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April 1, 2002

In 1993, The Motley Fool first launched as a print newsletter. “To educate, amuse, and enrich” was our mission, and for the past nine years, we’ve worked hard to fulfill that very mission. 

Throughout our history, through all our successes and failures, our newsletters and seminars, our portfolios and our research reports, there has always been one constant — the very reason for doing what we do. And that’s you, the Fool community. Without our dynamic, intelligent, and dedicated community, we would not exist.

Which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of our Foolish matchmaking service,, for our members. With our new service, we’re confident you’ll be able to easily find and meet that special someone.

Why a matchmaking service? 
In a sense, we’ve already been providing this service since we came online at Each year, we receive several notes from happy Fools thanking us for introducing them to their current husband or wife. Technically, we didn’t “introduce them”; rather, we provided the social medium for them to find their soulmate. We’ve even had an actual marriage proposal (and acceptance!) on our discussion boards.

We started taking the matchmaking idea seriously, however, after we offered our Couples and Cash online seminar in early 2001. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. People thanked us for “saving their marriage” or “finally allowing them to openly discuss their finances in a healthy environment.” Sadly, one participant ended her marriage when it “became clear that her husband couldn’t and wouldn’t focus on getting their financial lives in order.” But, on a good note, she dropped us a follow-up note, thanking us for saving her years of future grief and worry.

It was clear to us that financial compatibility was just as important — if not more important — to the long-term prospects of a relationship as love, emotion, mutual interests, or anything else. If we could offer a way for people to discuss their finances openly at the beginning of their relationship and actually match people based largely on money, then the chances of forming a long-term relationship would be even greater.

Why will our matchmaking service be successful?
Launching a matchmaking service may seem unusual, especially when there are already dozens of similar websites on the Internet. But we’re confident that our service will be the best because of the fundamental way that it’s set up.

Every other service of this variety relies on the same basic principle: matching people based on their personalities and interests. At The Motley Fool, we’re going to match people based primarily on their finances, such as their spending habits, their annual income, what type of investor they are, etc.  

A recent study by the economics department of Brown University determined that 70% of all relationships end because of money. Yet you’d be hard pressed to find any financial information in the applicant profiles on any other matchmaking service. 

Why are all these other services so unwilling to lay it all out there and admit that finding a lifelong partner is not all about love and roses? It’s just as much about finding someone with whom you’ll be able to live a financially comfortable life, someone who won’t max out your credit card or sink your life’s savings into a penny stock.

We’re extremely excited about our new service, and we’re confident that our new offering will make a profound difference in your financial and social life.

So now, take that step to a better financial love life and enter

Fool on!

David and Tom Gardner