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Why Christian Connection?

Christians of all ages are looking for more ways of creating connections with each other. Often, it’s a matter of chance whether you will run into likeminded Christians in the workplace, on holiday, and in your social life. It can be a struggle. Those in small churches often find it hard to meet enough single people. Those in large churches feel under the spotlight, or find it hard to get to know people well.

The opportunities of getting to meet Christians from other denominations, or even just different churches can be few and far between. Christian Connection is trying to make it easier.

Christian matchmaking and friendship?

The friendship and matchmaking service gives Christians a far ranging opportunity to meet Christians from all parts of the UK and from all denominations. It brings everybody more choice. Through carefully designed questionnaires, people can form a much more realistic impression of whether they might be likely to be compatible and have a basis for really getting to know each other, even before they actually meet. Click here to Register

What’s on

Christian Connection also has a What’s On function which displays events around the country. It’s easy to add your own event. You can also find out about hundreds of additional events from The Christian Herald database, updated weekly.

Can people outside the UK and Ireland join Christian Connection?

No. Sorry, but this site is only open to Christians who live in the UK or Ireland who are 18 and over. We would not be able to give a reasonable service to people living in other countries. There are also significant legal implications involved. There are several other Christian singles sites which cater for all nationalities – if you can’t find them on the search engines, please contact us and we will advise if we can. People who register from outside the UK and Ireland or who are under 18 will have their profiles deleted.

Does it cost anything?

In order to make use of the Christian Matchmaking service, there is a free trial service for 10 days while you can:

  • Create a profile
  • Search for other members
  • View members profiles
  • Send and receive mail from other members

After the end of the trial period, people who want to stay on will be asked to subscribe. Trial members whose membership has expired will not be able to access the site or read their mail unless they subscribe. Nor will they be permitted to take out additional trial memberships. For more details click here

What is Christian Connection?

Christian Connection was created by Widernet, a Christian led company in Central London. The site was launched in October 2000 after one year of planning. It was tested by about 50 single Christians for nearly six weeks. They put in comments ideas and suggestions to ensure the site worked for them. We will continue to ask for your feedback, which you can send us at any time by contacting us

Links with other sites

Christian Connection is building up links with other Christian websites. So far, we have links with Ship of Fools, Christian Herald, Church Times and Snow Peak. We are keen to create more links. Go to our links page to find out more.

Explore the Christian Connection site:

How can I spread the word about Christian Connection?

It’s really helpful when people spread the word! There are various ways in which you can do this:

  1. To send an email to friends or groups who might be interested, click here.

  2. Post a flyer. We have some fishy flyers which we would be delighted for you to pin up or give out in the right places. Send us an email with your postal address stating how many you need.

  3. Give us some suggestions. If you have ideas or contacts who could help, do get in touch.

Christian Connection is a dating service in the UK and Ireland for single Christians to meet other christian singles and form new relationships. We create opportunities for Christian dating, friendship and matchmaking and our services include providing advice and personal ads in the form of detailed profiles, including photographs and voice introductions.

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