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These Frequently Asked Questions should be read in conjunction with Christian Connections Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you have other questions about this Website, get in touch.

1. The Christian Connection Service

(1a) What is different about an Internet matchmaking service and the traditional dating and introduction agencies?

This service works entirely through the Internet. Everybody who is a member is able to contact other members directly. Introduction and dating agencies tend to work through personal interviews and will generally ask you the same types of questions as our registration form. At that point the administrators of the agency will help decide who the best people are for you to be matched up with and generally there will be a set limit over a certain period. Other types of services send lists in the post.

An Internet matchmaking service gives you the opportunity to look at all the options, and gives you more of a decision making role and more choice. You are given the opportunity to take the initiative.

(1b) Why is there a need for Christian matchmaking service?

The benefits of love, marriage and family life are very often stressed by Churches and for good reason. Christians are rightly encouraged to form relationships with others.

The reality is that there are lots of people who find it a major struggle to meet other eligible Christians. Those in small churches often find it hard to meet enough single people. Those in large churches feel under the spotlight, or find it hard to really get to know people well.

The opportunities of getting to meet Christians from other denominations, or even just different churches can be few and far between.

The matchmaking service gives Christians a far ranging opportunity to meet Christians from all parts of Australia and from denominations. It leaves less to chance and brings everybody more choice. Through carefully designed questionnaires, people can form a much more realistic impression of whether they might be likely to be compatible and have a basis for really getting to know each other, even before they actually meet.

(1c) In what way is Christian Connection different from other matchmaking websites?

This Website has been designed for people in the Australian Christian community. Questions have been tried and tested by other Christians. We also believe that we are the most technically advanced Christian matchmaking site in Australia.

(1d) Can people outside Australia join Christian Connection?

No. Sorry, but this site is open to Christians who live in Australia who are 18 and over. We would not be able to give a reasonable service to people living in other countries, and there are also significant legal implications involved. If you are an Australian living abroad temporarily, or travelling, you can join the site, provided you can provide a valid and verifiable address. It’s probably a good idea to let us know as well.

There are several other Christian singles sites which cater for all nationalities – which you can find on search engines. People who register from outside Australia or who are under 18 will have their profiles deleted.

(1e) How do we define “Christian”?

That is not as easy as it sounds. As we all know Christians come with widely different beliefs, ways of worship and expression. Even those from the same denomination can vary a great deal; in how they approach their faith.

Christian Connection is a service aimed to include all Trinitarian Christians within Australia. We welcome the richness of the Christian tradition.

What is a Trinitarian Christian?
Christians who accept the Trinity: ie accepting God as three eternal persons, in God the Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ, and God the Spirit.

Who is included in this definition?
Christians from the following traditions all come within this definition:

There are many other Independent Churches including Evangelical and Charismatic churches which are within Trinitarian definition. If your tradition is not mentioned, you may want to contact us to check.

Who is not included
People belonging to Churches which do not accept the Trinity for example:

Also those churches, fellowships, organisations and groups who claim an exclusive relationship with God, who reject the possibility that salvation can come to those outside their particular persuasion.

Your choice
The Christian Connection matchmaking service will ask you to describe your own Christian tradition and ask you about your personal faith. If you are uncomfortable about meeting with people coming from particular traditions then you can use our service to set out those parameters and you will not be matched with people from those traditions. We do hope however, that many people will take the opportunity of meeting with, sharing and learning from Christians outside their own tradition. That is one of the benefits of Christian Connection.

Respect for others
Christians do not always agree with each other about everything. In fact Christians often disagree with each other. We believe that there are many great traditions within Christianity which have contributed in many different ways. Anybody who joins Christian Connection and chooses to attack or undermine the traditions of others may find themselves asked to leave if this causes undue offence or annoyance to other members. See Terms and Conditions.

Commitment and Honesty
We appreciate that no definition is perfect. Many say one thing and believe another. Some of us are seeking, some are struggling, and others feel confident in what it is that they believe. None of us are in the same place. The important point is that we should be honest about where we are and not claim to be what we are not. The questionnaire does give the opportunity to say where you think you are. We hope, that the fact you want to sign up means that your faith is important to you.

2. Logging On

(2a) Why haven’t I received my password through email? How can I log in?

For security reasons, we send these to the email address you put on your registration form. If there is any mistake in this email address, (and this happens surprisingly often) new members will not receive their passwords. In this situation, you need to fill in the help form on the contact page. Give us your name and surname, correct email address and your screen name if you know what it is, and we will send you your password.

Once logged in, remember to edit your email address by going to “Your membership” in the Members Area and editing your private details – or go to the ‘My Private Details’ page. You can also change your password to something easier.

(2b) I have tried to log in with my screen name and password. Why can’t I get access to the site?

Before getting in touch with us to report an error, please check the following:

  • Make sure you have put your Screen Name and password in lower case and without any spaces. The default passwords assigned to new members contain three letters and three numbers. Occasionally people can get confused with the letter “l” and the number “1”.
  • If you share a computer or, in some cases, a network with another member, they may not have logged out and the system will expect his or her screen name and password. Please make sure they have logged out.
  • Check you have a reasonably up to date version of your browser. If you need a newer version, you can normally download free upgrades. Use the following links to find new or updated versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera or Mozilla. (Note: There are reported issues related to uploading images using Opera – Opera users may wish to use a different browser to perform this operation.)
  • If you access the internet via AOL, you may well encounter some difficulties. Please see question 2c (below) for an answer.

(2c) I have problems accessing the site with AOL

Sometimes the built-in AOL browser has problems with Christian Connection. These problems can be avoided by the following:

After you have connected to the Internet using AOL, open up a separate browser (such as Internet Explorer) and use that to access Christian Connection. You should then be able to log on.

You also need to make sure that you have the correct screen name and password and that there are no extra spaces and that it is all in the same case as you were given. See question 2b (above) for more help on problems logging in.

3. Your Profile

(3a) Do I have to answer all the questions in the questionnaire?

In a word, no! Some of you who may have used other matchmaking sites have had to grapple with lots of personal questions which take hours to fill in but don’t necessarily produce the finest results. We have started with some initial multiple choice questions which are mandatory, but after that you decide what you want to say about yourself. The essay questions do generally seem to make the most impact, and you should take time to fill these in when you get a chance.

The more questions you answer, the more precise the matching can be. If you answer fewer questions, the net can be cast a lot wider. You don’t have to answer them all in one go. You may find you want to take more time to answer some of the questions. The best thing is to fill in the mandatory questions first so your membership is established and then come back to the other questions when you have had more time to think. It’s a good idea to review your profile from time to time.

(3b) Why have a photograph?

All the statistics say that you are around 6 times more likely to get a response if you post a photograph with your details. Despite everything that Christians rightly say about not looking on the outside but on the inside, that is, perhaps sadly, the reality. A good photograph provides a big boost.

Having said that, it’s your choice, and the great thing about this website is that you will be able to learn about people in many other ways, through their profiles and through their emails. That is often a lot more than can be in done in a social gathering!

(3c) Can I change my personal profile?

You may amend your details at any time by using your user name and password and following the instructions on this website. You are the ultimate arbiter of what details appear.

It’s often a good idea to review your profile regularly and make sure you have said what you want to say.

(3d) Why can’t I find my profile when I look for it through Search and Match?

Members cannot search for themselves using Quicksearch or Compatibility Match. You will not come up as a match for yourself.

If you carry out a Namesearch on your screen name, you will be able to verify that your profile does exist and is visible to others.

(3e) I spent hours creating/editing my profile and the changes are not showing.

Timing Out
When you are logged into a website for a while, the connection can be lost if there is a long period with no communication between you and the site. Your connection ‘times out’. If you have spent a long time creating your profile (over 30 minutes) without saving it, then you might lose your efforts.

We suggest that when doing your essay questions, or if you are composing a lengthy email to someone, you write them in a word processing program and copy and paste them into the form when you are ready.

It could be that your changes were indeed saved, but you’re not seeing the changes. Try refreshing the page or logging in to the site from scratch. Another way is to go to the My Profile Section and click View Profile as Others See It.

(3f) How can I add a photo?

Please click here to find out how to place your photo on your profile.

4. Mail Queries

(4a) Why do I have a message saying I have mail, but there is no new mail in my mailbox?

When there is mail for you at Christian Connection, you will automatically receive a ‘mail waiting for you’ message in your external email telling you. Members sometimes read their mail in their Christian Connection mailbox before seeing the ‘mail waiting’ message in their external email.

(4b) Is there any kind of limit on the number of emails I can send per day?

Trial members can send 5 emails a day, Full members 20 a day. This is because:

  1. Christian Connection encourages quality correspondence rather than quantity. We believe that our members would rather receive well considered mail rather than reams of impersonal one liners.
  2. The email limit reduces the potential for somebody to abuse the function and send offensive or annoying email to a large number of members. There have been a few situations where abuse has occurred and imposing a limit helps to control this. We also need to protect our legal position.
  3. A day is defined as a 24 hour period rather than a calendar day. If somebody starts mailing at 11:30 pm and sends their quota, they cannot send mails until 11:30 pm the following night.

(4c) Why do I get ‘You’ve got mail’ notifications after my membership has expired.

When a mail message is sent to you on Christian Connection you automatically are sent a notification email.

Expired members can continue to receive mail, but they cannot access it. If you become a Full member by subscribing then you can continue to have full access to the site and any mail that is waiting for you will be made available.

(4d) How do I ‘report an email’?

Unfortunately for every 100 members signing up, there are one or two who either deliberately misuse the site or just carelessly cause a lot of hassle. Although we monitor site activity very closely, it is sometimes our members who see and report inappropriate emails/posts before we do. The Report this Email function allows you to send an inappropriate email to Christian Connection for review.

Emails should be reported only if they contain offensive language or material, requests for details that you consider inappropriate, personal details of another member, spam or scams and promotion of business or details indicating that someone has held previous free memberships and/or is generally trying to misuse the site.

Emails should NOT be reported because you simply disagree with the sender, you find their tone disagreeable or impolite, they don’t reply to email or people are not behaving according to high definitions of Christian standards.

(4e) How can I delete mail?

You can delete mail received from your Inbox and mail which you have sent from your Sent Box. This does not remove the mail from another person’s box. Please note that Mail over 60 days old will be deleted. If you wish to keep your letters, please copy them to another file or print them out.

(4f) Why has the person I want to write to disappeared?

They may be somebody whose trial membership has now expired, and their membership is “invisible” or they may have left the site completely.

If you have sent mail to a “trial expired” member, it will go to their inbox and they will receive it if they decide to rejoin as full members. Whenever they log on, they will be told that mail is in their box, even if they haven’t yet rejoined.

(4g) What do I do if I get an email from someone with whom I would prefer not to develop a correspondence?

If you receive mail from a member but would prefer not to reply, there is a decline button. This sends a message to the sender thanking them for their message but declining further contact.

(4h) Can I block email from a particular member?

Yes. If you decide you do not wish to receive further internal email from another user, you can put them on your “block” list. The directions can be accessed either from the mail itself or from the general inbox page. You can unblock a sender if you wish, and they will receive polite notification that mail has been blocked.

If you are blocking a sender because you have received an inappropriate email, please do inform CC. You can do this by using the Report this Email function. The Report this Email button is found at the bottom of every email send via the site. Simply click on the button and follow the instructions.

(4i) Why can’t I send mail?

If you are a current member you can send mail. When a mail is successfully sent a screen will appear telling you that the mail has gone. If you do not receive this screen, your mail has not been sent.

If you are having trouble sending mail, please check that you have included a Message Title on your email. It will not be sent if you do not include one. Also check that you have not sent your email quota.

5. Membership

(5a) Does membership cost anything?

Newcomers to the site can join on 10 day free trial basis giving them access to all areas and functions of the site.

After that period, subscription charges apply. For more details click here.

(5b) Can I suspend my membership?

Some people get put off from taking out a longer membership in case they need to take time out, even though it’s much cheaper to join for a longer period.

If you have subscribed for longer than a month, you can suspend your membership for a minimum of one month up to three months at a time up to a maximum of six months. Your profile will be archived and you will be able to resurrect it on demand. Please note that members must remain reinstated for one month before they are eligible to suspend membership for the second time.

The suspension feature is only available for people who have at least three weeks left on their membership and is used in circumstances when people go abroad or are getting to know somebody they have met.

Please remember that having more than one membership is not allowed on Christian Connection. This also extends to any suspension period. In other words you are not permitted to take out a trial membership or another full membership while you are suspended. Christian Connection will terminate both suspended and additional membership if this occurs

Contact Us with your screen name, password and the date you would like the suspension to commence. If you are in correspondence with any members on the site please be sure to tell them before you disappear.

(5c) Why do we ask members to subscribe in order to contact others on the site?

Although there are free matchmaking websites available, Christian Connection is very different and, we believe, much better! We ask for a subscription payments for the following reasons:

  1. Investment in the site – Putting this site together has required a significant investment in technology and development of our matchmaking software and techniques.
    Every time you search, send an email, or post something on the discussion board, there is a cost involved. And there are new features and improvements being planned and worked on all the time.
  2. Safety – On Christian Connection we take your safety very seriously. We check each profile that is created on Christian Connection. We have a number of safety measures both in terms of putting the right technical features in, and having people check what is happening. If there are breaches of the rules or etiquette we can deal with them.
  3. Customer service – When people have questions and problems, they can send queries to our help system. Staff are on hand to reply and deal with any problems that may come up.
  4. Day to day management – Keeping it running smoothly on a daily basis, maintaining and correcting the inevitable glitches takes people, time and money.
  5. Spreading the Word – Marketing, building up membership and choice for members requires advertising and promotion. Membership is growing and we intend that to continue.
    Our prices are competitive with the largest Christian matchmaking sites on offer. We are MUCH cheaper than any equivalent offline dating or introduction service. We aren’t here for big bucks but the system will need to pay for itself… eventually!
  6. Membership commitment – We also believe that a service that members pay for is more likely to encourage committed, responsible membership. If something is free, many people will join up for fun – but won’t treat the site and members with respect.

Payment problems
If you are a student, pensioner or on a limited income, we will consider special rates on an individual basis. – just contact us via the help system.

(5d) In what circumstances could membership be refused or cancelled?

The Terms and Conditions allow Christian Connection complete discretion to refuse or terminate membership. We do need to protect both others on the site and ourselves. If rules are breached, we may either terminate membership immediately or give a warning to the member, giving a time limit to rectify the situation or have their profiles deleted.

Below are some of the circumstances that might give rise to immediate termination or a warning giving the member a set period to put the situation right or remove themselves. If there is no response within the given time the offending profiles will be deleted.

  1. Anybody who makes a misrepresentation on the Registration form, profile or in their mail to others. In particular, misrepresentations about age, gender, email address, surname or postcode will give grounds for membership cancellation.
  2. Anybody who is under 18 or does not live in Australia.
  3. Anybody who attacks or undermines the traditions of other Christians on the site, whether directly or indirectly.
  4. Anybody who behaves in an offensive or disruptive manner or who disobeys instructions which are provided on the site, or gives cause for a reasonable complaint by another member.
  5. Anybody who is found to have behaved in an offensive or criminal way either on or off the site.
  6. Anybody who disobeys instructions on the site.
  7. Anybody who fails to observe the Terms and Conditions or Privacy rules.
  8. If people have been completely inactive for a period of months, their profiles may be deleted following a notification by email.
  9. If membership is terminated or cancelled for any of the above reasons, membership fees are non-refundable.

(5e) What about refunds?

We cannot refund membership fees to members who decide to cancel their membership before the end of their subscription period. Members can, however, suspend their membership for a given period if they are more than three weeks from the end of their subscription.

(5f) What happens to my membership after it expires?

When your membership expires your account will go into ‘hibernation’. You can subscribe at any point during this time and your membership will be restored in full.

While your profile is in hibernation, you cannot access the search and match functions or the mail functions of the site. You can continue to receive mail, but you will not be able to access it unless you subscribe. If, after 40 days, you choose not to subscribe then your profile is automatically removed from the system. To subscribe after this point you will need to register again, and you may receive a different Screen Name.

(5g) When does my membership expire?

Members can find out at any time when their membership is due to expire by going to the Members Area and clicking on the link entitled Expiry Date in the “Your Membership” section.

(5h) Are you feeling discouraged?

Please click here for more information.

(5i) Can I join again if I’ve already been a trial member?

The free ten day trial membership is there to give joiners a taste of what the site can do. It is a one time offer. Holding more than one membership is confusing to both the system and to other members on the site. CC will cancel any duplicate memberships. If you have already been a trial member of CC and wish to come back to the site, please get in touch for details about how to rejoin.

(5j) Can I take out another membership while my membership is suspended?

Members can only have one membership to the site. When you suspend your membership, this must be done for a minimum of one month. Holding more than one membership is confusing to both the system and to other members on the site. CC will cancel any duplicate memberships.

(5k) How can I change my password?

When you join CC, you will have received a password. You can change your password at any time. Please click here to change your password.

6. Privacy & Security

(6a) What can I do to protect my own privacy and security on Christian Connection?

When using Christian Connection on a public computer or a shared computer, follow these “good practice” points to avoid people seeing details about you. At Christian Connection, we are continually doing our best to protect your security from where we are but you can do a great deal more.

The police cannot do much if you leave your doors unlocked, and your private papers lying around in public places. If you are worried about people accessing your membership details and correspondence, here are some tips to avoid people seeing what you last did on your computer including any “cached information”. This is the same for any site including when you access an internet email account (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail) or even an internet bank account. If you have your own computer at home, you probably don’t need to worry, but if you are using a computer in a public place, or at work anybody can press a back button (or history button) and find the last pages and sites you have visited.

Here is what you can do to prevent that happening:

  1. When you have finished using Christian Connection, make sure you log-off completely out of the site. There is a logout button at the top of each page.
  2. Clear out any temporary internet files. For Internet Explorer users, this can be done by choosing “Tools”, “Internet Options” from the menu. Use the functions “Delete Files” and “Clear History”.
  3. On public computers, this may not be sufficient and you can check by clicking on the “Back” button. If you still see your old pages, click on “Refresh” and this will cause a new page to be downloaded, thus overwriting the cached information. When you do this, the system will automatically take you to the “Log in” page and you can be sure, therefore, that the old pages have been deleted.
  4. Do not save your username and password on the system, e.g. in a text file where it can be read by others.
  5. Do not allow other people to use your account. Never give away your password. If you think somebody might know it, change it.
  6. When using a shared computer, make sure the auto-complete function is turned off. This causes your log-in name to be “remembered” by the system.

The auto-complete function may be found (for Internet Explorer users) if people follow this route. Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options” and system will display a menu/dialogue box. Select the “Content” tab from the top and this will bring up a set of options. Under “Personal Information” select “AutoComplete Settings”. You will see a set of three check-boxes. Make sure that User names and passwords on forms is unchecked, i.e. no tick in the box. Otherwise, the system “remembers” your login name and passwords. If you are really unsure, click on “clear forms” and “clear passwords”.

Even if you use a shared computer, e.g. at home and have this Use AutoComplete option “clicked”, the next person such as a friend or family member does not have much left to do to gain access to your account.

(6b) How is my privacy protected?

Please read the Christian Connection Privacy Policy, which will explain the steps we take to protect your privacy.

(6c) How am I protected from people who may try to misuse this Website?

Whenever we meet anybody without knowing much about them, in a church, even through friends or a church related organisation, festival or conference, we always need to be a little careful about the questions we ask and the information we reveal about ourselves.

Christian Connection and you must do this together too. We have carefully constructed rules which all users must agree to before they can use the Website. Please see the Website Terms and Conditions. If they break the rules, use unacceptable language or behave offensively they can be excluded permanently from using the Website and their details will be deleted.

If they attempt to behave in a criminal way, they could also be identified and prosecuted. Christian Connection has enough information about their users via details of registered members and credit card information to locate them should this ever be necessary.

Remember you can help us with this. If you ever have cause for complaint about another member, please complete a help form. Remember to note down carefully any evidence which will help us deal appropriately with the information.

Members will send emails to each other via the Website. You do not have to give your personal email address to anybody unless you choose to. That is your choice and your responsibility.

(6d) Can I block unwanted mail?

Yes. If you decide you do not wish to receive further internal email from another user, you can put them on your “block” list. The directions can be accessed either from the mail itself or from the general inbox page. You can unblock a sender if you wish, and they will receive polite notification that mail has been blocked.

If you are blocking a sender because you have received an inappropriate email, please do inform CC. You can do this by using the Report this Email function. The Report this Email button is found at the bottom of every email send via the site. Simply click on the button and follow the instructions.

(6e) How secure is it to pass over my credit card details over the Internet?

In the last couple of years, there have major leaps forward in terms of protecting credit card transactions over the Internet. When asked to enter personal details such as your credit number, these will be transmitted through our secure server. This provides many security features, including:

  1. Authentication: this assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct computer server and that the server is secure.
  2. Encryption This encodes the data so that it cannot be read by anyone other than the secure server. A hacker would need to try every possible combination, running into several billion combinations.

If you still are not satisfied, you can choose to send your payment by cheque, or you can use email and telephone. Please see the subscribe page for more details.

7. About Us

(7a) Who are Christian Connection?

Christian Connection Australia is a subsidiary of Christian Connection SA.

Please see the contact us page for our most recent contact details.

(7b) How can I spread the word about Christian Connection?

It’s really helpful when people spread the word! There are various ways in which you can do this:

  1. Send an email to a friend or group who might be interested. Click here.
  2. Post a flyer. We have some fishy flyers which we would be delighted for you to pin up or give out in the right places. Send us an email with your postal address stating how many you need.
  3. Give us some suggestions. If you have ideas or contacts who could help, do get in touch.

Question Not Answered?

If your question has not been answered by any of this information. then get in touch with us, detailing your query. Please include your screen name.

If you have any comments on this FAQ which you would like to offer we would be pleased to hear them. Use our contact form to email us directly

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