July 21, 2006
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Millionaire Matchmaker’s Dating Advice, Right on the Money!

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Meet down-to-earth and amusing new advice columnist, Chris Stelmack. She takes her readers on a special ride inside the tumultuous lives of the well-to-do and single professional; whose imperfect love lives can use a little boost from an experienced and savvy matchmaking pro.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 13, 2004 — Move over, Messrs. Trump, Cuban, and Branson. Make room for a brand-new, reality advice column, “Ask the Matchmaker! Advice from a Pro,” featuring single, rich, professional men and the parade of women they date.

It’s not a show yet, but it could be!

Lovelorn and heart torn, they seek astute advice from 4M Club’s millionaire matchmaker, Chris Stelmack. Creator of this catchy column, Stelmack says, “Now these men and women can turn to a pro for a fair and objective assessment of their love lives.”

Stelmack further states, as a single professional herself, who better than she can empathize with their tales of woe. Or as she tells it, “I’ve been there, done that. I’ve learned from my own experiences and mistakes and those of associates, friends, and family. I’m also an avid reader of self-help and relationship books. Now I can pass on that wisdom to my readers.”

“Dear Abby,” however, it’s not.

“Ask the Matchmaker!” is a compelling blend of wit, sass, humor, compassion, and practicality; as matchmaker Stelmack packs a lot of chutzpah in her punch.

Here is an excerpt from one of Stelmack’s columns, which you can start reading exclusively at www.askthematchmaker.com. Her audience, the twenty-something to forty-something crowd, are tagged either “bachelor” or “bachelorette:”

HI, CHRIS: Last night my girlfriend of only two months crashed my 2-week old Porsche. Well, it was a $2,000.00 ding anyway. She has 2-kids, but also a good job, and offered to pay the damages. I can well afford to pay the repair, but she insists on handing over the money. This is causing a huge rift between us, and I don’t know what to do anymore. -Don’t Care About Ding in Dallas

DEAR BACHELOR: O.K., first let me point out, the number “two” is not very lucky for you. So don’t play it in the Lotto! But seriously, everyone should have your problem. Your girlfriend could use the money with two children, I’m sure. Please thank her profusely for her integrity and generosity, but tell her that’s why you have insurance. And if she still insists on doing something, she can pay for the next detail job on your pretty Porsche!

Stelmack further claims, “With so many reality T.V. shows out there focusing on money, marriage, beauty, fear, love, and lust—professional singletons can now write to someone they like and trust.”

Ms. Stelmack is founder and CEO of the 4M Club, a national, elite millioniare matchmaking service, based on the West Coast in Seattle. The 4M Club, www.4MClub.com, was built to accommodate single, wealthy men who have a tough time finding “the love of their life,” because of their hectic schedules. Stelmack personally assists in the matchmaking process, while the men who join are provided a CD-ROM with over a couple hundred beautiful, intelligent, eligible career women to consider.

“It’s tough. But somebody’s got to do it,” Stelmack grins. “We even had our first marriage only one year after starting 4M Club. It was a long-distance relationship, and I personally introduced them. They got married last April in Hawaii—only four months after they met—and on her birthday, no less.”

Stelmack exclaimed, “Can you believe that? Last I heard, they’re still madly in love!”

So is it possible, “Ask the Matchmaker!” columnist and millionaire matchmaker, Chris Stelmack, will also play cupid to some of her readers along the way?

“Sure, but I can’t promise anyone a wedding in Hawaii on their birthday. I think that was one in a million,” she smiles. “Now if someone can match up the matchmaker, I’ll give them free advice for life!,” Stelmack laughs.

Perhaps life will imitate art for Stelmack, like in the NBC series finale, “Frasier.” He fell in love with his professional matchmaker—maybe she’ll land one of her millionaires.

Stay tuned.


“Ask the Matchmaker! Advice from a Pro” sample columns are available on request and are primed for media syndication. Ms. Stelmack is free for interviews. To arrange a meeting, taping, or guest appearance, please contact Chris Stelmack directly at: 206-285-0303.

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Columnist and Professional Matchmaker, Chris Stelmack
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