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e-Personals Edition

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e-Personals Edition

Have you ever wanted to play matchmaker? Now you can with e-Personals, our new Custom-to-GoTM product. Built on the e-Classifieds Premium Edition, it’s customized and ready to go for your dating, singles, or matchmaking site. e-Personals has been optimized for personal ads with a new graphical interface, top-level sections, geographic-based subcategories, and database fields. With features such as the Matchmaker search agent and Personal Inbox system for two-way privacy e-mail, we’re sure you’ll find e-Personals to be the perfect match for your needs.

We invite you to take a look at the rich feature set of the e-Personals Edition and to try the online demo. We think you’ll agree that this is the finest personal ads solution available anywhere.

e-Personals is available as either a hosted application or a distributed version. Please see the notes below for each version. Please note that the pricing for each version is exclusive to that version. In other words, if you purchase the hosted version, you do NOT have to pay any of the fees listed for the distributed version, and vice versa.

Hosted Version

Hosted Version Specs
Price: $74.95 per month ($749 setup fee)
Platforms: All (hosted)
Installation: Included
Support: Free forever
Upgrades: Free forever
Hosting: Included
Other Notes: The hosted version includes a powerful new online tool for customizing the database fields for each category

Distributed Version

Distributed Version Specs
Price: $1499.00 (cash discount price)
$1524.00 (wire transfer price)
$1648.90 (regular price)
Platforms: Unix, Windows NT/2000
Installation: Not included (extra cost)
Support: Free for first 30 days
Upgrades: Free for one year
Hosting: Not included (extra cost)
Other Notes: The distributed version does not include the online interface for customizing the database fields for each category that is included with the hosted version

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