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December 21,2004
ABC Television Network
PRESS RELEASE – NEWS – ABC NEWS’ 20/20 (12/28)
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New Year, New Love: From a mother-daughter matchmaking team, to an academy turning out new cupids, to classes for men and women on how to enliven relationships, “20/20” takes a fresh look at how couples are getting together and staying together. The special edition of “20/20” airs on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

From internet sites to reality show dating on television, many people will do almost anything to find love. But how do you find a serious romance if you are at your wits end or are just too busy? As ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts reports, if you are good looking and rich enough, the answer might just be with a San Francisco mother-daughter matchmaking team called Kelleher and Associates. Amber Kelleher and her mom Jill say they’re golden touch comes from gut instinct and thorough digging. Will they hit romance paydirt with Randall Perry, a wealthy 44 year old divorced father? Randall allows “20/20” to follow him on three dates set up by Amber and Jill to see how the Kelleher’s work their magic.

And: ABC News Correspondent JuJu Chang introduces viewers to a not-so-traditional solution to keeping relationships fresh – Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts in Manhattan. Mama Gena is not a professional sex therapist, but has been successful in teaching women to enjoy their own sensuality, “I fan the flame of desire. In every woman,” she says. Night after night for nearly a decade she has held court in a Manhattan townhouse, teaching people from all over the country things their mothers never taught them… helping them revive romance in their rusting relationships. “When a woman starts to think of herself as succulent and fantastic, it changes the way she walks, it changes her posture, it changes the way she relates with people, it changes her eye contact, it changes her confidence,” she says. “20/20” follows two women who come to Mama Gena to spice up their lives. “20/20” is also there as the women’s husbands attend Mama Gena’s special class to enlighten men them about women.

Plus: With more than 100 million American singles looking for love, matchmaking is a potentially lucrative business that is blossoming in cities across the country. So where do professional matchmakers come from? ABC News Correspondent Bill Ritter introduces viewers to the Match Making Institute in New York City – a kind of “cupid academy.” Lisa Clampett, who gave up her career as a social worker to become a full-time matchmaker dealing with high-end clients, says she loved being a matchmaker so much that she decided to start a school to teach others how to do it. “What I found before I started this is people have no way to get into the industry… And by creating a training, it really, really trains people how to enter the industry and how to maintain standards,” she says. “20/20” is there to see what these students learn to become full-service matchmakers and headhunters for the heart.

“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and John Stossel. David Sloan is the executive producer.
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