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You can help!

There are many ways you can help make Tulsa an even stronger and more livable community.  Community Service Council encourages community involvement.  We believe that “working together works best!”   

Participate in the Council’s activities.

If you are are a human service provider, policy maker, consumer, funder, researcher, or a concerned individual or group member, there is a role for you at the Council — studying, and acting cooperatively with others to impact, the community issues of concern to you.  Contact Council staff in the areas of your interest.  

Become a Friend of the Council. 

Your financial contribution will support Community Service Council’s research, planning and action addressing the Tulsa community’s most urgent human service needs.   

Help people you know find the help they need.

Tell people about the Council’s free telephone information and referral services, including Helpline (918-836-HELP) and the Child Care Resource and Referral Service (918-834-CARE).  (Ask for flyers to distribute.)  Be sure there is a copy of the Directory of Community and Agency Services in your child’s school, your company’s employee assistance program, and the office of your faith community.  Ask your newsletter editor to publicize the Helpline phone number (we’ll send a camera-ready “ad“).


Whatever your interests, skills, and time available, you are needed by a Tulsa non-profit agency.  Let the Council’s Volunteer Central (918-585-5551) help “match” you with the right volunteer job.  We also have many opportunities for teen volunteers and for groups wanting to do short-term projects.  

Also, there are many volunteer roles at the Council.  Contact us about your interests!

Donate things.

Ask for a free “Wishbook” — it lists specific material items needed now by hundreds of non-profit groups in the Tulsa area.  Contact Volunteer Central, 918-585-5551.

Become well-informed about Tulsa’s human service needs.

The Council has much information about conditions and challenges facing our community, what’s working, and what needs to be done.  Check our website and publications.  Contact our staff.  Request a Community Profile presentation for your group.  Attend meetings and training events of interest to you.  Support public policy advocacy affecting Tulsa’s human services concerns.  Effective citizen leadership and action depend on people who understand the complex issues facing our community and what works in addressing them.

Get others involved.

The Council can provide speakers and materials to help your group learn more about community issues, helping services, volunteering, or starting a volunteer program for your company.


You can make a difference.  Let the Council be a resource for you!