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Types of Dating Services Available

All dating services use several methods to provide members with possible matches. All of the approaches are variations of three basic methods discussed below.

Traditional Matchmakers – This is the method that Executive Los Angeles Dating practices!

This effective method of dating service is one where members are personally matched by trained and experienced “humans.” This method has been proven by many scholars and matchmakers, with years of experience, to be the most effective and efficient ever. The person attempting to find you a match, your personal matchmaker, has to get to know you. Only then can your personal matchmaker think of or suggest anyone who may like to meet or be compatible with you. Since you are dealing with one person, your relationship is more personal and you can better discuss problems that might arise. This is probably the oldest, most successful, method of matchmaking there is. Think about how many good relationships you know that were started by someone thinking “I should introduce Monica to Larry, they are very alike and would get together so well.” As is usually the case, someone else’s perception of what we need is more accurate than what we think we need.

Executive Los Angeles Dating believes that we have a gift for matchmaking. We truly believe that you will be most satisfied by the services that Executive Los Angeles Dating provides.

Video Services

A popular service available is a video dating service. What happens at these companies, is that you go to their office, visit their “library,” and browse through a book with a brief profile and photograph of each member. If you find a member that interests you, you then view a short video tape presentation made by that member. If you find someone you want to meet, you notify the dating service, who in turn notifies the person you selected. The company requests the person to come in to the office and view your profile and videotape. The individual will then let the service know if there is any interest, and the service will provide a means for personal contact.

Such dating services receive endless amounts of complaints from men, and woman, claiming that they were never selected, despite being paid members for several months. The unfortunate flaw is that there are probably several very nice, honest, intelligent, single men and women, who are not selected simply because they do not seem sufficiently impressive in photo and/or video.

Most importantly, such services charge hefty amounts for a member to just access their database, which in most cases one can not preview before enrolling. Unlike ELAD, this leave you to do all the work, hereby signing up for a never ending search of member profile numbers.

Online Internet Database Matching Services

This type of dating service singles consider are those where one chooses matches from a profile database that is unsecured – viewable by all – on the Internet. Part of the process is completing a rather lengthy profile of your hobbies, lifestyle, age, etc., and a description of the type of person you prefer. This information is entered into the companies’ client database. After you find a match, they provide a notice to both people and may make arrangements for you to contact each other. Besides being very inefficient, such services charge you to do all the work. More importantly, your private information such as your e-mail, telephone number and address are widely available to anyone on the Internet. What we believe is in a private service that is tailored to your needs.

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