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Mar 24, 2006

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  PCI 3.3V Bus Master/Target Device 32-bit

Product Status: Production Release

General Description

AMCC’s S5335 MatchMaker is a powerful and flexible PCI controller supporting several levels of interface sophistication. At the lowest level it can serve simply as a bus target with modest transfer requirements. For high performance applications, the S5335 can become the bus master and can attain the peak transfer capabilities of 132 Mbyte/sec with a 32 bit bus. The MatchMaker is an off-the-shelf, low cost standard product that allows a faster time to market by allowing the designer to focus on the actual application and not on debugging the PCI interface.


The S5335 can be used to implement a wide range of high speed applications. With its microprocessor independent add-on interface, the MatchMaker can be used for networking, video, communications or data acquisition applications. The MatchMaker allows special direct data accessing between the PCI bus and the user application through implementation of four definable Pass-Thru data channels. Each data channels is implemented by defining a Host memory segment size and 8/16/32-bit bus user width. FIFO DMA transfers are supported using Address and Transfer count registers. Four 32-bit Mail Box registers coupled with a status register and extensive interrupt capabilities provide flexible user command or message transfers between the two buses. In addition, the S5335 also allows us of an external non-volatile memory to perform any pre-boot initialization requirements and to provide custom expansion BIOS or POST code capability.

The block diagram in the figure below shows the major functional elements within the S5335. The S5335 provides three physical bus interfaces: the PCI Local Bus, the user local bus referred to as the Add-on Local bus and the optional serial and byte-wide non volatile memory buses. Data movement between buses can take place mailbox registers to the FIFO data channel, or a user can define and enable one or more of the Pass-Thru data channels. The S5335 MatchMaker performs Bus Master or DMA data transfers through the FIFO data Channel under either Host or Add-on software control or Add-on hardware control using dedicated signal pins.


  • PCI 2.1 Compliant Master/Slave Device
  • 3.3 V, 5 V Tolerant Signaling
  • Full 132 Mbytes/sec Transfer Rate
  • PCI Bus operation DC to 33 MHz
  • 8/16/32Bit Add-on User Bus
  • Four Definable Pass-Thru Data Channels
  • Two 32 Byte Internal FIFOs w/DMA
  • Synchronous Add-on Bus Operation
  • Mail Box Registers w/Byte Level Status
  • Direct Mail Box Data Strobe/Interrupts
  • Direct PCI and Add-on Interrupt Pins
  • Optional Non-Volatile Memory Boot Loading
  • Optional Expansion BIOS/POST Code
  • Supports Intel 440BX/GX Chipsets
  • Supports WinNT Service Packs 2&3
  • 176 Pin LQFP


  • High Speed Networking
  • Digital Video Applications
  • I/O Communications Ports
  • High Speed Data Input/Output
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Memory Interfaces
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Data encryption/Decryption
  • Intel i960 Interface
  • General Purpose PCI Interfacing
S5335, Typical Network Application
     S5335 Typical Network Application

Product Documents
 • S5335 – PCI Bus Controller, 3.3V: DS1657
Product Brief
 • S5335 “MatchMaker” – 3.3 V 32-Bit PCI Bus Master/Target Device: PB1615
 • S5335 “MatchMaker” – 3.3 V 32-Bit PCI Bus Master/Target Device: PB1615

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