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New 3.3V Master/Target PCI controller from Acal Semiconductors

Publication date on this website: Thursday, August 11, 2005
Company: Acal Semiconductors
Category: Press Releases : Active Components

Key facts:
Microprocessor independent add-on interface
Straightforward target and high-performance bus master modes of operation
3.3V device with 5V tolerant I/O for compatibility with legacy systems
Four Definable Pass-Thru Data Channels
Optional Non-Volatile Memory Boot Loading

Full Text:
Acal Semiconductors announces the new AMCC S5335 MatchMaker PCI controller. This powerful and flexible 3.3V device can serve as an easily configured bus target, enabling data transfer at modest rates. For demanding applications, the S5335 can become the bus master, enabling data transfer at rates of up to 132 Mbyte/sec with a 32 bit bus.

The S5335 MatchMaker has a microprocessor independent add-on interface, allowing the designer to choose whatever processor best suits the needs of the application. This flexibility makes the S5335 ideal for systems ranging from digital video and multimedia communications to high speed networking and data encryption/decryption, as well as providing PCI connectivity for numerous other applications.

The S5335 is a PCI 2.1 compliant Master/Slave device. The 3.3V I/Os are 5V tolerant, allowing the device to be used with modern motherboards that require 3.3V PCI operation as well as legacy systems, making the device an ideal solution for designers looking to transition to 3.3V PCI systems.

The S5335 MatchMaker also offers a range of advanced features, including four definable Pass-Thru data channels that allow direct data accessing between the PCI bus and the user application. Each data channel supports FIFO DMA transfers, and allows a user-defined Host memory segment size and selectable 8, 16 or 32-bit bus width. Four 32-bit Mail Box registers coupled with a status register and extensive interrupt capabilities provide flexible user command or message transfers between the two buses. In addition, the S5335 also allows use of an external non-volatile memory to perform any pre-boot initialization requirements and to provide custom expansion BIOS or POST code capability.

The S5335 MatchMaker extends the existing range of 3.3V and 5V AMCC PCI controllers available from Acal Semiconductors. It is supplied in a 176 Pin LQFP and is available in an environmental friendly Lead-free (RoHS) package option. A developersĀ“ kit, the S5335DK, is also available, offering schematics, bill of materials, PCB design, and CPLD code for a hardware reference design, as well as diagnostic and development utility software. The popularity of the company’s earlier controllers means that device drivers are available from several third party software developers, further reducing time to market.

About Acal Semiconductors
ACAL Semiconductors is a leading supplier of semiconductor based products from complimentary franchises serving a diverse range of market sectors. As a specialist technical distributor, our team is able to provide design-in support and project management to help customers bring products to market efficiently and effectively.

Acal Semiconductors offers products such as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs); processor modules; custom LCDs; display drivers, microcontrollers including Power PC, a broad range of communications and interfacing devices for embedded and connectivity applications. Leading-edge suppliers include Actel, Adlink, AMCC, Epson, Hifn, IBM, Lantronix, Multitech and Winbond.

Acal Semiconductors are a division of Acal Technology Ltd. who are part of the leading value-added organisation Acal Plc. More information contact Acal Semiconductors, 3 The Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2EY.

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