errors, maybe a small blip, or something that needs maybe a bit more attention, go right ahead. It’s about 18 pages long if you copy and paste it up into a word processor. In ten-point font and in times new roman, it’s gonna be just about one inch longer then 17 pages, that means, you have 18 pages. Also, don’t forget to not take credit for my work. If I find anyone taking my work you can rest assured that I won’t be writing up this anymore. It’s a fanfic, none of the ideas are souly mine and the characters that are original you can’t take. If you do, I’ll just shut down this site and kill all of the links to the chapters. I’ll just write it up in my own time, for my own enjoyment. I’m writing this entire webiste in HTML coding and I’m working my butt off just so that I can share my creativity with those fans of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters or even Egypt. So, don’t take them ok. The ideas have come from movies I’ve seen and/or watched/own and/or shows that are on my TV stations locally as well as from books by great authors and my personal friends.
That reminds me. Each of my original characters are based on a real person I know. Yukai is based on me. I’m kind, and well, I can’t tell lies. I’m a kinda shaky person and I have a sort of sadness disorder. Turai, the evil cat dude, is from my brother Mickey. He was a quiet, mean, frightening person and he wasn’t that enjoyable to be around. Mallid is from my sort of friend, a guy I hang out with at school, Justion. Now, Justion is an annoying person to me. He’s fun and funny, but also at the same time he’s stubborn and can be serious only when he wants to be. He has a tendancy to make life look a little bit more fun, like when we run the mile he says he doesn’t do it because he doesn’t want to become “a gerble of entertainment” for the teachers! Seth is a more fun character to portray. He’s based on a girl I kinda hung out with last year and recently she moved away, her name was Lynell (spelling?) but I just called her Nelly. Nelly had this care-free kind of attitude that you won’t forget in even a lifetime! She was fun, hyper and a very unique person. If you’re reading this, Nelly, I want you to know how fun and inspirational you’ve made my life become. We haven’t really met Aten the Fade, but we will run into her later. Aten is a unique god. She never settles for less then her all-time best and she is always trying hard. Aten is protrayed after my older sister, Jennifer. Jen is kinda funny and cooky, but she’s fun and artistic and I like that about her. Jen, you rock my life to it’s fullest enjoyment of coolness! Leis is a kind, serious woman and mother and wife. Leis is kind of sarcastic every time Yami gets a run-in with her spirit, but every time he runs into her she inspires him with riddles instead of giving him a straight answer for once. Sound familier? Yup! She’s portrayed after my dear sweet momzies, Robin! I love you and I really hope that even me being a 13-yr old teen doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Robin adopted me when I was a little kid and saved my life from a fever and we’ve just had this tight bond. We’ve always been able to get along! Yiu was portrayed after my most recet step-father, Rob. Rob was kind of mean and evil, like Yami Malik, but not deathwise. He smoked and just went downhill from there.

Jan 21, 2003: The tenth chapter is up. It contains some materials that would make it rated PG-13. Attetnion parents/guardians: I will not take responsiblity if your child sees/reads adult content on this site because I have given clear warnings to them. Also, the first picture is up.

Jan 20, 2003 (basic night): Okay. Chapter 8 and 9 are up. I’ve finished up chapter 9 tonight and now I’ll get to work on chapter 10, until then, you just have to wait! Schoolwork is hard to get around and ideas are hard to put into the words you want. Also, sometimes I can’t find the disk that has this story saved on it! >_Ciao! That means “Bye” I think in French. Oh, who cares? Sayonara! That means “good bye” in Japanese!
Jan 20, 2003(ok…just about lunchtime): Hey! Chapter 4, 5, 6 and 7 should all be up before I take a lunchbreak. I’m on a roll today!
Jan 20, 2003 (mid day): Okay. Chapter three is up and chapter four should be up soon, too.
Jan 20, 2003 (early morning): Chapter two of Pharaoh’s Tale is put up.

Jan 19, 2003: This site made. First chapter of Pharaoh’s Tale is put up. I have more chapters of the story and they’ll be up later.

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